CA Insurance Commissioner Jones Commits To Planned Parenthood Scheme - Government Funded Abortion On Demand


October 29, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - "Somebody who lives by the Principles of Planned Parenthood," proclaimed Mary K. Shallenberger, member of the California Coastal Commission, as she proudly introduced Insurance Commissioner Candidate and current Assembly member Dave Jones, (Dist.9-Sacramento) to an audience of California Affiliates of Planned Parenthood supporters during a Cinco de Mayo demonstration in support of abortion funding held at the state Capitol this year.

Following that introduction Dave Jones stood before his adoring audience and proclaimed that he would do everything possible to put the office of Insurance Commissioner at the disposal of Planned Parenthood.

This is not an idle promise. He has received endorsements from Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, PPAC and the National Organization for Women - NOW.

Dave Jones has a long history of association with abortion .His list of endorsements should be troubling to traditional Californians. To see the organizations which support him follow this link,, a similar manifest of candidates endorsements by Planned Parenthood can be found here,

If Jones is elected, regardless of any defined rules of conducting the business of Insurance Commissioner, he would be free to use his influence in any way he wants, especially with a simpatico Governor and a majority Democrat legislature. Just imagine a Kathleen Sebelius clone tweaking the mandates forced on Insurance Companies to include contraceptive and abortion coverage sold within California. Imagine the waivers filed with the feds to release service provider "friends" from following the rules while getting state reimbursements for "services."

Jones has already used his tenure in office as Chairman of the budget Sub Committee to carry the water for Planned Parenthood's legislative agenda, there is no reason to believe he would do otherwise as Insurance Commissioner.

For instance, in the 2005-6 term he carried AB 2141, Family Planning: Parent-Child Communication Assistance, co-sponsored by the National Center on Youth Law and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. The core of this bill, while acknowledging that parents were most effective in instructing their teens on early sexual activity, established that it was only possible due to the scientifically accurate information and services provided through Family PACT, (Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment) a program within the state's Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health - MCAH - Department of the then named (since changed to State Department of Health Care) State Department of Health Services.

We also reference a 2010 bill, AB 2073 which Jones co-authored entitled, MediCal: Adult Day Health Care Services. The purpose of this bill was to create a waiver program allowing insertion of the "comprehensive, clinical" Family PACT agenda into Adult Day Health Care and hence to everybody, by amending the wording regarding who was eligible, thereby expanding the cohort accessible for family planning indoctrination. It also raised the financial eligibility for participation in these state tax paid services to a client who is at or below 200% of federal poverty level - FPL.

Furthermore, the above referenced Family PACT is not only the title of a service within the state Health Department, but it is also a consortium of private and public sector service provider organizations authorized to receive MediCal reimbursements. It can easily be Googled to see the full scope of participants. Expanding the client eligibility and raising the federal poverty level under which a person would become eligible to receive tax funded services aids organizations that, for the most part, promote, provide and participate in distributing contraceptives to teens along with abortions.

And, then, there was Assembly Bill 1613, authored by the Assembly Budget Committee and heavily lobbied for by Jones who is a member of this committee. Even tagging AB 1613 with an urgency status failed to get it passed, but its identically worded Senate companion, SB 853, did pass when amended and presented as a Health trailer bill to the budget also with an urgency status, meaning that it is implemented immediately upon the Governor's signature which he provided on Oct 25th.

This 130 page bill, endorsed by Planned Parenthood and aligning our state with the federal ObamaCare mandates, raises the Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment segment of MediCal to a full blown and front line program within MediCal which will, most likely be administered through that office's Healthy Families Program, often referred to as the population control arm of the state government.

Civil Code Section 56.30 regarding the collecting of personal data and records will be amended to add 12 paragraphs - a to l - of which paragraph (k) allows the Insurance Commissioner, among other department heads, access to Medical information and records which will become a part of the federal Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 - CHIPRA - replacing the older Children's Health Insurance Program or CHIP.

Make no mistake about Dave Jones' intentions should he win the office of state Insurance Commissioner. There will be nothing to hold him back from using his position to provide for his friends at the expense of your children and family members.

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