Solyndra - Obama's Green Nightmare - Raided By Feds

September 8, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - This morning the FBI executed a search warrant at Solyndra LLC's Fremont, CA headquarters.

Solyndra [see, Obama Funded Solyndra Goes Belly Up, Along With His Economic Plan] once one of Team Obama's crown green energy jewels abruptly filed for bankruptcy a week ago, adding another 1,100 workers to the long list of California's unemployed.

Today's search came as a result of a joint investigation by DOJ and the Dept. of Energy.

Solyndra, after much lobbying, obtained a $535,000,000 "loan" from Obama [to manufacture solar panels] who visited the plant on numerous occasions to tout it as a supposedly successful example his Fed/private partnership to produce "green energy."

Congress has been conducting its own investigation regarding the Fed loan over the last few months and subpoenas have been issued for documents relating to the matter.