Egypt's Morsi Countermands Dissolution of Parliament, High Court Suspends Morsi's Directive

14:42 - July 11, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - - Pandemonium seems to be the order of the day in Egypt, with the Muslim Brotherhood led executive branch now locked in a bitter power struggle with the country's highest judicial authority.

The latest development involves the country's high court overruling Mohammed Morsi's recently issued executive decree 11, which reinstated parliament after the same court three weeks ago ruled to have it dissolved, judging that the elective process had been fraudulent.

"Egypt's high court moved swiftly to block the Islamist-dominated Parliament only hours after the legislature's first meeting in weeks, turning a political row between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military into a constitutional crisis. The Supreme Constitutional Court suspended a decree issued on Sunday by Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's newly inaugurated president..." [source, Matt Bradley, Egypt's High Court Blocks Parliament, Wall Street Journal,]

The genesis of executive decree 11, took place in a hastily arranged weekend session, according to the Muslim Brotherhood's English website [see,]. Thus, the Egyptian parliament which was ordered to disband [see, Breaking - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Huge Defeat - Parliament Dissolved, Potential for Military to Maintain Control] by the high court, was itself declared invalid under a decree by Morsi.

Morsi is a long time member of the Muslim Brotherhood's inner circle.

In taking this action, Morsi attempted to create the illusion of legitimacy and to provide some basis of justification for his unprecedented order. To do this he invoked, by way of support, what he calls the Egyptian National Front, an entity which he personally created out of whole cloth on June 22. The National Front therefore although technically a coalition [albeit one comprised entirely of Islamists] the new group is functionally just another arm of the Muslim Brotherhood which will be used towards the same political end as has Morsi's "Freedom and Justice Party," to Islamize Egypt along the lines of Iran's totalitarian theocracy.

However, the high court has now firmly placed itself between the Brotherhood and their long held fantasy of a revolutionary Islamist state operating under the shari'a.

This is a gambit of the highest order, placing Team Obama in the crosshairs almost as much as the defiant Brother Morsi.
Of great concern, The Hill reported two days ago that Mr. Obama has already invited Morsi to meet him, " New York when the United Nations General Assembly convenes in September, an administration official confirmed to The Hill. The invitation to Mohammed Morsi, a member of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, a group with a violent past, could raise concerns among lawmakers who have questioned continued U.S. support for Egypt...." [source, Meghashyam Mali, The Hill,]

However the administration, which essentially paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to seize control of Egypt [with all of Egypt's recent elections having been marked by massive fraud on behalf of the Brotherhood] has already scheduled face time with Morsi this coming Saturday, "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Morsi on Saturday..." [source, ibid]

We would be very surprised that despite Morsi's recent toxic activity the meeting with Mrs. Clinton did not take place. This administration seems to knowingly be aiding in the Islamizing of the sole Arab state which is not technically at war with the state of Israel, hopefully Obama's - tone deaf - Jewish backers have taken note of this ominous development.

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