UK Muslim News "Awards for Excellence" Lauded by PM and Other Politicians


March 22, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - According to the Muslim News, about 800 people recently gathered together for "The Muslim News Awards for Excellence" supposedly to recognize Muslim contributions to British society. Unbelievably a special award was presented to Dr. Gill Hicks who founded,"Making a Difference for Peace" an organization she created after losing both of her legs as a result of the 2005 London terror bombings. [source,]

Apparently the perverse act of bestowing a Muslim News Award for Excellence on the double amputee victim of a Muslim terror attack was lost on the politicians present.

Other politicians such as liberal democratic leader Nick Clegg and Opposition leader David Cameron sent laudatory messages. Among those attending were Communities Secretary John Denham and Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling.

The UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson was the guest of honor at the event and had this to say, "The Muslim News Awards are an excellent opportunity to celebrate the fantastic contribution that British Muslims across the country make to the UK."

Prime Minister Gordon Brown sent a message which, "described The Muslim News Awards for Excellence as a 'firmly established premier occasion for marking the achievements of both Muslims and non-Muslims working together for the common good and for highlighting the important role Muslims play in our communities.'"

The organizer of the event was Ahmed Versi who is the editor and publisher of the Muslim News. Versi is a Islamist who has long championed radical causes. A profile of him on the Muslim Council of Britain website (the MCB has been likened to CAIR).

According to the site, "Versi has high hopes for the young Muslims of Britain whom he considers to have responded in a civilised manner despite considerable provocation...In the last decade or so, British Muslims have seen their Prophet and religion being continuously vilified without any recourse to law; they have suffered in the West by attacks on them because of domestic and international events, discrimination and exclusion at home; they have seen the suffering of Muslims in different parts of the world … yet the young Muslims in the United Kingdom have never opted for violent measures. [source,]

Mr. Versi's statement apparently failed to take note of the extraordinary irony of recognizing Dr. Hicks for an action she took after her legs were blown off by young UK Muslims.

The accolades given to the Muslim News Awards for Excellence by leading UK politicians is further proof of how far the Islamist world view has permeated official British policy. Having a terror victim as the main awardee of an event which was intended to show "the very best of Muslim contribution to British society" speaks for itself.

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