FCC's Genachowski - Court Decisions be Damned, Full-Speed Ahead on 'Net Censorship

May 7, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In previous coverage we have noted the Obama administration's long-term goal of controlling the Internet under the guise of protecting consumers.

"One thing Obama's critics can't say about him is that he lacks ambition and audacity.

And it is that audacity which was on full display in his first official news conference where he seemed to intentionally avoid taking question from Fox, shunning the favorite media target of the far left.

Obama's performance at the press gaggle, to this reporter at least was given an added dimension - call it the creep factor - produced by the president elect's other worldly, detached and vaguely android-like demeanor, as if the stage upon which he stood wasn't big enough to contain his celestial regality.

Filtering into that creep factor, a more pressing concern. This one regarding the news of His Celestialness' strategy on media legislation and technology initiatives, specifically his intention to create a Federal Office Of Technology, an idea which gained much more traction when IAC executive Julius Genachowski was named to the transition team.

Lest one get the impression that this is merely a case of adding 1 + 1 and getting 3, Genachowski headed the study group which originally advanced the idea of a cabinet level technology czar. [see, Barack Obama: Connecting and Empowering all Americans Through Technology and Innovation]

Let's place Mr G politically, is he an activist or something else? According to FEC filings he has traditionally been a big Dem funder, giving nearly 35k to various Dem candidates over the last 4 years. [see, Genachowski FEC].

By trade, Genachowski is a communication's attorney, most notably having served as chief counsel to Barry Diller's InteraActiveCorp [IAC] which has spawned a host of 'Net based companys including but not limited to: Ticketmaster, Expedia, Hotels.com and LendingTree.

Philosophically, judging from his associations he appears to be a very bright leftist with an already established power base throughout DC, see below:

"Before joining IAC, Mr. Genachowski was Chief Counsel to Chairman Reed Hundt of the Federal Communications Commission. He has served as a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter and, before that, to retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. Mr. Genachowski worked in Congress on the staff of the Select Committee investigating the Iran-Contra Affair and also for then-U.S. Representative, now Senator,

Charles E. Schumer. " [source, http://www.netcaucus.org/biography/julius-genachowski.shtml]

Though he could easily serve as Obama's Fairness Doctrine Grim Reaper, sharpening his scythe in preparation for the anticipated harvesting of Rush - given his first-hand familiarity with the FCC - that position seems to have already have been promised to Democrat Henry Rivera, whose departure from Reagan's FCC made clear the way to abolish the doctrine in the first place, during the mid 1980s." 1

Mr. Genachowski's machinations at FCC to place the 'Net directly under control of team Obama fortunately ran into a roadblock in early April when a three judge DC judicial panel in a unanimous decision ruled that the FCC has no statuary authority to regulate network management decisions made by Internet provider's.

The immediate effect of that ruling is to remove an FCC admonishment, a "cease and desist" order, against Comcast which had taken steps to limit bandwidth use for certain types of downloads.

Comcast and other 'Net providers claim that peer to peer data transfer mechanisms such as BitTorrent are such bandwidth hogs that the providers have a right to either limit downloads or to charge heavy "power-users" at a higher rate.

But in what has become the hallmark of this administration - establishment of a radical leftist agenda via imposition - the FCC remains undeterred, with that the agency instead signaling that it intends to continue to pursue 'Net regulation, but now under regulatory authority which heretofore had been reserved for common carriers such as land based telephone systems.

Regardless of its deceptive wording, in a May 6 statement Genachowski betrayed the tip of the political agenda that team Obama has for the 'Net, showing the FCC's intention to force the umbilical cord of the new technology to conform to his grand social engineering design, "and safeguard the Internet’s boundless promise as a platform for innovation and communication to improve our education and health care, and help deliver a clean energy future." [source, http://www.broadband.gov/the-third-way-narrowly-tailored-broadband-framework-chairman-julius-genachowski.html]

Just take a moment and imagine Mr. Obama's viewpoint on healthcare, clean energy and education etc., being constantly forced down your throat and you understand the massive power grab such a move represents

That such an agenda exists is beyond question, consider the following from a cuddly sounding group calling itself Free Press, which was founded by Robert McChesney, a hard-line socialist and typical of the demographic which is pushing the Obama regime's agenda.

Below from an interview with Mr. McChesney conducted for the Socialist Project's Bullet by Tanner Mirrlees.

"TM: Why do you think it is important for progressives to understand the media and participate in media democracy struggles?

RM: The media is one of the key areas in society where power is exercised, reinforced and contested. It is hard to imagine a successful left political project that does not have a media platform. The media was not a major political issue for earlier generations of the Left. In the 19th century, a very different media system was in place. 19th century socialists wouldn't be talking much about the need to criticize the New York Herald Tribune because they weren't organizing people who read the New York Herald Tribune. It was much easier and more common for the Left to have its own media. The workers had worker papers. They weren't consuming mass produced commercial media products. But this started changing in the first half of the 20th century. Capital accumulation colonized much more of popular culture and communications. Capitalism became the dominant mode of producing and distributing information in society. The media has since become central to politics; it is a central concern for anyone that wants to understand politics and intervene politically. The challenge for us is to understand, use and struggle to change the existing media." [source, http://www.socialistproject.ca/bullet/246.php]

As this battle goes forward it is important to realize what is at stake in this controvery. Despite the blow to team Obama's 'Net regulation scheme provided by the DC court, the FCC will continue to huddle behind closed doors with Dem dirtbags such as Henry Waxmanto bring about this totalitarian grand vision with the Constitution, extant law and popular will be damned.


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