CA Legislation Mandates Forced School Immunizations Without Parental Notification


September 7, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - [Note: All the bills mentioned in this report have passed the California state legislature and are awaiting the Governor's signature. He has until Sept 30 to either sign or veto. A message can be left for the governor at 916-445-2841.

AB354. Juan Arambula, [D- Fresno] Immunizations.

DIGEST: This bill deletes certain age limits for specified childhood immunizations required for admission to specified schools or child care centers, and requires the Department of Public Health to consider the immunization recommendations of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

This five page bill seems simple and straight forward, but it isn't. It is a lot of words designed to hide the fact that the state's legislators seek authority to mandate that schools be responsible for administering vaccinations to your child including HPV2 Cervarix for girls ages 10-25 or HPV 4 Gardasil for boys ages 9-26. That would be compulsory vaccinations without parental consent or notification.

This bill employs the phrase "vaccine preventable disease" (rather than air born communicable disease) determined through "evidence based findings" (as determined by an independent, non-government based Task Force On Community Preventable services, i.e., they do something and then watch to see what results - no moral or ethical values whatsoever.),

It also mandates that schools adhere to the recommendations of the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices - ACIP, which represents 12 different lobby groups, including the American Academy of Family Physicians, as an advisory body, for determining what vaccinations are to be required. The AAFP is little more than a lobby with which Planned Parenthood is connected, urging that all youth be vaccinated with Gardasil or Cervarix.

What's the problem? Human Papilloma Virus is not a communicable disease like chicken pox or measles or even TB. It is a venereal disease communicated through sexual contact. This bill declares that the state believes that every child from age 9 years on will be engaging in sexual activity and, since Planned Parenthood has been foremost in promoting this vaccine it further means that the state's leaders believe that 9 year olds have the right to be sexually active regardless of what you, the parents, or the outdated old fuddydud church says.

The main supporters of this bill are the California Academy of Family Physicians, a branch of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the California immunization Coalition - CIC, which has a website admonishing people to "vaccinate before you date." and by GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Cervarix and Gardasil.By the Way the CIC website which is sponsored by the California Department of Public Health is sponsoring a contest to see who can come up with the winning logo for advertising HPV vaccinations to 18-25 year olds.

Further, the CAFPs website lists 26 California health related bills which they are supporting, including AB 1600 by Assemblyman Jim Beall establishing state funding for mental health coverage for ANY AGE CALIFORNIANS. Any age covers your newly expected baby and his pregnant mother, your 3 year old child in day care, your teen age student who, under Sen. Mark Leno's bill, SB 543, will be able to contract for his/her own mental health counseling. This is also on its way to the Governor.

Seeing that the organization of Social Workers, school sex educators and the American Psychiatric Association all believe that homosexual activity is not a deviant lifestyle guess what sort of counseling your child just might get in the privacy of a minimally trained mental health worker recruited from the LGBT job placement bureau?

And now, let us turn to just exactly what happens with all this vaccination information and electronic recording of data that will be gathered on you and your child[ren]. Where does it go, who sees it, who analyzes it, who plans you and your family's future in partnership with you?

AB 1542, Dave Jones, (D-Sacramento), Patient-Centered Medical Homes Act of 2010.

Digest: This bill would establish the Patient-Centered Medical Home Act of 2010. It is the intent of the Legislature to encourage licensed health care providers and patients to partner in a patient-centered medical home that promotes access to high-quality, comprehensive care and ultimately to ensure that all Californians have a medical home.

Your attention should be drawn to several words - partner, comprehensive, other licensed health care provider, and, evidence based - that gives away the intent behind this bill.

Definition of Medical home, according to the bill:

"Medical home," "patient-centered medical home," "advanced practice primary care," "health home," "person-centered health care home," and "primary care home" all mean a health care delivery model in which a patient establishes an ongoing relationship with a physician or other licensed health care provider acting within the scope of his or her practice, working in a physician-directed practice team to provide comprehensive, accessible, and continuous evidence-based primary and preventative care, and to coordinate the patient's health care needs across the health care system in order to improve quality and health outcomes in a cost-effective manner."

This is one of the other 26 bills that the California Academy of Family Physicians, referred to in AB 543, is sponsoring. The AAFP and other medical groups have been pushing this concept since 1967. This bill (only the last of many years of attempts), as last amended, Aug.28, states that the main functions of creating medical homes are an assurance of "reducing health disparities, reining in costs and improving quality and outcomes.

AB 1542 has been amended 9 times and still is only 4 pages long. It is very vague stating only that it seeks to coordinate all phases of everyone's mental and physical health practices and preventions in partnership with a lead physician, community organizations and the patient.

It is necessary to look elsewhere for the intended expansion of mandated government aka Obama care oversight authorized by this bill.

By the way, President Obama and the current Democrat controlled Congress did not come up with all these ideas, they are merely the most successful, so far, in pushing programs that have been planned for years by foundations, lobbies, educators and other population control groups.

As a part of ongoing educational credits for Pediatricians the Washington University, St. Louis School of Medicine, published two articles, Vol. 30, # 11 and 12, May and June, 2010. The articles are entitled: Postpartum Depression: Why Pediatricians Should Care and Rethinking Well-Child Care. These articles contain interviews with leading pediatricians and psychiatrists on the subject of how to care for the whole person from birth to age 26. The answer is establishment of a medical "home" for every individual beginning with the pregnancy.

A medical home, basically, is an electronic data collection system gathering all required information about each individual's social, emotional, educational, mental, employment, and lifestyle activities. This information will not just be gathered from written surveys or questionnaires upon entering the physician's office for the first time, but through home visitations, school health records, employment records, visits and referrals to community organizations authorized to share information.

This information will be continually analyzed, evaluated according to the most current politically correct desired outcomes (best practices as determined by evidenced based research) and then shared amongst the other participating agencies. Each individual, including the newborn, will have his/her own individualized record with its predetermined set of desired outcomes. Not only will you, the patient, be under constant scrutiny but so will the lead physician who is charged with oversight of this medical home. In the case of the infant through 21 year old it will be a Pediatrician.

In other words, the village will care for you, assist you in setting goals for yourself, guide you in attaining those goals, keep down the costs of your medical care through best practices preventive gimmicks and make sure that everyone gets the exact same care and concern.

This bill is being handled very creatively by the legislators. On the final Assembly floor vote on the last night for passage of bills, this bill failed the required 2/3rds Assembly vote. The Republicans, for the most part, refused to vote for it. So, while legislative reporting services are claiming that the bill is up for reconsideration it is actually dead on the Assembly floor.

However, Jones' office claimed confidence that when the budget is settled this bill will be brought up for reconsideration and sent to the Governor. And, we all thought there was no life after death.

The reason being offered for its failure is the concern expressed by the American Medical Association that with the plan to be implemented immediately combined with a budget stalemate there would be no payment of doctors' salaries during the time the budget remains stalled. This bill remains a cliffhanger.

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