CA Parental Rights Victorious - Temporarily - CA AB 499 In Suspense File


August 22, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - On August 15, the California State Senate Appropriations Committee, reacting to the huge outpouring of opposition by parents, quietly placed AB 499, the Gardasil mandate, on its suspense file. The official Committee analysis claimed excessive costs to the state of anywhere from $350-$500 per 3 shot series, to approximately 923,000 students.

This is not the end of this bill. It, like dozens of others, costly to the taxpayer, was placed on suspense that day in order to give the committee time to reconsider how to make the costs more palatable to the taxpayer.

All the Suspense File bills will be heard on August 25. This hearing, according to the Appropriations Committee spokesperson, is closed to testimony or witnesses. Should AB 499 be approved at this hearing it will, most likely, move quickly to the full senate where it needs only a majority vote, then be sent to Governor Brown for his signature.

All citizens should be put on alert to prevent this from happening.

The outpouring of protest on this bill is a testament to the realization that California parents, be they liberal or conservative in their politics, do not want the state to step in as uber-parent, directing the lives of all children.

An 18 year old, Northern California Teenager, traveled to the Capitol to present testimony on her experience with Gardasil at age 15.

According to her testimony, Courtney and her mother visited their local Kaiser hospital for her check-up. During that visit the girl’s mother consented to allow the doctor to speak to the girl alone. The doctor proceeded to attempt to persuade her to consent to the Gardasil shot declaring that, if the girl really wanted the shot, she, the doctor, would not tell her mother. Courtney said no, she did not want the shot. Upon returning the girl to the mother, the doctor declared that if Courtney did not receive the shot, she could, if ever raped, contact cancer and die.

Situations like this, with a doctor concealing a vaccination from the parents could place children in a potentially life threatening situation. Should a child begin to experience health related problems she may be fearful of admitting to her parents that she received these shots without her parents knowing.

Courtney is not alone in experiencing pressure from members of the medical industry to accept drugs.

As it stands, according to an Associated Press report of January 4, 2008, and published in Journal Watch for August 19, 2011,, Gardasill is the “most Painful Childhood vaccination." The AP article cited 50 Center for Disease Control reports of vaccine-associated fainting in girls from 2002-2004 and 230 faintings from 2005-until July 2008. Many of these spells resulted in serious injury.

According to the website, 24-7 News, for August 19, 2011, there is, as of 2009, only one state plus the District of Columbia that has set up “loose" requirements for Gardasil injections and school attendance. Two-dozen states so far have rejected the mandate.

The on-line Eyewitness News ABC-7 for Monday, July 07, 2008, report entitled “Gardasil under fire for health issues" reported that “Gardasil has been the subject of 7,802 ‘adverse events’ reports from the time the FDA approved its use two years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control - [CDC]"

Merck is already under scrutiny for its Vioxx drug including product liability lawsuits amounting to about $4 million, regarding a practice known as off-labeling - distributing a drug for health problems unconnected with the drug, as well as life-threatening side effects from the drug.

Following all these reported adverse events, Merck and Co. declared that it would cease its advertising campaign on this product. It then proceeded to make generous donations to the organization Women-In-Government, a 501-C3 nonprofit, comprised of female elected officials. WIG then came under scrutiny for supporting a lobbying campaign by Merck and Co. using their legislative positions to mandate Gardasil vaccinations.

The vaccine watchdog group Pharmalot published a statement, 7/1/11 by AB 499 author, Assemblywoman Toni Atkins of San Diego, stating that the bill: “is closing the gap between the past and increasing technologies that allow minors access to prevention, diagnosis and treatment...I’m not surprised they’re [Catholics and conservatives] critical, though. Their position on reproductive health issues, as they relate to women and minors, has always been one of opposition...they were opposed to abortion rights for women in California. My hope is to follow the science and the recommendations of the CDC." [see,]

It seems that what Assemblywoman Atkins is saying is that she prefers to follow the advice of third parties and their bottom lines rather than exercise her sworn duty to protect the Constitutional rights of parents in regard to their children.

No one can predict what Governor Jerry Brown will do regarding this bill. He seems to be positioning himself as the innovative Governor which could spell trouble for parental authority.

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