California's Proposed Backyard Abortion Bill


March 5, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - San Diego Senator Christine Kehoe, (D), has submitted a bill to the California legislature, SB 1501, Abortion, which is making waves throughout the national media.

This bill would recognize an expanded list of non-physicians–mainly nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives–who are licensed and authorized to commit abortions, especially first trimester suction abortions and chemical abortions.

On Tuesday, February 27th, Kehoe has stated that, "We believe it will give many California women access to earlier, safer procedures in the first trimester of their pregnancy," She said, further, that she was introducing the bill because "half of California's counties do not have an abortion provider."

She is also motivated by a long lingering fear within the radical feminist/abortion camp that men will somehow regain control over women's bodies and prohibit abortions forcing women into a pregnancy bondage. They display photos of Congressional hearings depicting men only giving testimony regarding abortion as their proof.

This bill represents the oldest most radical element within the pro abortion/Feminist stable of followers. This is a first step towards a long sought do-it-yourself abortion sorority or sisterhood. The internet is filled with groups advocating and doing the training of and execution of do-it-yourself abortion kits for women in the privacy of their own homes. Several of these groups are within the San Diego/Los Angeles area as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area. Women are, apparently according to these groups, committing their own abortions and assisting (illegally) other women to abort themselves. All in the name of privacy.

Almost practically guaranteeing successful passage is the support by the two most powerful leaders in the legislature, principle co-authors, Assembly leader, John Perez, (D-L.A.) and Senate Leader, Darrell Steinberg,(D-Sacramento.)

Contra Costa Senator Mark DeSaulnier(D), is listed as a Senate co-author along with several other Bay Area legislators– Sen. Loni Hancock, (D-Oakland) Nancy Skinner, (D-Oakland). Sen. Mark Leno, (D-SF) Tom Ammiano, (D-SF)as well as other members of the LGBT legislative caucus.

California was one of the five original states to pass legalized abortion in 1967. We were assured then, that abortion would be performed in a clean, safe, sanitary hospital by compassionate doctors of unquestioned medical principle, for the few women whose lives were threatened by a pregnancy.

Though that original, limited-access-to-abortion, legislation was signed by Governor Reagan. It was Jerry Brown who, during his first term as Governor, following Reagan, following Roe v Wade, expanded the reach of the abortionists to California's minor children through the Minor Consent Act. He also refused to cooperate with then extant federal reporting requirements for reimbursement for reproductive costs and declared that the state of California would bear the full cost of state sanctioned abortions, thereby not having to be accountable to anyone.

This bill requires changes to state Business and Professions Code, Section 2253, relating to licensing and training of nurses, nurse practitioners and those working in the medical field who would be eligible for licensing to perform abortions. It changes the definition of what is an illegal abortion.

The bill is endorsed by the ACLU, Health Access, Nat'l Abortion Rights Action League - NARAL. Several amendments are expected to be added as the bill moves through the legislature. Please stay tuned for further developments. The bill is expected to move quickly.

Gov. Brown, according to Governor watchdog groups, estimate that he will once again be instrumental in expanding access and lowering standards in regard to abortion practices.

The bill was submitted to the legislature on February 24, 2012. All bills have a 30 day waiting period before being assigned to a committee. This is the time to contact your local senator and assembly member to register firm but polite opposition to this further degradation of women, babies and humanity in general. You will find your local legislator's information in the front section of your phone book, or go to

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