Action Alert - Veto Of CA Health Bill [SB 853] Urged


October 13, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - SB 853, authored by the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, started out as a spot [meaning it was nothing] bill and when the budget got passed was quickly gutted and amended into a much more invasive bill setting up the funding for the state Health Department for next year. There has been no debate, no public hearing, no input into this bill which supports the burden of carrying out the Obama Care mandates within the state.

Though the Health Department budget would end up with $216 million in reductions, which should make any conservative happy, there are several agencies and activities within the state Health Department stable of agencies being funded with which we disagree. There are less than 15 days in which to write the Governor and urge him to veto the entire bill, which is our best course of action.

Here are some of the aspects of this bill with which we disagree:

1. It establishes a new crime of perjury [essentially undefined] within some state-mandated local programs. This means the courts could be even further clogged with cases and local expenditures.

2. Imposes new yearly fees and quality assurance programs on skilled nursing facilities and authorizes new federal funding and mandated standards of federally imposes care and procedures. These fees would go into a special fund which would be used to reward or punish those facilities for either compliance with federal mandates for quality assurance goals or punish those which do not meet standards through denial of bonuses and or referrals of patients.

a) It's the standards and outcomes of care that concern us because it could be here that the approval or denial of treatment could fall based on cost controls or worthiness of the patient for continued active medical attention.

3.The introduction of more federal money authorizing the feds to set controls, rewards and punishments for failure to comply with federal imposed standards.

A. While we would all like to be assured that patients receive quality care from competent care givers, we should be concerned about a further intrusion of federal control over state and local issues without any community input.

1. Page 159 of this 192 page bill (as of 10/08/10 amending), establishes the Family PACT program (Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment). This would enable the Family Planning section of the Health Department to run under the guidelines of the federal ObamaCare program through a series of waivers.

2. Family PACT is a conglomeration of community organizations distributing contraceptives to teens and adults and providing the referrals for abortion and education - so-called - programs on HIV.

3. Immunizations. It is the Dept. of Public Health communicable diseases program that is urging injections of Gardasil and Cervarix for students ages 9-16.

This is a very long and complicated bill. It makes almost 50 changes or amendments to the state codes governing Health and Safety Codes, Revenue and taxation, Insurance, Government, Civil, etc, and also amends in about 28 new sections to these codes. I’ve probably only touched the surface.

All of these code changes would seem to be required in order to align California with the federal mandates contained in the ARRA Stimulus Funding and Obama Care demands, further setting the federal government as the determining factor in running this state’s health care programs.

This may be one of the greatest factors in assuring that Jerry Brown does not get the Governorship.

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