Iran - Time Ripe For "Great Satan" To Be Removed

By Reza Kahlili

August 23, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - The decline and fall of the American empire is unfolding and will usher in a new world order that doesn't include the United States, Iran now believes.

With the fiasco in Congress over the debt crisis and the financial and economic turmoil plaguing America, the time is ripe for the "Great Satan" to be displaced, according to the Iranian website, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards.

"While the U.S. is entering into a catastrophic financial and economic phase," says Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri in a speech to the Guards' ground forces, "Iran can, with a serious offensive, emerge economically and financially."

Jazayeri, the deputy head of Iran's Joint Chiefs of Staff, says that while the U.S. has employed all its might in trying to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Middle East, the region where the "global tyrants focus on the most, is going through transitions whose foundations are rooted in the discipline of the Islamic revolution; in this strategic area of the world, America is regarded all around as the most hated government and country."

Jazayeri says the United States is facing a slew of crises that will bring it to its knees, including being thought of as the most in-debt country in the world. Racial, financial, political and social discrimination plagues American society, he says, and immorality and profound family deterioration are among the hundreds of other social challenges plaguing America.

"Confronting all these massive problems," Jazayeri says, "has the sun setting on this empire; it will all come to a head. Then on top of it, America spends billions to spread their banalities in Iran, while from all accounts, America itself is being engulfed in a spider web of banality."

Jazayeri warned the Guards that Iran's enemies have "many capabilities" and that their duty as soldiers is to be constantly on guard against them.

"Today we live in a society that is the standard of purity," Jazayeri said. "Yesterday, the enemy who was fighting to destroy us is now fighting for its own survival and in doing so, they will use any tools that they can grab; like wild dogs, they will not stop at using any filthy trick in the book against the Islamic revolution. They will especially try to benefit from software methods and tools, which they have plenty of and which they throw around. … We must master the enemy's engineering of their software methods."

When that happens, he said, "we are home free to globalize our model for the Islamic revolution."

In a strategic analysis, the radicals ruling Iran have concluded that U.S. forces engaged both in Iraq and Afghanistan would lead to the demise of America due to financial drain it is having on the country. A recent analysis by the Guards appearing on the same website weighs in on the financial trouble in America by stating that subsequent to several wars, the United States finds itself depleted and desperate. The analysis says its total debt exceeds $14.5 trillion, which is equal to its GDP, and that it will find it hard to support its defense budget.

The analysis concludes that America will soon retreat from the world of Islam and the Arab world so that it can refocus its energy on its internal problems and on its main foe – China.

The Guards go so far as to indicate that America is so tired from being involved in many wars that even if Iran makes an atomic bomb, it will not attack Iran, nor will it allow Israel to take such action.

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, repeatedly has said that this is the century in which America and Israel will cease to exist and that Islam will conquer the world. He has gone so far as to openly state that Israel is a cancer that needs to be cut out and that America is a paper tiger facing an imminent fall.

Editor's Note: The writer is the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards. He now resides in the United States and writes under the pseudonym, Reza Kahlili. For further background regarding Mr. Kahlili see our in-depth interview here Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations.

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