MoveOn In High Gear - Registering New Army of Worker Bees to Vote

14:34 PDT - June 17, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - This just in from the Soros funded, neo-Marxist MoveOn leadership, intent on conducting a national voter registration drive using the organization's cadre of worker bots as foot-soldiers.

"Dear MoveOn member,

Can you call Debra? She lives in Ohio and she just moved...we need to help her register to vote at her new address. And John just turned 18—he needs a call about registering in Minnesota. And Lucía is a young woman from a community in Florida where registration rates are low.

Debra is part of the Rising American Electorate - the young people, unmarried women, and people of color who make up more than half of our nation's voting population. Except 42% of them aren't registered to vote.1 Like Debra...." [source, MoveOn Enotification, 6.17.12]

Such a mindset is wrapped around the belief that poor "Debra" or "Lucia," [assuming the highly doubtful proposition that they even exist] are either too stupid, stoned or apathetic to personally be entrusted to register to vote in the November election.

Besides, they might just be so confused that even if they did make the effort, it might not be consistent with MoveOn's strategic goal of assembling a "Rising Electorate," so these powerless young women must be supervised like three-year-olds...or "no healthcare for them!"

It's no coincidence that this effort is hitting the streets just days after Team Obama unconstitutionally granted itself the power to legislate on immigration matters.

As we noted in a June 15 piece DHS Moves To Legalize Illegal Mexican Aliens - Team Obama Schemes to Acquire Unending Supply of "Immigrant" Democrat Voters.

  • Community agitators, ACORN types, people from MoveOn, the Occupy anarchists, the La Raza and MALDEF racists and especially the Union thug's cannon fodder - brain dead worker bees - will be dispersed into the nation's barrios, which have previously been whipped into a frenzy by any number of Democrat [neo-Marxist] demagogues, including the Instigator in Chief, Mr. Obama.
  • These hopeless inner cities can then be organized according to Soviet collectivist or Nazi bünd models and mass voter registrations will commence.
  • Friendly state and local governments will help in this effort using taxpayer money to further incentivize and promote the process.
  • Those who dare resist the process will be sued by the corrupt AG, Mr. Holder, just ask Sheriff Joe.
  • Mass fundraisers will be conducted in these same locations, giving Mr. Obama the ability to say, "Look my opponent is raising his money from the 1% [fill in your choice here, the list is endless: the greedy rich, selfish monied Jews, environment despoiling corporate vultures and Rovian super pacs representing, Wall Street, gun toting angry white males, right-wing religious fanatics and haters in general]Looking then into a sea of brown and plaintiff faces, Mr. Obama can proclaim. "I am representing these folks, society's forgotten and downtrodden poor, the victims of uncaring capitalism."
  • Then the vote gathering will begin, with hundreds of thousands of unverifiable absentee ballots flooding the offices of secretaries of state. On the day of the election there will not be an available bus for hire anywhere in the nation, they all will be locked up by the Democrat get-out-the-vote machine which run these people to the polls like tag-teams and supervise them to assure that their right to illegally vote is guaranteed.
  • It would be hard to imagine MoveOn assembling a team to handle this matter that was any more competent and less corrupt than those in charge of similar efforts run by the now deservedly defunct ACORN.

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