Obamacare Tea Party Pushback - Dem Congressman McNerney, Pleasanton, CA


March 23, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Last week's rally of patriots outside of the 11th district office of Jerry McNerney [D-CA] was impressive...the counter rally was quite small by comparison. At first, it seemed to be the other way around, with supporters of the embattled Congressman showing up early, but as time went on more and more Tea Party people showed up, finally demonstrating an at least 3-1 advantage.

Right on schedule at 5pm the protesters marched to the nearby highway 580 overpass leaving the Obama/McNerney supporters behind and a bit bewildered as to what was happening, finding themselves alone in front of the Congressman's office.

The protest crowd stretched out for hundreds of yards, dwarfing the opposition. Local law enforcement and the California Highway Patrol blocked off some freeway exits, allowing the march to proceed in a safer manner - kudos to our Thin Blue Line

The crowd then split into two groups on opposite sides of the freeway, with the Obama supporters trailing behind, seemingly confused as to what to do, lending a comical aside to the event. In short order the fair weather supporters marched off to home with theTea Partiers waving them farewell.

Local media including KTVU and the CBS affiliate moved among the crowd shooting video and conducting interviews.

The Tea Party protesters carried numerous American flags along with large banners that could be read from the freeway below. Judging by the responsive honking by passing autos, there seemed to be a lot of affinity with the protest among the commute traffic.

With the onset of the Obamacare sleight-of-hand healthcare "debate" Jerry McNerney has refused to confront critical constituents face to face. His office's response today was more of the same.

Images from the march below.

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