David Coleman Headley Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy in Mumbai and Denmark Terror Plots

March 18, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - - Headley, a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, pleaded guilty today to a dozen federal terrorism charges today including participation in the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, and an attack on a Danish newspaper that had published allegedly anti-Islamic cartoons.

Headley had been trained by the terrorist group Lashkar e Tayyib in Pakistan, where he learned the skills necessary to gather intelligence on the Mumbai target, which he admitted to doing on five extended reconnaissance trips.

Headley's guilty plea was part of a plea bargain which in addition to other cooperation given to federal investigators, allowed him to escape the death penalty for his actions.

The terrorist's sentencing has been delayed until authorities have been assured that he has fully revealed the full extent of his knowledge of the terror network.

The Mumbai attacks started on Nov. 26, 2008, continuing through Nov. 28 and involved 10 terrorists armed with firearms, grenades and IEDs which were directed against premiere tourist spots including the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels, the Leopold Café, the Chabad House and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station.

A total of 164 were killed, including American Jewish victims and hundreds more were wounded.

The six American killed, some horribly tortured were Ben Zion Chroman, Gavriel Holtzberg, Sandeep Jeswani, Alan Scherr, his daughter Naomi Scherr and Aryeh Leibish Teitelbaum.

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