Egypt's "Freedom" Revolutionaries Demand That U.S. Release Terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman, The Blind Sheikh

April 21, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - - According to multiple reports [see for example,] a large mob of Islamists has gathered outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt demanding that Omar Abdel Rahman, aka the "Blind Sheikh," be released from confinement in the United States. Rahman is serving a life sentence for his role in multiple terror plots including the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

Those conducting the protest are not your garden variety Muslim Brotherhood riff-raff, as Associated Press is reporting, "The protest leader was Abboud el-Zomor, who was released from an Egyptian prison in March after serving multiple sentences for his role in the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat."

Sadat's 1981 assassination was carried out by a MB faction [al-Jihad] and it is believed that Abboud El-Zomor played a key role in supplying the ammunition to those who actually shot and killed Sadat.

Though officially having served his sentence, El-Zomor continued to be confined until he was released as part of a general amnesty with about 60 other "political" prisoners in mid March.

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