Obama Appoints Controversial James Cole As Number Two At DOJ December 31, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On yet another vacation, this time in Hawaii, President Obama elevated James Cole to the number two position in DOJ, using the

Swedish Muslim Bomber Driven By Shari'a

December 13, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Over the weekend, Taymour Abdulwahab, an Iranian who immigrated to Sweden, detonated 2 bombs in Stockholm, killing himself and injuring two passersby.

The first device, a car bomb loaded with propane cylinders, failed to detonate completely, burning instead and causing no damage. About fifteen minutes after that failed attempt, Abdulwahab killed himself using a bomb belt, injuring 2 bystanders.

Abdulwahab had spent a great deal of time in Britain previous to the Saturday attack and security officials there continue to investigate whatever ties the perp had to radical Islamic groups in the country.

The bomber was very clear in stating his motivation for his actions, "Thanks to Lars Vilks and his paintings of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, and your soldiers in Afghanistan and your silence on all this so shall your children, daughters, brothers and sisters die in the same way as our brothers and sisters and children die...Our actions will speak for themselves, as long as you do not end your war against Islam and humiliation of the prophet and your stupid support for the pig Vilks..." [source, Kat Higgins, Sweden Terror Bomb Suspect's Warning Email, Sky News, http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Sweden-Suspected-Suicide-Bomber-Sent-An-Email-To-A-News-Agency-Before-Explosions-On-Saturday/Article/201012215852813?lid=ARTICLE_15852813]

CAIR's "Hate Crime" Campaign Thoroughly Consistent With Policy Of Advancing Shari'a

December 10, 2010 -San Francisco, CA -PipeLineNews.org - We have on numerous occasions noted on these pages an ongoing campaign by the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] to define "hate crimes" in a manner consistent with making this society subservient to Islamic law, Shari'a.

Hardly a day passes were we don't find at least one, usually ridiculous, assertion by CAIR [in the form of an email alert] that an American Muslim has suffered an indignity attributable to anti-Muslim bigotry.

Today for example we find the case of a sign outside an Arkansas restaurant specializing in pork dishes, making the statement "No Muslims Inside."


Of course, even interpreting the verbiage in the most pejorative manner, the sign doesn't come close to violating any federal anti-discrimination statute...but that is not the point of CAIR's exercise in this matter.

Arrest Made In Maryland Recruiting Center Bomb Plot

December 8, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Though details are sketchy, according to a Baltimore Sun breaking story a 21 year old local man has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to bomb the Cantonville, Maryland Armed Forces recruiting center..

"Federal authorities say Antonio Martinez, also known as Muhammad Hussain, attempted to detonate what he believed to be a vehicle bomb this morning at the Armed Forces Career Center in the 5400 block of Baltimore National Pike..." [source, Justin Fenton and Tricia Bishop, Arrest made in plot to blow up Baltimore-area military recruiting center, http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-bomb-plot-arrest-20101208,0,739343.story]

Christian Asylum Seekers in Holland Intimidated by Muslims and the Widespread Trouble with Muslim Immigrants


December 7, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Christian asylum seekers in three thirds of the asylum seekers centers in Holland (so-called "AZC's") are seriously intimidated. In about one third of those asylum centers Christian asylum seekers are even subjected to physical violence. The perpetrators are usually fellow asylum seekers from Muslim countries. This was shown in an inquiry by the Gift Foundation ("Stichting Gave") in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, which specializes in assistance to Christian asylum seekers.

"Stichting Gave" asked 24 local working group contact persons who both know these asylum seekers and 28 Dutch asylum centers the following question: "Do you know asylum seekers who because they are Christians or former Muslims are subjected to discrimination?" Eighteen of the respondents, or 75%, said yes, six of the respondents, or 25%, said no. The number those who did not know was zero. The next question was: "Have any death threats been uttered?" In this case there were fifteen respondents, and ten of them, or 67%, said yes, four of them, or 27%, did not know and just one of the respondents said no. The third question was concerning physical violence, and here again there were fifteen respondents. Five of them, or 33%, said yes, six of them, or 40%, said no, four of them, or 27 percent, did not know.

Although the inquiry was limited to 28 asylum seekers centers (nearly half the total number of 59 centers, though), a spokesman for "Stichting Gave" told me recently that he does not rule out that cases of harassment, intimidation or physical violence are occuring in other asylum centers, too. "Stichting Gave" asked their contact persons to describe a number of individual cases concerning Christians in Dutch asylum centers who have been subjected to discrimination, threats or physical violence. There was, for example, the case of a young Christian male from Pakistan who felt seriously intimidated by Muslims as they burned Christian books in front of his door. Another young Christian male from Afghanistan does not want to talk openly about his Christian convictions out of fear for Muslims. Another case concerns a Muslim couple who converted to Christianity. Muslims inside as well as outside the asylum center then began to intimidate and threaten them. In one asylum center Christian asylum seekers from Erithrea happened to have Somali neighbors. In the kitchen they were asked by these neighbors: "You are not Muslims, so you eat pork, don't you?" Their Erithrean children wanted to become Muslims. "Then we won't be bothered anymore," they told their parents.

Dutch Politician Urges Orthodox Jews to Leave Holland


December 6, 2010 -San Francisco, CA -PipeLineNews.org - Frits Bolkestein, a retired member of the Dutch VVD party and formerly a European Commissioner, has said there is no future for orthodox Jews in Holland because of, "the anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent, whose numbers keep growing" [see, http://www.rnw.nl/english/bulletin/no-future-dutch-orthodox-jews%E2%80%99"].

He said that orthodox Jews, who are recognizable as such, should encourage their children to immigrate to the United States and Israel.

Dutch politicians and prominent Dutch Jews reacted angrily to his statements with Geert Wilders twittering that it is not Jews who should immigrate but "the Moroccans who are anti-Semitic."

Bypassing the Tenth Amendment, Part II

How California Became a Branch Office of the Federal Government


December 6, 2010 -San Francisco, CA -PipeLineNews.org - In a November 11 piece entitled Has California Bypassed the Tenth Amendment? this author analyzed CA Governor Schwarzenegger's line-item budget vetoes of state tax money for welfare-to-work Stage 3 Child Care CalWorks programs, and more importantly, mental health services funding which has traditionally and appropriately been administered from within the state's Department of Health Care Services.

In that writing I opined that the Governor, in cooperation with the legislature, might have deliberately created a situation in which the federal government was prompted to step in and oversee yet another segment of California's business, thereby further blurring the separation of state and federal powers contained in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution regarding state's rights.

Immediately following the November 2nd election an Oakland, California, based community action group, Parent Voices, filed and won a lawsuit against the state, to return the Child Care portion of the vetoed money to the budget.

A class-action lawsuit filed on November 9 by mental health and disability rights advocates against the department of health services will be heard after the first of the year when, according to a spokeswoman for CA State Senator Darrell Steinberg's office "we will wait for a new Governor to see what he will do."

According to H. D. Palmer, a spokesperson for the California Department of Finance, this [stakeholders suing the state] is just business as usual. Federal legislation signed by George W. Bush permits nonprofit agencies to sue the government, he stated.

Christians Under Genocidal Attack Throughout The Muslim World


December 3, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Pointing to the disconnect between claims by American Islamists, that "there is no compulsion in religion," in the Muslim world, persecution of Christians is very real, often deadly and increasing at a frightening pace.

In an article entitled "Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout the Middle East," Khaled Abu Tomeh documents the ongoing jihad against Christians.

He calls Christians an "endangered species" writing that "hardly a day passes without reports of violence against the Coptic community in Egypt." In Iraq there appears to be an orchestrated campaign to drive Christians from the country.

"The war of genocide against Christians in the Middle East can no longer be treated as an "internal affair" of Iraq or Egypt or the Palestinians. What the West needs to understand is that radical Islam has declared jihad not only against Jews, but also against Christians. In Iraq, Egypt and the Palestinian territories, Christians are being targeted almost on a daily basis by Muslim fundamentalists and secular dictators." [source, Khaled Abu Tomeh, Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout Middle East, Hudson Institute, http://www.hudson-ny.org/1685/muslim-genocide-of-christians]

Historically, especially early in the 20th century, Egypt had the deserved reputation of being perhaps the most religiously cosmopolitan nation under the Islamic banner. Cooperation between different faiths was common, with Jews having positions of power in the Egyptian government. All of that changed after the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna, an event which would profoundly change the Muslim world, setting it once again on the path of religious warfare, jihad. 1.

Team Obama Tried To Shield Pak ISI Chief In Mumbai Attack

December 2, 2010 -San Francisco, CA -PipeLineNews.org -The full implications of the Wiki disclosures are yet to be felt, but what is known even this early in the process makes Obama's foreign policy team appear to be a group of hapless amateurs operating at a level far beyond their competence.

A glimpse of this was offered in today's India Times, which relates that against a backdrop of sounding tough publicly regarding Pakistan and its terror aiding ISI intelligence operation, in private it was shielding the ISI's chief Pasha from allegations that his agency was involved in the 11/26 Mumbai attacks -India's 9/11.

Pakistan is widely understood in intelligence circles to be playing both sides of the fence regarding Islamic terrorism, but even though this is generally accepted common knowledge, the U.S. State Department was caught in at least one of the leaked diplomatic cables, pressuring India not to disclose the Paks involvement in the Mumbai atrocity.

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