Series of Polls Show Wide Public Support for GOP Pledge

October 12, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - According to a just released Bloomberg poll, the trend of strong support for the GOP's "Pledge to America," seems to be rising.

The data presented by Bloomberg, is buttressed by other recent polls [Fox/Opinion Dynamics, McClatchy for example] which present similar findings of wide public support for the new GOP pledge.

"Three weeks before the midterm elections, Republicans maintain a position of strength due to the commitment of their supporters and the likelihood they will vote. The general Republican message of less spending, lower taxes and repeal of the health-care overhaul is connecting. Pluralities of those polled support overturning the health-care measure -- Obama's signature legislative accomplishment -- and back the "Pledge to America" that offers a road map for how Republicans would govern if they win congressional majorities..." [source, Bloomberg,]

If the sentiment expressed by these surveys is indicative of what appears to be a general dissatisfaction by voters with team Obama's policies [his personal popularity remains relatively high] then the predicted GOP electoral sweep will become a reality on November 2.

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