Implications of Schwarzenegger's Signing of CA Education Legislation


September 27, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - The Media is reporting on Governor Schwarzenegger's bill signing activities but they seem to have overlooked several the creation of several new laws on health and education affecting families.

Seven bills were signed advancing state compliance with federal Race to the Top standards for all students. SB1, Darrell Steinberg, Race-to-the-Top, authorizes the state to accept the federal stimulus dollars to cover the non-existent state funds for the social programs "we the people" don't want. One of those compliances sets limits to the freedom of speech on school campuses, SB 438, Charter School speech, and ACR 82, Public Education: Discrimination Free Zones.

The governor also signed AB 1901 targeting revisions to the Postsecondary Education Master Plan. This will facilitate implementation of the intent of two other bills awaiting the Governor's signature, AB 867, Pedro Nava, California State University: Doctor of Nursing Practice, and AB 2385, John Perez, Innovative Nursing and Health Care Professions.

Nava's bill will expand and expedite doctorate degrees for nurses. They, in turn, will be hired by schools(as doctoral professors requiring increased salaries, to train entry level medical workers entering high school academies. These workers, with minimal training will fulfill the federal Workforce Development plans and meet the quotas for jobs demanded by Obama Care.

Perez's bill will create a pilot program to expedite graduating community college "nursing and allied health student[s]" to become qualified for employment in health related fields. These people will, basically, be little more than monitors or trackers of how well you commit yourself to the contract with the health care professionals to meet health, nutrition. weight, exercise, etc. programs.

AB 1937, Nathan Fletcher, Pupil Health, Immunizations, though it includes an opt out for parental consent it is a negative consent. It authorizes schools to expand the types of vaccines administered to students in school clinics. Bills of this nature expand the group of advisors to school districts such as the California Academy of Family Physicians which has been a lead advocate for mandated vaccinating of all students 9 to 18 years of age with either Gardasil for boys or Cervarix for girls.

The legislature couldn't get a direct vaccination bill passed in the last two terms so they are going this route now. Fletcher is a Republican trying to straddle the politically correct fence.

Other bills sitting on the governor's desk about which to be concerned.

AB 12, Jim Beall, Kin-Gap. This bill binds foster children to the state past the age of 21. Supported by 100 + community service groups who will continue to profit from providing services.

AB 97, Tom Torlakson, School Curriculum, content standard. This places our state in line to conform to national common core (education) standards, removing local supervision and handing it and our children's lives to the feds.

SB798, M. DeSaulnier, Before and After School Programs. Ties after school programs to a master plan called 21st Century Community learning centers.

SB1317, Mark Leno, Truancy. Creates a new misdemeanor crime of truancy for either the parents or guardian of any pupil in grade school level who is consistently truant. The parents or guardian can avoid the charge by signing up for parenting classes which brings the full range of community (tax funded) agencies into well fed bank accounts.

Speaking of fully sated bank accounts, there is also a well-funded move on the part of religious organizations, along with the ACLU, to initiate programs of Restorative Justice which means letting convicted criminals out of jail early, relying on the community to provide counseling and other services to them while they and their victims, or surviving relatives, are being prepared to meet and "forgive" each other. A movie was made, in Ireland, with Liam Neeson on this subject. It is called "My Five Minutes of Fame."

SB 1381, Joe Simitian, Kindergarten, age of admission. Sets the month of September as the date for admission to kindergarten, a change from the month of December. This is seen as an encouragement to place 4 year olds and young 5 year olds into state run day care and pre-kindergarten. This is a way to get around mandated kindergarten attendance.

AB 420, Mary Salas, Maternal Health. Creates the Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Community Awareness Campaign. The unspoken agenda is to turn every OB/Gyn and Pediatrician into a reporter on every pregnant woman's physical and mental health enticing their patients to sign up for partnerships with community agencies to accept a full cohort of community services.

This is not all that is awaiting the governor. When the budget is signed and when the legislators return for the closing months of this term all the bills that left sitting in committee or on the floor of the Assembly or Senate because they lacked the funds to pay for them could be reworked, changing a word here or there or funding and pass out to the vovernor.

This is the Mr. Schwarzenegger's last chance to protect what remains of traditional education in California. Will he sign or veto this legislation which mandates what amounts to a federal takeover of our schools?

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