Rep. Frank Wolf Calls for Afghan/Pakistan Study Group to Bolster War Effort

September 30, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Although this administration's squeamish approach to fighting terrorism is obvious, the revelations contained in Bob Woodward's new book "Obama's Wars" put an exclamation point on the charge that team Obama is hopelessly befuddled regarding defending the homeland against attack, especially that motivated by Islamist ideology.

Noting the WH's state of disarray, Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf, in a September 28 letter to the president urged him, "to move swiftly to establish an Afghanistan-Pakistan Study Group, modeled after the Iraq Study Group, to bring "fresh eyes" to the war effort in Afghanistan..."

As Wolf notes, often those directly charged with setting and carrying out critical foreign policy initiatives develop tunnel-vision, too close to the problem to be able to revisit it afresh with new eyes. To remedy this and hopefully to bring order to a process that appears more and more chaotic as the administration's internal decision making process becomes public knowledge, a study group comprised of respected non-partisan foreign policy advisors might develop the insight necessary, to help, "turn the tide of this war and lessen the number of casualties as well."

Obama's reluctance to wage war against the jihadists has become legendary - refusing to even use the word jihad - perhaps employing an outside advisory team to develop a new consensus is exactly what is called for at this critical point in the conflict.

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