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"On Sabbatical" Google Exec., Wael Ghonim, Reportedly Meets with Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi

17:19 - PDT - June 26, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - As reported by Egypt's, Al-Masry Al-Youm [the Independent], Wael Ghonim [who according to his book is "currently on sabbatical" from Google1.] today met with Egypt's president elect Mohammed Morsi. Morsi leads the political arm [Freedom and Justice Party, FJP] of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and has been a long time member of the MB's Guidance Office, which named him president of its party last year.

Insiders on the ground believe that Morsi's election came as a result of the MB's behind the scenes campaign of thuggery: voter suppression, intimidation and threats of violence, buying votes and other improprieties.

What should be of particular concern to the Western democracies is the leading role which Wael "Google" Ghonim played in the Egyptian revolution which he essentially managed through a Facebook page of his design. Now, despite his public persona as a freedom activist, he appears to have instant access to Morsi, to whom he apparently expressed the absurd notion that Morsi's aborning Islamist state should maintain a stance of, "transparency with the people in all decisions made by the government..." [source, http://www.egyptindependent.com/news/activists-meet-morsy-discuss-goals-revolution]

State Department Stonewalls Press Inquiry Over Allowing a Member of a Terrorist Group to Meet with Senior Administration National Security Officials

11:23 - PDT - June 27, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a June 25 piece Rep. Peter King Demands Accountability Over Granting U.S. Visa to Hani Nour Eldin, a Member of the Terrorist Group Gama' a al-Islamiyya, we detailed the high level of concern within Congress regarding the provision of a visa to Hani Nour Eldin a [self-declared] member of the Egyptian group - Gama'a al Islamiyya - which the U.S. government has listed as a foreign terrorist organization.

"In a June 24 letter addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Peter King [R-NY], Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, demanded an explanation from the Secretary regarding the granting of a visa to Hani Nour Eldin, an apparently self-admitted member of Gama' a al-Islamiyya [the Islamic Group] which is based in Egypt and has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization. [source, National Counter Terrorism Center, http://www.nctc.gov/site/other/fto.html] In the letter Mr. King said that Hani Nour Eldin had reportedly [see, Eli Lake, Member of Egyptian Terror Group Goes to Washington, The Daily Beast, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/06/21/member-of-egyptian-terror-group-goes-to-washington.html] declared his membership in the group on his Face book page:

...According to the Beast, Eldin's purpose in visiting the U.S. where he met with senior administration officials, was to lobby for the "transfer" of Omar Abdel Rahman [aka, the Blind Sheikh, who is Gama'a al Islamiyya's spiritual leader] from the federal prison in North Carolina where he is serving a life sentence after having been convicted in 1995 [prosecution spearheaded by Andrew McCarthy] for his role in a conspiracy to bomb New York landmarks, to his native Egypt where he will supposedly receive a "fair" trial. [source, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/06/21/member-of-egyptian-terror-group-goes-to-washington.html ]

In a State Dept presser held on June 25 things got much more complicated when spokesman Victoria Nuland stonewalled all questions regarding the matter refusing to provide a reason why Hani Nour Eldon was granted a visa and was allowed to speak directly to high level administration officials about releasing a convicted terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman who is serving a life sentence for his crimes.

Below a direct transcript [complet briefing available here June 25, 2012 State Dept. Presser]

QUESTION: Okay. Can I go back to Egypt for just one second?

MS. NULAND: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: And - but it's not having to do with the government. It has to do with the visa for the Gama'a al-Islamiyya member. You said last week that there was a - you were looking into the circumstances of how this was issued. Has - have you determined how this - how it happened? And are you aware that Representative King has asked - formally asked Homeland Security to find out how he was in fact allowed entry, quite apart - separate from the visa issue?

Review - Fighting the Ideological War

Fighting the Ideological War: Winning Strategies from Communism to Islamism; collected essays by Patrick Sookhdeo, Stephen Ulph, John H. Moore, John Lenczowski, Robert R. Reilly, Thomas Joscelyn and Sebastian L. Gorka; edited by Katherine Gorka and Patrick Sookhdeo; pp. 240; © 2012 Westminster Institute; Isaac Publishing.

As reviewed by WILLIAM MAYER

June 26, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - This just released work is an important and timely contribution to current thinking regarding the modern resurgence of Islamism. More precisely, in the relatively short span of 240 pages, the book offers an intriguing perspective on how the Western democracies can develop a comprehensive methodology to combat Islamic expansionism in all of its forms, both violent as well as nominally peaceful [which relies heavily on da'wa, Muslim proselytization].

Demonstrative of the anthology's currency, it is reflective of a post bin-Laden world. While the subject matter will necessarily be of most interest to those already working within the field [or students thereof], it might well have broader appeal to those interested generally in national security matters, comparative political theory, ideological trends and taking the offensive in a multi-front asymmetrical war. Though there is a fairly large preexisting knowledge base in these combined areas of study much of the subject material is by nature, dense and therefore primarily of interest to academicians. Fighting the Ideological War is the type of work that would be appropriate as a basis for further exploration in the field, though it certainly stands as a powerful achievement in its own right.

The book is organized around seven essays, grouped under three subheadings, Identifying the Enemy After the Death of Bin-Laden, Learning from the Past and Winning the Ideological War, which logically connect the major points:

  • Defining the enemy's nature.

  • Identifying successful historical examples of dealing with such challenges.

  • Developing an overall enemy threat doctrine and presenting a template for winning the war of ideas.

    The first section makes clear that the nature of this threat is not, as the politically timid are wont to think, borne singularly upon the shoulders of the jihadist warriors, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and their co-religionist brethren.

    Wide Open For Attack - Protective Cement Barriers Removed From U.S. and Brit Embassies in Cairo

    14:30 - PDT - June 26, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Egypt's Interior Ministry today removed the cement security barricades which had been placed in front of the U.S and British Embassies in Cairo's Garden City District, the English language version of Egypt's, Al-Masry Al-Youm [the Independent] is reporting:

    "The Interior Ministry on Tuesday carried out an Administrative Court ruling that was issued a year and a half ago to remove the concrete barriers in the Garden City district around the American and British embassies..." [source, Barriers in front of US and UK embassies removed, http://www.egyptindependent.com/news/barriers-front-us-and-uk-embassies-removed]

    The massive structures had been considered the last line of defense against increasingly hostile Islamist demonstrators - now they are gone.

    Rep. Peter King Demands Accountability Over Granting U.S. Visa to Hani Nour Eldin, a Member of the Terrorist Group Gama' a al-Islamiyya

    12:38 - PDT - June 26, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a June 24 letter addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Peter King [R-NY], Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, demanded an explanation from the Secretary regarding the granting of a visa to Hani Nour Eldin, an apparently self-admitted member of Gama' a al-Islamiyya [the Islamic Group] which is based in Egypt and has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization. [source, National Counter Terrorism Center, http://www.nctc.gov/site/other/fto.html] In the letter Mr. King said that Hani Nour Eldin had reportedly [see, Eli Lake, Member of Egyptian Terror Group Goes to Washington, The Daily Beast, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/06/21/member-of-egyptian-terror-group-goes-to-washington.html] declared his membership in the group on his Face book page:

    "Mr. Eldin's membership in the Islamic Group is a matter of public record, and reportedly even disclosed on his Facebook page. Nonetheless, Eldin met with senior Department of State and National Security Staff officials during the past week, and as reflected in media reports requested the transfer of the jailed leader of his terrorist group, Omar Abdel Rahman, to Egyptian custody."

    According to the Beast, Eldin's purpose in visiting the U.S. where he met with senior administration officials, was to lobby for the "transfer" of Omar Abdel Rahman [aka, the Blind Sheikh, who is Gama'a al Islamiyya's spiritual leader] from the federal prison in North Carolina where he is serving a life sentence after having been convicted in 1995 [prosecution spearheaded by Andrew McCarthy] for his role in a conspiracy to bomb New York landmarks, to his native Egypt where he will supposedly receive a "fair" trial.

    Mr. Obama Confirms He is Functionally an Islamist - Congratulates Egypt's New President, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi

    17:10 PDT - June 25 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Upon the announcement that Egypt's new president will be Mohammed Morsi, among the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood's top leadership [an alarming development], rather than taking a cautious approach, President Obama on Sunday placed a congratulatory call to the man who once publicly helped man the organization which created Hamas and remains the intellectual font from which modern jihadist theory flows.

    "President Barack Obama on Sunday called Egypt's president-elect, Mohammed Morsi, to congratulate him on his victory...Obama 'emphasized his interest in working together with President-elect Morsi, on the basis of mutual respect, to advance the many shared interests between Egypt and the United States,' the White House said. 'Morsi expressed appreciation for Obama's call and welcomed U.S. support for Egypt's transition...'" [source, Robert Burns, Obama congratulates Egypt's new president-elect , AP, http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Obama-congratulates-Egypt-s-new-president-elect-3659021.php]

    Since Mr. Obama could not possibly be foolish enough to believe that Mr. Morsi and his Muslim Brothers governance will in any way approximate that of the Western democracies, we see this as confirmation that the process started in 2009 by the President in his Cairo speech was intended to bring about this result, of course along with the further effect of destabilizing the Middle East and materially strengthening the Islamists hand. We posit that regardless of what his religious affiliation might be, Mr. Obama through his consistent actions on these matters has sought to ally with the most illiberal forces now operating within the Muslim world.

    Only a fellow Islamist would act in such a manner.

    Breaking: Supreme Court Arizona Immigration Decision - Conservatives Win

    10:15 PDT - June 25 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Though most of the major headlines have gotten it wrong, including Fox which claims that the decision rips the heart out of Arizona's immigration statute, today's decision is a huge victory for the conservative position on this matter - that law enforcement can continue to check the immigration status of those with whom it comes in contact.

    Attesting to the above characterization, President Obama has already declared the decision to be, "misguided," enough said.

    The vote on that aspect was unanimous, with Kagan mysteriously not voting [we feel that this is merely a ploy on her part, so that her voting to affirm ObamaCare when she was clearly involved in the legislations formation, will appear to be less biased].

    Rather than adding additional commentary on this issue, we suggest reading the decision itself in order to fully comprehend today's ruling ARIZONA ET AL. v. UNITED STATES, CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT, No. 11?182. Argued April 25, 2012?Decided June 25, 2012

    Iranian State Media Exploits Outing of West's Cyber Op Against Its Nuke Facilities

    16:17 - PDT - June 21, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - An article published Thursday by Iran's government controlled news agency, PressTV [see, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/06/21/247267/us-uk-israel-after-cyber-attack-on-iran/] claims that the Mullocracy has taken measures to prevent what it alleges was a massive and coordinated cyber warfare operation to be conducted imminently against its nuke facilities by Western powers.

    "'Based on obtained information, the US and the Zionist regime (Israel) along with the MI6 [the British intelligence service] planned an operation to launch a massive cyber attack against Iran's facilities following the meeting between Iran and the P5+1 in Moscow, Moslehi said on Thursday...'They still seek to carry out the plan, but we have taken necessary measures,' Moslehi"

    While the statement seems self-serving, suggesting that Iran is technically up to any cyber challenge which the West might pose, the context of the story was revealing.

    More than half of the article's text consisted of high level national security information which was leaked to the New York Times and the Washington Post by WH officials - intent upon creating a narrative that Mr. Obama is a foreign policy tough-guy.

    "From his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systems that run Iran's main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America's first sustained use of cyber weapons," The New York Times quoted "participants in the program" as saying.

    Congress Alarmed Over Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operation Within the Administration


    15:54 - PDT - June 19, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On June 13, five U.S. Congressmen, Michele Bachmann [R, MN], Trent Franks [R, AZ], Louie Gohmert [R, TX], Thomas Rooney [R, FL] and Lynn Westmoreland [R, GA] sent an open letter to U.S. Deputy Inspector General, Ambassador Harold J. Geisel, expressing alarm over the administration's lack of judgment when dealing with Islamist entities, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood.1.

    The letter notes:

    "...information has recently come to light that raises serious questions about Department of State policies and activities that appear to be a result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Given that the U.S government has established in federal court that the Muslim Brotherhood's mission in the United States is "destroying the Western civilization from within" - a practice the Muslim Brothers call "civilization jihad"[2. - we believe that the apparent involvement of those with such ties raises serious security concerns that warrant your urgent attention." [source, Congressional Letter of Inquiry]

    As evidence of the State Department's irresponsible actions, the letter offers:

    "A personal intervention by Secretary Clinton that allowed a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader, Tariq Ramadan, to enter the United States - overturning a policy of a previous administration that precluded him from doing so. Mr. Ramadan has reportedly used the visits thus made possible to engage in what the Brotherhood calls "civilization jihad" in the United States: proselytization, recruitment, indoctrination, fundraising, and other forms of promotion of the totalitarian, supremacist Islamic doctrine known as shariah"

    Additionally the Obama Administration and its representatives have repeatedly met with both the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA] and the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR]. Both of these organizations were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the largest prosecution of domestic terror funding in American history, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. [source, Federal prosecution filing, List of Unindicted Co-Conspirators]

    For example, a piece in the Daily Caller quotes George Selim, the WH Director for Community Partnerships:

    "President Barack Obama's deputies are holding "hundreds" of closed-door meetings with a jihad-linked lobbying group that is widely derided by critics as a U.S. arm of the theocratic Muslim Brotherhood.

    The admission of meetings with the Council on American Islamic Relations came from George Selim, the White House's new director for community partnerships, which was formed in January to ensure cooperation by law enforcement and social service agencies with Muslim identity groups in the United States.

    "There is [sic] hundreds of examples of departments and agencies that meet with CAIR on a range of issues," he told The Daily Caller, after being asked if his office refuses to meet with any Muslim groups." [source, Neal Munro, Administration admits to 'hundreds' of meetings with jihad-linked group, the Daily Caller, June 8, 2012]

    Egyptian Presidential Vote - Nile Delta May Hold Key

    18:42 PDT - June 17, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The votes continue to be counted in Egypt's historic and hotly contested weekend election for president. As of this writing it is nearly three o'clock AM in Cairo and indications are that the heavily populated Nile Delta, home to over 20M might hold the key to the contest's outcome.

    According to the Al-Masry Al-Youm [Egyptian Independent:] newspaper, "Shafiq is leading in the Delta, which has nearly 20 million voters, or 40 percent of the electorate. In Monufiya, the former prime minister has 215,829 votes, more than double Morsy's 85,204. Shafiq is leading also in Gharbiya and Sharqiya. Both governorates are still in the very beginning of the counting process. Shafiq got 32,283 and 26,385 in Sharqiya and Gharbiya respectively, while Morsy got 22,507 and 15,142..." [source, http://www.egyptindependent.com/news/live-updates-cairo-vote-trickles-scales-could-tip-tight-race]

    In a related, but so far incomplete story, Egypt's real power, the military council issued a sweeping declaration on Sunday, placing itself even further in control of the country, granting the council the authority to draft the new constitution among other powers. This is being seen as a hedge against the possibility that the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi, will defeat the establishment candidate Ahmed Shafiq.

    MoveOn In High Gear - Registering New Army of Worker Bees to Vote

    14:34 PDT - June 17, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - This just in from the Soros funded, neo-Marxist MoveOn leadership, intent on conducting a national voter registration drive using the organization's cadre of worker bots as foot-soldiers.

    "Dear MoveOn member,

    Can you call Debra? She lives in Ohio and she just moved...we need to help her register to vote at her new address. And John just turned 18?he needs a call about registering in Minnesota. And Lucía is a young woman from a community in Florida where registration rates are low.

    Debra is part of the Rising American Electorate - the young people, unmarried women, and people of color who make up more than half of our nation's voting population. Except 42% of them aren't registered to vote.1 Like Debra...." [source, MoveOn Enotification, 6.17.12]

    Such a mindset is wrapped around the belief that poor "Debra" or "Lucia," [assuming the highly doubtful proposition that they even exist] are either too stupid, stoned or apathetic to personally be entrusted to register to vote in the November election.

    Besides, they might just be so confused that even if they did make the effort, it might not be consistent with MoveOn's strategic goal of assembling a "Rising Electorate," so these powerless young women must be supervised like three-year-olds...or "no healthcare for them!"

    It's no coincidence that this effort is hitting the streets just days after Team Obama unconstitutionally granted itself the power to legislate on immigration matters.

    Egyptian Elections - Already Signs of Muslim Brotherhood Vote Fraud

    June 16, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - As Egyptians go to the polls today where they must choose between either the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi or Ahmed Shafiq, representing elements of Egypt's old-guard establishment [the former Mubarak regime along with the military]. The winner will be declared president, amidst a country in chaos, with the lower house of parliament having been dissolved last week by the Egyptian high court, ruling that the parliamentary contest had been rigged. Though not specifically naming those involved in stealing the election, few doubt it was a referring to actions taken by the Ikhwan's above ground political arm, the ironically named, Freedom and Justice party.

    Though the vote is taking place this weekend, over Saturday and Sunday, already there are signs of voter fraud on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    As the Al-Masry Al-Youm [the Egyptian Independent] reports, "...Ali [a MB spokesman] also denied accusations that the campaign had printed read-to-cast ballots. He said that ballots printed with the Morsy box already filled out were a print error that a Morsy campaign representative discovered and reported..." [source, Morsy campaign: Already marked ballots were printing error].

    As we noted in a June 14 piece [Breaking - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Huge Defeat - Parliament Dissolved, Potential for Military to Maintain Control] - "Egypt's Supreme Court, possibly fearing what appeared to be the imminent seizure of power by the Muslim Brotherhood under a fraudulent "democratic" process, has dissolved the country's "lower house of parliament." [source, OnIslam.net, http://www.onislam.net/english/news/africa/457578-mubarak-pm-in-polls-parliament-dissolved.html].

    DHS Moves To Legalize Illegal Mexican Aliens

    Team Obama Schemes to Acquire Unending Supply of "Immigrant" Democrat Voters

    June 15, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In an unprecedented move, Janet Napolitano, Secty. U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security today released a sweeping regulatory declaration Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion with Respect to Individuals Who Came to the United States as Children which is intended to halt the enforcement of immigration laws against a large class of illegal Mexican aliens.

    DHS acted under the direction of President Obama. The wording of the President's exact guidance is, as of this writing, not available on the WH website. [see, http://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/executive-orders]

    Curiously, today's announcement represents a complete reversal of Mr. Obama's previous position on the issue, which he stated in a March 2011 Q&A at a town hall meeting sponsored by the Mexican television conglomerate Univision, "America is a nation of laws, which means I, as the president, am obligated to enforce the law. I don't have a choice about that." [[source, http://cnsnews.com/news/article/flashback-obama-deporting-illegals-america-nation-laws-presidential-action-not?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter].

    Of course a year ago the President's chances of reelection looked considerably rosier.

    The DHS' document mandates that henceforth it will be official U.S. immigration policy to exercise what it terms, "prosecutorial discretion" in dealing with the huge number of younger illegal Mexicans already within U.S. borders, allowing them to reside here in perpetuity without fear of prosecution as well as fast tracking them to obtain work visas.

    It is estimated that initially the decision could impact 800,000-1M people who do not belong in the United States.

    Breaking - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Huge Defeat - Parliament Dissolved, Potential for Military to Maintain Control

    June 14, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Egypt's Supreme Court, possibly fearing what appeared to be the imminent seizure of power by the Muslim Brotherhood under a fraudulent "democratic" process, has dissolved the country's "lower house of parliament." [source, OnIslam.net, http://www.onislam.net/english/news/africa/457578-mubarak-pm-in-polls-parliament-dissolved.html].

    The high court also validated the bid of Ahmed Shafiq [representing elements of Mubarak's military based old guard] to run against the MB's candidate Mohammed Morsi in the June16-17 presidential runoff election.

    The short term effect of destroying Morsi's legislative power base is considerable, leaving him, if elected, with little ability to swiftly transforming the country into a full-blown Islamic theocracy, powered by the MB's revolutionary zeal.

    Rep. Peter King Schedules Fifth in Series of Hearings Investigating Radicalization within the American Muslim Community

    June 13, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Rep. Peter T. King [R-NY], Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, announced today that he has scheduled a fifth in the series of Congressional hearings regarding the rise of Islamism in the United States. [see, http://homeland.house.gov/hearing/hearing-american-muslim-response-hearings-radicalization-within-their-community]

    The scheduled date is June, 20 and will center on, "The American Muslim Response to Hearings on Radicalization within their Community."

    About the upcoming event, Mr. King noted the vilification with which previous hearings were met, especially singling out the Hamas associated Council on American Islamic Relations as being a prime mover in this effort to stifle the investigation, "When I began this series of investigative hearings in March of last year to examine radicalization within the Muslim-American community, I was vilified by the politically correct media, pandering politicians and radical groups such as CAIR - even though this issue was non-partisan and of serious concern to national security and counterterrorism officials in the Obama administration.

    Shariah4Belgium And Shariah4UK - Small But Dangerous Islamist Fringe Groups


    June 12, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The incident occurred in the run-down immigrant Molenbeek district of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. A young Muslim woman named Stéphanie Djato (an African name) refused to identify herself to the police after she had been asked to do so. She was dressed in a so-called niqab, a long and gloomy black cloth which almost entirely covers the face. She was then taken to the police station where her niqab was removed. Miss Djato violently resisted these attempts and even head-butted a female police officer who subsequently broke her nose and two teeth. The niqab woman later filed a protest over so-called "police brutality."

    Violent riots broke out in Molenbeek, early June. Showing solidarity with Stéphanie Djabo, their fellow Muslim, Muslim youths and other protesters attacked the police. Molenbeek is comparable to the notorious French banlieues (suburbs). Crime is rampant and local gangs control the streets, at least in parts of Molenbeek. It is easy to obtain a Kalashnikov [AK-47 military battle rifle] and there are numerous shooting incidents. On Friday June 8, an angry Muslim extremist from Paris took the Thalys train to Brussels. In the Brussels-Molenbeek metro station "Beekkant" he suddenly attacked a male and a female police officer with a long knife, wounding both of them seriously. The Muslim terrorist from France wanted to take revenge for the way the Brussels police had forced a woman wearing a niqab to identify herself. He possessed clippings about the "niqab incident" and also about Shariah4Belgium, a notorious militant group which openly sympathizes with Al-Qaeda.

    Shariah4Belgium spokesman Fouad Belkacem ("Abu Imran") personally justified attacks on the police in a YouTube video released early June. He said, inter alia, "We do not condemn the attack on this female police officer. We celebrate this deed. God gave her the strength to head-butt one of those police officers." It was God's will that his police officer broke her nose, Belkacem claimed.

    He also issued a call to kill others, saying, "With God's will curse, destroy and break every non-Muslim who dares to touch our Muslim sister."

    The Muslim Public Affairs Council , "Bullying" and Creeping Shari'a

    Salam Al-Marayati and Company, Swing for the Bleachers


    June 11, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Over the past year the issue of "bullying" has become somewhat of a crusade among social activists eyeing it as another opportunity for legislative mischief. The MO here is always the same, start with, or create a perceived problem and construct around it a vague and overbroad federally dictated solution.1. Both hard left and Islamist groups are pushing this effort for all that it's worth. Each however has a different agenda in mind.

    The left, holding true to its ideological roots, seeks to expand the reach of an already too powerful central government. The Islamists also see great merit in the issue, knowing that since "bullying" is already so ill-defined legally, that they can further muddy the waters in service of a larger narrative, that America is Islamophobic. Ultimately then, they calculate that it can be a powerful tool used to force the culture to become more Shari'a compliant. Since they maintain that speaking ill of Islam, its prophet Mohammed or in many instances even being critical of actions taken by Muslims is highly offensive, hence "bullying" behavior, it can through this project, be incorporated into to the range of already recognized civil rights violations. Upon such circumstance, the DOJ's Civil Rights Division ceases its law enforcement responsibilities, instead becoming an agent of Islamic expansionism.

    The nexus between the extreme left and the Islamists on matters of mutual benefit shouldn't be surprising, despite there being little agreement on bedrock policies such as secularism. Such alliances have long been recognized and are commonly referred to under the coinage of "the unholy alliance." Consider the leftist ACLU's prominent advocacy role in pro-Islamist legal actions and the concept gains greater clarity - along the lines of, "the enemy of my enemy is my ally."

    Taking a leadership role in this movement has been the Muslim Public Affairs Council [MPAC] which will be fully vetted later in this piece, but in order to place this matter in context, some understanding of the scholarship surrounding the modern "bullying" phenomenon, should prove helpful.

    In a January 5, 2012 piece this author explored MPAC's efforts to co-opt the issue. [see, Will The Anti -"Bullying" Movement Become A Vehicle For Shari'a Enforcement?]

    "Scholarship on the bullying phenomenon is relatively new to social scientists. As David Farrington observes in a 1993 study, Understanding and Preventing Bullying, "Modern research on bullying in the English-speaking world began with the publication of Aggression in the Schools by Olweus (1978) describing studies of bullies and victims of bullying carried out in schools in Stockholm..." [source, http://heinonline.org/HOL/LandingPage?collection=journals&handle=hein.journals/cjrr17&div=11&id=&page=]. As one can see the emphasis was clearly on examining this type of behavior in academic environments.

    Taliban Kills Dozens In Double Suicide Bombing

    June 6, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Team Obama's negotiating partners, the Taliban, today killed at least 22 and wounded more than 50 in a double suicide coordinated bombing attack in a staging area outside Kandahar Air Base in Afghanistan.

    The first explosive device, carried by a motorcyclist was detonated, "in an area where truckers gather," followed by another set off by a person on foot as a crowd gathered, attempting to help the victims of the first blast. This is a standard jihadist tactic, calculated to maximize casualties. [source, Tom A. Peter, Suicide bombings in Afghanistan highlight difficult task ahead for US, NATO Christian Science Monitor, http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-South-Central/2012/0606/Suicide-bombings-in-Afghanistan-highlight-difficult-task-ahead-for-US-NATO-video]

    According to multiple reports including a posting on an al-Qaeda propaganda website, the Taliban have claimed responsibility for the violence.

    Though the incidence of such attacks have ebbed slightly this year, today's bombing may signal the onset of a new Taliban offensive, timed to coincide with administration plans to start a hasty retreat of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, scheduled to commence in a few months.

    Glenn Beck at Philadelphia Freedom Center Event


    June 5, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On Thursday May 31st the Philadelphia chapter of David Horowitz' Freedom Center presented television and radio personality Glenn Beck with the prestigious Patrick Henry Award [see, http://www.phillyfreedom.org/about/our-mission/].

    The opening remarks were made by Craig Snider, the head of the Freedom Center's local chapter and David Horowitz, director and founder of the Center which is headquartered in California. Mr. Horowitz had flown in specifically to be present at the event [see, http://www.horowitzfreedomcenter.org/about].

    Mr. Beck also received the Union League Bowl which is given out by the Union League of Philadelphia where the luncheon was held.

    Proceeds from the event were donated to the Bereaved Military Families of America, a charity founded by Deborah Tarnish, whose son was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

    The 80 Billion Dollar Sellout - Emails Detail Secret Backroom Deals With Pharmaceutical Companies To Pass Obamacare


    June 1, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - According to a major report released on May 31 by the House leadership, the Obama Administration engaged with the pharmaceutical industry in a secret and fevered process of negotiations involving veiled threats and outright intimidation by the WH in order to secure the pharmaceutical industry's public participation in the campaign to support the president's healthcare proposal.

    The report is based upon confidential emails which came into possession of the GOP revealing the intense nature of this undertaking.

    These secret back room sessions were conducted primarily with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) [the pharmaceutical industry's trade association] and Pfizer during the period of mid June 2009 through early 2010, "during which special breaks for Big Pharma in the health care legislation, were mentioned in exchange for the companies' public support of the bill." [source, Closed Door Obamacare Negotiations, p.1, view House document here House Leadership Report, Obamacare/Big Pharma Collusion

    The House investigation additionally determined:

    "Documents obtained through the Committee's investigation show that throughout 2009 and in the early months of 2010, the White House engaged in a series of closed-door negotiations with various outside interest groups prior to PPACA becoming law on March 23, 2010. The majority of these negotiations took place between May and August of 2009, although the Administration's dialogue with special interest groups continued behind the scenes right up to passage of the law.

    Of these negotiations, the dealings with PhRMA and Pfizer appeared to be of utmost concern and hence the most carefully managed, with extensive communications exchanged between the parties. In fact, Team Obama made clear that PhRMA needed to have a direct line of communication with its team, "Rahm's calling Nancy Ann and knows Billy [Tauzin, PhRMA's President] is going to talk to Nancy Ann tonight. Rahm will make it clear that PhRMA needs a direct line of communication, separate and apart from any other coalition." [source, p. 2]

    One aspect of this deal apparently included a promise on behalf of the president to halt the re-importation of drugs into the U.S. market so as to boost Big Pharma's bottom line through avoidance of potential stiff price competition - often from its own products flowing back across the Canada border.

    "Miles of Smiles" - Islamist Agitators Prepare To Enter Gaza Through Egypt's Rafah Border Crossing

    June 1, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - As reported by The Egyptian Independent, an English version of the Arabic language publication, Al-Masry Al-Youm, "Dozens of international activists...landed in Cairo International Airport on Thursday in order to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing." [source, http://www.egyptindependent.com/news/activists-arrive-cairo-enter-gaza-through-rafah-crossing]

    The small contingent of Islamists and their supporters have been drawn from countries hostile to the existence of the State of Israel, coming from "Palestine," Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia, among others. Some Europeans are apparently also involved.

    These activists, are operating under a fraudulent cover operation entitled, "Miles of Smiles," an attempt to put a smiley face on Islamic jihad.

    The Islamist "Occupied Palestine" blog, states that "former Lebanese Prime Minister Salim Al-Hoss, "is leading the operation." [source, http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/miles-for-smiles-3-convoy-geared-to-bring-aid-to-gaza/]. "Occupied Palestine," features Muslim extremist rhetoric, such as "We can make peace with Israel, if you can make peace with cancer " [source, http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/we-can-make-peace-with-israel-if-you-can-make-peace-with-cancer-by-khalid-amayreh/]

    Al-Hoss is, as one might expect, a jihadi whose dictatorial rule during the peak of Lebanon's genocidal civil war is a matter of public record.

    Not surprisingly, Al-Hoss supports both Iran's expansionist foreign policy as well as its nuclear program. [on the later please refer to the following which appeared on an Iranian state controlled new site, Press TV which is banned in most of Europe for obvious reasons. [see, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/238131.html]