Pete King - Third Round Of Muslim Radicalization Hearings Scheduled July 27

July 19, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - The Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Peter King [R-NY] has announced a third in a series of Congressional hearings into the process whereby domestic Muslims become radicalized. It has been scheduled to commence at 9:30 a.m. on July 27.

This session intends to probe the Somali, al-Qaeda linked terror group al-Shabaab's already successful efforts to recruit American Muslims to wage jihad in the war-torn country.

In explaining the need for such a hearing Mr. King stated, "In Minnesota, Ohio, and other states, dozens of young Muslim males have been recruited, radicalized, and then taken from their communities for overseas terrorist training by al-Shabaab. In a number of cases, the men – including both Somali-Americans and other converts - have ended up carrying out suicide bombings or have otherwise been killed, often without their families even knowing where their sons have gone. There has not been sufficient cooperation from mosque leaders. In at least one instance, a Minnesota imam told the desperate family of a missing young man not to cooperate with the FBI."

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