MoveOn Freaking Over Potential Low Lefty Voter Turnout, Partnering With AFL-CIO

September 7, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - MoveOn, a Soros funded organization and one of the primary tools of the neo-Marxist left, appears to be freaking out after president Obama's less than rousing acceptance speech last night at the DNC.

In an email just received Move On whined:
"...we are the change. President Obama won in 2008 because of people like us—including a million MoveOn volunteers—and he absolutely cannot win again without that kind of support...But if too many of us don't volunteer and sit this one out, we'll lose this election. That's why we're asking you to commit to helping out for even a couple of hours before Election Day...You'll be recruiting MoveOn members in swing states to join our new "Voters Rising" election program—which will get crucial swing state voters to the polls by partnering with the AFL-CIO to run the largest independent voter turnout program in America..."

We smell real fear here and MoveOn has every reason to be concerned. Obama's neo-Marxist experiment has blown up in his face, especially with the release to today's employment numbers which show that last month 400,000 people were so discouraged by the Obama economy that they left the labor force.

The economy seems to be headed towards a double dip recession, Iran is on the verge of developing nuclear weaponry, Syrian is imploding, Hugo Chavez has been holding an American flagged ship illegally for at least a week and Christians are being crucified by Islamic extremists in Egypt, yet this president seems oblivious to the coming catastrophe.

Last night's address by the president indicated a complete disconnect from the realities being faced by American workers and the national security challenges facing the United States.

Young college graduates conned by Obama's promises that jobs would be awaiting them upon graduation have incurred huge amounts of debt to finance their education which they are unable to pay back.

Now many of them are living with their parents in the same rooms in which they grew up looking at the fading "Yes We Can" Obama posters on their walls with a growing sense of desperation and anger.

If MoveOn seriously expects these disillusioned young people to volunteer for the architect of their current woes they are going to be very surprised on the morning of November 7.
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