California Legislative Analysis - Pushing The Nanny State Full Time


June 14, 2011 - San Francisco, CA -

To understand the intent of the legislature at this time it is necessary to look at the bills that have passed out of their house of origin as of 6/10, 2011.

So far the emphasis is on education. Of a total of 78 bills on education that I have been watching, 47 have passed over to the other house.

Assembly members Julia Brownley, (D) and Marty Block,(D), are the top with 4 bills apiece with Gil Cedillo and his Dream Act following (AB130, AB 131).

Of the 66 health bills I have been following 13 have crossed over.

Sometimes a health bill is really an education bill and vice versa depending upon where the mandates of the specific bill will be played out.

Brownley wants federally funded "free" and reduced price school breakfasts, AB 839, Pupil Nutrition: Federal School Breakfast Program, and expanded school based clinics. AJR 10. These are really health bills but because they will be operated in schools, they are education bills.

To further confuse the issue Brownley thinks the parents aren't capable of caring for or properly feeding their children, but she thinks they are smart enough to know when the schools are not properly teaching the students so she wants parents to be able to confront school boards and demand better educational programs, AB 203, Public Schools: Parent Empowerment: School Intervention. She also wants a better recording of data on students instructional material in order to obtain a proper assessment of the student's progress, AB 250.

Of course, all of these are federal mandates contained in the Affordable Care Act, or an Obama Executive Order or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And, further, these bills call for an increased amount of data collection on students.

Marty Block seeks a mandate on the schools to allow college students to self identify their sexual preference, AB620, Post-Secondary Education: Non-Discrimination, which preference, by the way, may fluctuate daily. Or, as Tina Fey (Palin impersonator) said, tongue in cheek, regarding her pregnancy and the baby's sex..."we'll wait and see what it wears to the senior prom"

And, if trying to figure out one's sexual preference each day is too difficult and tiring for the student Block wants to allow college students to be able to take tests when it's convenient for them, AB 668, University Exams: Hardship. Of course he seeks first of all to make college admissions as easy as possible on the future student, AB 670, University Admissions: Appeals following Denial.

This last bill, perhaps, is paving the road for Gil Cedillo's two bills on the Dream Act, AB 130, Dream Act, and AB 131, Student Financial Aid. The first would open up college to illegal aliens with minor and meaningless restrictions. AB 131 would assure that they got tax funded financial aid to attend at least community colleges.

Both bills are supported and actively promoted by the ACLU and the California Catholic Conference. Although what good it will do a student who will need considerable remedial education and is illegal as well, to get into college, if when they graduate, they can't get a job because they still have no Social Security Number, is beyond me.

The only thing that makes it any sense is that college is so dumbed-down and so lacking in intellectual stimulation that it is basically a training ground for various levels of the workforce. The education/business partnership elites just want parents and students to think that they are getting a college level education.

What all levels of students may well in fact be getting this next school year is mental health counseling if Assembly woman Toni Atkins' AB499 gets sent to the governor. This would allow students 12 years of age and up to request or be sent to mental health counselors.

The students who will be sent there, probably will be the children of Christian and Catholic parents who have not accepted the Mark Leno, SB 48 LGBT enlightenment they may well begin receiving. Neither of these last two bills have anything to do with education but that's where they were placed because they will be administered during and in the school setting.

And, if your child gets bored with all this wonderful education and decides to cut classes, be aware that you, the parents could be fined and your child designated as a truant merely by skipping one class one day, according to Roderick Wright, (D), SB 477, Truancy.

Your precious toddlers could be starting school a year earlier if SB 30, Kindergarten admission age by Sen. Joe Simitian passes. This will create a two year kindergarten program putting older 4 year olds in with younger 5 year olds. The reason, according to the author for this plan is because of the rigors of kindergarten making that experience - of only one year of kindergarten, too traumatic for the older 4 year olds.

So, everybody may deserve college and the education professionals are going to try their darndest to get everyone into college, but they are not going to make it unless they have two years of public school, aka government schools kindergarten education first, according to analysis of who fails to achieve in school put forth by the special interests involved in creating a two year kindergarten program. I think this has to do more with child day care job security than it does with expanding the intelligence of 4 year olds.

All of you parents who may be signing your children up for Charter School entry next year may be surprised to find several unacceptable restrictions on the local control of charters if AB 925, CalWorks Eligibility, by Ricardo Lara, passes.

The Mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan, is rushing the city into the arms of Kaiser Foundation/Hospital to form a partnership turning schools into community centers where all human services will be delivered. This was the enlightenment that she received from her pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. earlier this year after winning the election.

These bills may seem trivial. I know that I have treated them in a somewhat cavalier manner. Separately they may not be able to do much, but in combination with other bills and with bills of the last couple of terms, they will devastate the academic halls of learning and set children's intellectual development back to the middle ages.

On a different matter there are two bills needing your attention, one in Sacramento and one in Congress.

As you are aware initiatives to mandate parental notification prior to a minor girl receiving an abortion has been on the ballot several times. Even though it failed passage each time, the numbers of supporters steadily rose until this last election when it came very close to passing.

The reason it and the Prop 8 were able to get on the ballot in the first place is due, in part, to the ability to go and get volunteer signature gatherers such as church members or club members as well as paid gatherers to distribute the petitions.

Newly elected state Assembly member Richard Gordon, (D-Los Altos) apparently needing to show his pro abortion supporters that the benefit of casting their votes for him was worth the cost, has submitted AB 481, Petitions: Signature Gatherers which has quickly passed the Assembly and is on its third reading in the Senate. Word has it that the Governor may well sign it.

This requires all petition signature gatherers to be identified with an official badge in order to circulate petitions. It would further require that the badge worn by the signature gatherer state, in prescribed print style and size, whether he/she is a paid or volunteer gatherer. The bill has passed every committee and floor vote on a partisan - Democrat - vote which indicates that the unions and their minions don't mind this at all knowing that they have enough funds to conform to this limitation on the rights of the people to be heard.

This bill will need a tremendous number of letters to the Governor urging him to reconsider what he will be about to do to the freedoms of California's citizens.

In Washington HR 1179 by Jeff Fortenberry, Right of Conscience for Medical Workers needs letters of support in order to get the bill a hearing and enthusiastically support Fortenberry's efforts.

This is an effort that requires all members of the medical profession, doctors, nurses, dentists, nursing assistants, and so forth to join together and consider forming within your own communities, ad hoc committees and Medical Guilds to protect your freedom of conscience.

I would like to be able to begin receiving the names of medical personnel who would be willing to form a Guild. Do you know of anyone in California who would be willing to join in support of the effort to protect conscience rights for medical workers?Next alert will report on the Health bills.

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