Israeli "Ceasefire" Will Prove its Strategic Worth in Due Course

November 21, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - If you rely on the take of the MSM, Team Obama has finally browbeaten Israel into accepting a stand down vis-à-vis Hamas.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It appears that what Israel has in mind encompasses far more than simply eliminating the immediate threat posed by Hamas and its sponsor, Iran's Mullocracy.

Some general observations:
1. The immediate Hamas irritants have largely been dealt with. Communication and PR centers for the group have been maimed, as have missile stockpiles and launching platforms.

2. Though not perfect, Iron Dome has proven to be quite effective in its first full scale real-time test. It will only get better. The U.S. military is to be congratulated for assisting in the development of this thoroughly defensive missile shield, hopefully Team Obama will learn, along with the rest of the Democrat doves [who have been spectacularly wrong on just how effective anti-missile technology can be] including such luminaries as John Kerry and his ilk, a lesson here, even if it is a bitter one.

Don't count on it though.

3 The entire Israeli military is on full alert now. Reserves have been called up and the requisite supplies, munitions and other hardware are either in place or nearly so, to be used when the "go" signal is given for the big show yet to come.

4. Therefore consider the now silenced minor hostilities - in which Hamas was trounced in short order, without the deployment of ground troops - having simply been a dry run or dress rehearsal.

5. In the very near future, Israel - once again provoked by Hamas...and maybe even if not - will move with overwhelming force into Gaza and put an end to this group's operations once and for all. Many "Palestinians" will sad, the majority of them are irredeemable.

If dying in the way of Allah is their highest aspiration who is Israel to deny them that right? After all Israel is a genuinely pluralistic society.

6. Hamas, though a constant thorn in the side of the Jewish state, in no way represents an existential threat. Iran however does and it grows more powerful each day. As the IAEA reported just days ago, the country's nuke program is now running in overdrive. It's only a matter of time, perhaps months, before these death worshiping fanatics possess the means to destroy Israel in a most horrific manner.

7. Therefore when the order is given to garotte Hamas, so too will the hammer be dropped on Iran.

8. That will be the day when Team Obama's little pretend game of support for Israel will be laid bare as obviously fraudulent. It's then that this criminal administration will show its true colors as it throws in with the rest of the anti-Semitic world in condemnation of the Israeli attack.

9. So for now this ceasefire is simply the equivalent of a series of probing, but inconsequential moves in the highest stakes chess game in the last 100 years. However the time is rapidly approaching when Israel announces check and mate; it's then that the Muslim world will be stunned by the swiftness and violence which be unleashed upon the world's greater terrorist threat. At that time, were I an Iranian, I would want to be as far away from Tehran and its nuke installations as possible.

10. Given the Middle East's rapid descent into confrontational Islamism, one can't dismiss the possibility that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will be awakened on some early spring morning next year, around 2 am local time, with the brightest, most spectacular sunrise they have ever seen.

It will also be their last...
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