Was Gore's 2000 Concession Speech A Death Warrant?


Editor's Note: This is a highly controversial story, one that could send shock waves through the entire political landscape. In a very real way it provides an alternative theory of causation, explaining much of the backdrop of contemporary political history.

Because of the extremely broad scope covered in this piece it is, by necessity overly long, well over 4,000 words. It was however painstakingly and precisely crafted so we urge you to read it all the way through before you come to a conclusion

April 1, 2000 - Wiesbaden, Germany - PipeLineNews.org LLC - In an exclusive story, has learned that certain interlocking directorates within the Democrat National Committee, powerful members of the House and Senate Minority as well as the Democrat candidates for president and vice-president have engaged in an elaborate cover-up of monumental proportions.

This cover-up centers on an illicit smuggling operation that has been going on for 40 years. We have been working on this story for the better part of a year and have at considerable expense filed Freedom of Information lawsuits, stationed our most senior reporters in Europe for months and in general made an exhaustive search of the historical record to investigate, clarify and piece the story together. .

Historical Background

During the last horrific days of World War II, under the direction of “Wild" Bill Donovan, Office of Strategic Service (O.S.S.) counter intelligence units were active throughout Germany and the Balkans and even the western borders of the Soviet Union. They were looking for underground cells of dedicated Nazi scientists working on everything from advanced rocket propulsion systems to nuclear weapons and even optical devices similar to lasers. This was a cat and mouse game; trying to stay ahead of both the SS as well as Soviet Special Forces units looking for the same type of strategic treasure.

Near Wiesbaden, Germany, the Delta Blue unit of the ultra secret “Executive Committee" within the OSS had placed German speaking deep cover agents throughout the underground scientific research infrastructure and specifically into Hitler’s prize; a secret laboratory founded by Joseph Mengele, the infamous “Angel of Death". Code named SchwartzeEisenEin (or BlackIronOne) it was the Reich’s, and indeed the world’s most advanced pharmaceutical research facility. Scientists there were already capable of manipulating elements on an crude atomic level.

While Mengele was nominally a doctor his interests were wide ranging, he was an accomplished violinmaker and also a Grand Master level chess player of some note. He also fancied himself a political observer of the first order and a student of scientific propaganda. He maintained that the public image that a government presents is the primary determinative cause of its effectiveness (the entire inner circle of the Third Reich, shared this belief). Mengele also had written extensively and published in peer-reviewed journals, under a pseudonym, on the subject. Copies of his tomes were found in Hitler’s bunker at the close of the war. Hidden within these papers were sketchy details of a special project that Hitler had commissioned the researchers at SchwartzeEisenEin to expedite. Shreds of personal communications between Mengele and Hitler were also found in the bunker. They made reference to, in often reverential tones, of a super mind drug of unknown type. One shred of this communication reads - "dieses konnte unser heiliges grail sein mein lieber freund – AH" This is translated as “This could be our holy grail my dear friend – Adolph Hitler"

Mengele and the inner Reich circle were not the only ones interested in the mechanics of scientific propaganda, a discipline within contemporary social science which is also interested in how symbols affect cultural development and perception:

"Visual anthropology logically proceeds from the belief that culture is manifested through visible symbols embedded in gestures, ceremonies, rituals, and artifacts situated in constructed and natural environments. Culture is conceived of as manifesting itself in scripts with plots involving actors and actresses with lines, costumes, props, and settings." Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology David Levinson & Melvin Ember editors, 1996. Henry Holt & Co.

It was not by coincidence, therefore, that the Third Reich enlisted Leni Riefenstal and other "forgers of culture" in furtherance of its particular goals of social organization.

As Joseph Goebbels maintained until his death in 1945.

“It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion…The effective propagandist must have…the gift to use the major methods of influencing public opinion such as the press, film and radio to serve his ideas and goals, above all in an age of advancing technology…There are no parliamentary parties in Germany any longer. How could we have overcome them had we not waged an educational campaign for years that persuaded people of their weaknesses, harms and disadvantages? Their final elimination was only the result of what the people had already realized. Our propaganda weakened these parties. Based on that, they could be eliminated by a legal act".

Reading between the lines of the heavily redacted documents obtained by our Freedom of Information Act (FIA) lawsuits, we can surmise that during the last months of the war, reports were made on a more or less continuous basis from the deep cover OSS agents in the SchwartzeEissenEin (S.E.E.) facility directly to FDR.

On the day the war in Europe ended so did these reports, and the facility seemed to vanish into thin air. Those few individuals who were the couriers of the reports were one by one taken ill by some unknown dysentery like disease, all died within 8 hours of the onset of the sickness. The symptoms of this malady are remarkably similar to those of the dreaded Ebola.

Again, relying on our FIA documents, we have determined that after the war, Mengele was secretly transported, by agents loyal to the deceased FDR, to South America to continue his research. There is speculation that he convinced Roosevelt that he was working on a cure for the non-juvenile form of polio which afflicted him and the agents felt both loyalty to the oath they had taken to their beloved president and felt that the benefit of the research out weighed the need to punish Mengele for his unspeakable crimes.

While in the jungles along the Amazon and continuing his special project, Mengele discovered an unusual alkaloid obtained from the root of the Boa-Bang tree (Boabinus Bangericus) whose partial chemical composition is:


At the molecular level this compound apparently was recognized as having powerful narcotic as well as psychotropic effects. Once again resorting to human experimentation, this time on the naïve Mosquito Indian population, chiefs and medicine men of various Mosquito Indian tribes were dosed with the substance and they became as gods before their adoring people.

There is a reference in the last remaining notebook attributable to Mengele of an entire tribe of Mosquito Indians walking off a cliff en masse at the direction of their drug enhanced god king.

"At dusk the men of the tribe assembled and proceeded to arrange themselves in two concentric circles with the god-king seated at their center. They began chanting and as the night progressed their voices became as one; powerful and hypnotic. All through the night their voices became louder until we had to remove ourselves to a remote area as not to be affected. At dawn they abruptly stopped, as if on command. They the rose, perhaps on an unobserved cue, glassy eyed and apparently oblivious to their surroundings. Jurambai their god-king led them to the end of a jungle path and watched as, without hesitation, the over 100 warriors calmly walked over the edge of the cliff, falling to their deaths on the jagged rocks some 500 feet below"

Mengele now had some inkling of the tremendous power of his discovery and he gave the compound a working name of, Anlügen 23, which roughly translated means “to engage in falsehood" since it apparently gave the user the ability to lie with out moral compunction and to be especially believable and almost god-like while doing so.

As per instructions given him by the special agents who transported him to South America, and acting to save himself from certain prosecution at Nuremberg, he had continued to make regular reports to a special section chief within the Department of State who also had ties to the KGB. Just enough of this information found it’s way (by way of rumor) into the hands of Senator Joseph P. McCarthy that it became the basis for his investigation into Communist influence there.

In a quid-pro-quo to avoid prosecution, this State Department section chief from then on kept McCarthy in the loop. When "Tail Gunner Joe" was publicly humiliated and destroyed before the Army McCarthy Hearings his contact then became the Chief Counsel for the House Un-American Activities Committee, Robert F. Kennedy.

Feeling the necessity to keep the arrangement intact RFK made the decision to keep the Soviets in the loop to protect the relationship with State. Kennedy did this by feeding the information to Dalton Trumbo (author of “Johnny Got His Gun" and progenitor of Metallica's breakthrough video, "One") who was rumored to be a deep cover agent for the Soviets. This alliance with the Hollywood left would be a fateful one.

Trumbo was blacklisted in Hollywood, at a time when patriotism actually meant something, and had certain contacts of his own within the Democrat Party and easily interfaced with Kennedy.

All that we can glean from the skimpy information that we have at our disposal is that Mengele did indeed discover something in the jungles of Argentina and news of it was anxiously followed along the chain that led to the Kennedy's because by this time Joseph Sr. had taken quite an interest in the reports. The elder Kennedy's many contacts among world leaders and his understanding of the almost limitless power a drug capable of guaranteeing an almost divine persuasive ability could offer, made it apparent to him that this was a huge discovery, perhaps epochal in importance.

It is a truism that authoritarians and demagogues in general often require that their agents say one thing and do another, obviously a public perception of veracity and believability is of paramount importance. Kennedy Sr's realization of this combined with his knowledge of Mengele’s apparent discovery led to the enshrinement of Anlügen 23 as indeed, the "Holy Grail" of the Democrat party.

At this point in the historical record even our “pieced together" information becomes choppy, what with the outing of Bobby and JFK's “"tag team" relationship with Marilyn Monroe and of course all three of their deaths, under mysterious circumstances, the wagons were pulled in ever tighter circles from which little information leaked out.

Due to our investigative efforts and though based primarily on third party and hearsay evidence this is what we have pieced together, it is shocking in nature like a dagger pointed at the very heart of the American dream.

It seems that during his jungle experimentation phase, Dr Mengele's former clandestine laboratory was secretly transformed from a military pharmaceutical research facility into J.HillipMengeleHausen-AG (J.H.M-Hausen-AG) a stuffy appearing East German pharmaceutical manufacturer, most often known for it’s feminine hygiene products.

Our sources indicate that J.H.M-Hausen-AG started the painstaking production of Anlügen 23 in the spring of 1959. Production techniques were so involved and capital intensive that only extremely small amounts could be produced. Efforts to synthesize the drug have, to our knowledge, never been successful to this day.

We did however discover what may have been the first instance of importation of this powerful agent into the U.S.

Upon direction by brother John, Robert Kennedy the Attorney General, directed that his brother’s very close friend, a certain P. Lawford, travel to Wiesbaden to bring back samples of an "elixir" while he was returning from making the movie "Exodus" in 1960. Lawford traveled under his screen name, Major Caldwell, to help deflect curiosity. Lawford allegedly smuggled 50 ml. of the substance back into the country. The concoction was first used successfully in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis where JFK bullied, lied to and generally made a buffoon out of Nikita Khrushchev.

JFK was ecstatic to discover that the substance not only worked but also had the powerful side effect of increasing his already prodigious libido. As time went on it appears that Kennedy became more and more dependant on the compound and threw all caution to the wind in November of 1963 by entering the political hornets nest in Dallas on that fateful day on the mistaken belief that operatives within Coke A Cola Corporation (of whom Richard Nixon was chief counsel – there is a link there that we can not go into at this juncture) had gleaned a few more precious viles of Anlügen 23. His dependence on the psychoactive narcotic. cost him his life.

Unfortunately, Lawford too succumbed, but in his case it was to wine, women and terrible impressions by Sammy Davis Jr.

There are also references made in documents too secret to even broach here that Lyndon Johnson also was able to get his hands on some of the compound and that he used it extensively from the Gulf of Tonkin crisis through Tet Offensive after which alleged “manufacturing problems" cut his supply off and his presidency crashed and burned. Johnson died shortly thereafter, a broken shell of the once imposing, physically powerful Texas wheeler-dealer.

It seems that the 39th President, Jimmy Carter was as straight as he was boring and never was offered and most likely would have refused such a dangerous potion. We feel confident to say this, as no one under the influence of Anlügen 23 would ever admit to a lusting in his heart, nor would they ever make a national speech wearing a K-Mart sweater. And it is here that the historical record ends and the modern record begins.

Editor’s note: we can find not even the slightest rumor of a Republican ever being offered or actually using the substance in their case it may just be the Republican disease, timidity.

With all of this circumstantial yet powerful evidence, we dispatched our senior writers to Wiesbaden, Germany last May. They spent the better part of two months there interviewing contacts and ferreting out information. First on our list was a journey to Heidelberg University:

Consultations with Ulrich Blödmann, Dean of the Department of Chemistry at Heidelberg University and Nobel Laureate, have confirmed our basic story.

Mr. Blödmann, speaking cautiously, finally confirmed that Anlügen 23 or a substance quite similar to it may indeed exist. He went on to say that pharmacologically speaking a compound with similar properties could actually allow those to whom it was given to be able to convincingly espouse, in a totally believable manner, what the speaker knew was totally in error. Blödmann said that if Anlügen 23 exists that the big lie could easily be told often and convincingly. He also went on to say that because of the way beta receptors in the left half of the brain operate that Anlügen 23 may be able to induce or trigger a messiah type psychosis and as a secondary effect actually block memories that are either too painful to bear or those which may result in criminal prosecution.

Our European journey then took us to Wiesbaden.

J.H.M-Hausen-AG is housed in a daunting and cold looking stainless steel low-rise complex gleaming near the intersection of Friedrich-Naumann Straße and Lahn Straße, just northwest of downtown Wiesbaden. Retinal scans are required for entry.

Surprisingly, our request for an interview was accepted, and we met with the VP of Public Relations, Dr. Horst Riefenstal III on May 23, 2000 an overcast spring day.

Q “Mr. Riefenstal, would you please tell us just what it is that J.H.M-Hausen-AG produces?"

A. “Well Patrick, J.H.M-Hausen-AG is a pharmaceutical research and manufacturing facility and produces a wide line of prescription as well as over the counter medications. Our line of feminine hygiene products is quite popular in the United States you know."

Q. What kind of prescription injectables does J.H.M-Hausen-AG produce?

A. “We produce chemotherapeutic compounds, anti-bacterial products for antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, intravenous fluid therapy agents and a host of other products that I won’t bore you with" he said through thin lips attached to a cruel mouth. His presence was making me uncomfortable; he looked like a nightmare artist’s rendering of the Teutonic alpha male, blond tall and muscular with piercing blue eyes that held no light within them.

Q. Does J.H.M-Hausen-AG produce any beta-receptor compounds, which may have psychotropic effects?

A. “Well Patrick, we are involved in a lot of research, that is a very interesting question, one I feel that I should take under submission. What do you know about cortico-steroids and beta-receptors, those seem like odd words to roll off the lips of a cub reporter

Q. Does J.H.M-Hausen-AG produce a compound called Anlügen 23?

A. Patrick, why would you ask such a question? Who has been speaking to you, do you have a family? Do you know if they are safe right now?

Q. Does J.H.M-Hausen-AG produce a compound called Anlügen 23?

A. The cold eyes froze over. He literally leaped up and came at me like a lion running down a gazelle, stopping just inches from my face, I had to recoil to avoid being head butted. “This interview is terminated" he said. Then he drew closer, locked eyes, and in that precise, clipped Berlin accent hissed, "lassen sie diesem sacred Platz sie jüdische schweine" [translation: "leave this sacred place you Jewish swine"] Do not ever come here nor ever call again. You have been warned.

The abruptness of Riefenstal's actions seemed to confirm what we had already suspected, Anlügen 23 does exist.

Later that day our diligence was rewarded again as a deep cover source provided us with written memorandum, internal email messages and memos between J.H.M-Hausen-AG executive offices, their beneath ground super secure biological research laboratory and most shockingly Democrat apparatchiks throughout the United States. These messages have revealed, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the drug not only exists but also has been used by Democrat politicians at least since the time of JFK. We even obtained a photograph of a vial of the super secret drug.

During final source checking, before we planned on going to press in early November with this bombshell, we became aware of the fact that Mr. Reifenstal was no longer associated with J.H.M-Hausen-AG , indeed the story became sinister with the revelation that he died under extremely mysterious circumstances. Apparently on his way home from work on a foggy October 23rd eve, he was strangled by an assailant whom eyewitnesses describe as being "almost reptilian" in appearance. No fingerprints or other evidence was found we did however find a curious notation by the homicide investigators that the perpetrator had extraordinarily large and powerful hands.

Triangulation has made it possible to conclusively place Mr. James Carville in Wiesbaden at the time of Riefenstahl’s demise. In addition we have turned up credit card purchase records for a round trip flight to Germany at the same time, repeated telephone calls to Mr. Carville’s office have gone unreturned. We cannot allege any direct contact between Carville and Reifenstahl or even that they met, but the juxtaposition is, if nothing else, quite a coincidence. Carville does wear size 12 gloves and has been known to tear phone books in half during some of his wilder Cajun flavored parties to amuse friends and impress the impressionable..

Arriving back into the US just before going to press our reporters met with the editorial board to compare notes and edit the story. Like a bolt of lightening it struck us all at the same time.

Throughout the eight longs years of this administration from scandal to scandal starting with the First Lady’s Health Care Task Force, Gays in the military, White Water, the Webster Hubbel affair, Vince Fostergate,The Travel Office Fiasco, Illegal Fundraising, Chinagate, Monicagate, Impeachment, Hillary’s NY State Senate victory and culminating with the legal assault on the Florida election results; one constant remains:

This team from the top down has no peer when it comes to public relations. There seems to be no crime that they can commit that cannot be explained away. That this gross and unprecedented level of corruption and lying would result in overwhelming public approbation helps to complete the loop in our opinion.

Not only is the administration quite skilled along these lines but potential witnesses against them seemed to have contracted an early onset of an Alzheimer’s like disease making it impossible for them to remember names, dates or even the names of their spouses, work associates or even their children, another red flag.

It has always been hard for us to understand how an apparently third rate political hack from Arkansas, after a lifetime of scandals, lurid revelations about his extramarital sex life as well as his impeachment could stand up anywhere in the nation and deliver a speech without being laughed off the stage.

But now we knew the answer! The fingerprint of Anlügen 23 were all over this! As added insight this also explained why prominent Democrat politicians complete medical records are never proffered.

How has this unholy traffic in mind-bending drugs been coordinated and conducted? Especially considering the mass quantities required to continually dose an entire administration as well as the several hundred potential witnesses who have not already taken the Fifth and left the country.

All we had to do was examine the template set in motion between Kennedy, Lawford and J.H.M-Hausen-AG. With this fiendish system of illicit importation having been established over a period of 40 years, only the names of the couriers have changed. While it might seem that lower level minions would be impressed into the “"Iron Triangle" of trade between Washington, Germany and Hollywood, this is not the case.

Sitting around our rosewood editorial board table we mused that it did indeed seem suspect that the most fanatical support the Clinton Administration enjoys has come from the Hollywood left. It seems with 2 or 3 exceptions the stars of stage, screen and music march in lock step to the beat emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Again, epiphany!

Of course they support this administration with a ferocity seldom seen this side of a mongoose. Wouldn’t Anlügen 23 be the perfect actor’s drug? Imagine looking into the cameras with the absolute knowledge that you WERE the character you were hired to portray. That you became him or her as the case may be? Of course. And given their lack of any moral underpinning wouldn’t the libido increasing side effects be considered a bonus in the Hollywood bed swapping culture?

It was so clear now, we sat in stunned silence; a silence so profound, so all encompassing that it was palpable. In addition to actors Hollywood is rife with power addicts who crave nothing but influence and money, what better drug for them, in most cases they are physically, intellectually and morally indistinguishable from the stars they represent, coddle and manage.

We immediately started sifting through flight records of the boutique European airlines as well as the chartered private jet air services that specialize in ferrying the stars hither and yon.We cross referenced flight plans filed with the FAA with actual destinations, fuel bills, hotel records, billing information, telephone logs etc., etc. and found that over the last eight years a select group of Hollywood’s aristocracy have made Wiesbaden a stop on at least one leg of hundreds of European trips thus it is they who comprise the mini-army of steel eyed couriers of the illicit Anlügen 23 traffic into the country:

Alec Baldwin
Kim Bassinger
Michael Douglas
Woody Harrelson
Martin Sheen
Hilary Swank
Kevin Spacey
Rosie O’Donnel
Ed Asner
Paul Simon
Bette Midler
Don Henley
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young,
Jon Bon Jovi
Lenny Kravitz
Sheryl Crow
K.D. Lang
Barry Diller
David Geffen, Dreamworks
Fox Family Worldwide CEO Haim Saban
Motion Picture Association of America President Jack Valenti
Sherry Lansing, chairman and chief executive officer of the Paramount Pictures Motion Picture Group .
Sony Music Executive Vice President Michele Anthony
CBS Entertainment President Nancy Tellem
Judy McGrath, President MTV Group
Columbia Pictures Chairman Amy Pascal
Susanne Daniels, Entertainment President of the WB Television Network
Hilary Rosen, president of the Recording Industry Association of America

This leads us to the Vice President, Albert Gore Jr. who had been locked in mortal combat with George W. Bush.

Contesting the Florida State election for 36 days via a "scorched earth" legal offensive, he refused until December 13th to concede, fighting a battle that seemed hopeless.

Why would he risk his political future and whatever good will he might have retained after the "no controlling legal authority" statement in a vain effort to win what, by any reasonable calculation, he could not have?

One only has to look at the tragic example of Lyndon Johnson. Falling from grace, after rejecting his party's certain nomination in 1968, he was denied his drug (officially because of manufacturing difficulties). (J.H.M-Hausen-AG only backs alpha humans. Losers [omega humans] are discarded like dead laboratory test rats) We believe that withdrawal from Anlügen 23 killed LBJ, slowly but inevitably. This is apparently the darkest side effect of what may be the world’s darkest drug. It offers god like powers but in every instance it kills, slowly, painfully and inevitably.

It is now obvious that Gore did not freely make the decision to concede. His hand was forced by the Chairman of the DNC, power broker Ed Rendell, who metaphorically threw the Vice President overboard by publicly stating that he should concede. This is how power is wielded at the highest levels.

After the concession there has been mounting concern among the Gore camp. The side effects are increasingly apparent in his physical demeanor; the puffy cheeks, the overly rosy complexion, the effeminate gait, the increasing lisp. These are classic signs of under-dosage and unless he is able to reverse his political fortunes and eventually win, he is doomed, and he knows it.

This is why Albert Gore will never really give up the quest even though he was forced to concede, fleeing to an office and pretending to work for Apple Computer. To resign himself to a non-politcal fate would be akin to signing his own death warrant - a fate far worse than having to live the rest of his life with Tipper.

This must be an unimaginable burden to bear, he therefore deserves our pity - so pray for him, not for victory; for that would be far worse.

Pray for his immortal soul.

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