Radical Muslim Group - Sharia4Belgium/Muslims Rise Demands Imposition of Shari'a Throughout Europe

May 26, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - As reported by the Islam in Europe blog, planned demonstrations in Brussels by radical Muslims displeased by Belgium's move to ban certain Islamic head coverings - including that which is considered most extreme, the burqa - was not permitted to go forward by the country's law enforcement authorities.

The main group involved calls itself Sharia4Belgium/MuslimsRise. They advocate forcing Shari'a compliance throughout the West.

On April 22 the lower house of the Belgian parliament voted to require the ban.

Though the protests were not held in Brussels, supporters of the group protested in London. in front of the Belgian embassy.

A YouTube video posted by Sharia4Belgium/MuslimsRise carried the following message

"[sic] 22nd May 22010 Muslim's in the United Kingdom demonstrated regarding the 'Bann on the Veil" in Belgium. The Messenger Muhammad(saw) said 'this Ummah(nation) is one Ummah to the exclusion of all others: thie land is ONE, their war is ONE, thier peace is one & their Honour is One. any one of you can represent all of you'. Oh Allah(swt) creator of the heavens and earths except the efforts of the muslims in the UK. Ameen.'"

The incessant and rising push for Shari'a among Europe's Muslims is believed by many to foreshadow a similar effort in the United States, with the move by Islamists in New York to build a $100 million mosque in close proximity to the 911 ground zero site being only the most recent example.

Opponents of the plan were handed a setback on May 25 when a local community board went dhimmi, voting 29-1 in favor of the mosque. 10 abstained to vote on the controversial measure.

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