Five American Muslims Face Life Sentence in Pakistani Court, Charged with Making War on "Infidels"

May 15, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - The prosecution rested today in the trial of five American Muslim immigrants charged with terrorist acts.

The defendants, Ahmed Minni, Umar Farooq, Ramy Zamzam, Waqar Khan and Hassan Yemer had, according to the government, stated an intention of travelling from Pakistan to Afghanistan where they could join the mujahideen and fight against American and NATO forces.

"Pakistani authorities have described the men as intent on waging holy war against 'infidels for the atrocities committed by them against Muslims around the world.'" [source, CNN, 'D.C. Five' appear in court in Pakistan,]

The so-called "DC-5" emigrated from various Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Pakistan and Ethiopia to the U.S. and resided in various locations in and around the vicinity of Washington, DC.

The group stands charged on two major counts: conspiracy to commit terrorism and waging war on Pakistan and allies including the United States.

Facing life sentences, their defense so-far has been that evidence presented by Pak prosecutors was forged and that they had been tortured to confess.

The suspects were arrested last December and face a very harsh future if found guilty.

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