Reps Peter King And Frank Wolf Introduce Legislation To Resurrect 9/11 Commission

July 28, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - The two Congressmen who have been intimately involved in national security issues, maintain that action is required to enable what Wolf [R, VA] called, " independent and comprehensive reassessment of the steps taken to guarantee the safety and security of this nation."

About the effort, King [R, NY] stated, "In March, I convened a series of hearings to examine domestic radicalization by al'Qaeda and affiliated terrorist organizations. This is the issue that Attorney General Eric Holder has said keeps him awake at night. A comprehensive and fresh analysis from a 9/11 Review Commission of our progress and remaining challenges will be an invaluable tool for the Homeland Security Committee and the entire Congress as we continue our critical work of securing our homeland from the ever'evolving al'Qaeda and its affiliates."

Both stressed that such a reconstituted body would also be directed to further explore the threat posed by the increasing radicalization of American Muslims, an item driven home today with the arrest of a Muslim soldier, PFC Nisan Jason Abdo [see, Naser Jason Abdo - Muslim Soldier Arrested In Plot To Bomb Ft. Hood] on terror related charges.

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