California Legislative Update - Health and Education


March 4, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Since the beginning of the second half of the 2009-2010 term we have been following over 100 bills dealing in various aspects of education and health for their effects on the right to life and family privacy rights as well as other public policy issues.

As of today many of those bills have failed or been held in committee. Two have been signed by the Governor. Today I present you with 17 bills affecting education and family. Please pass this information on to others; your pastors, educator friends, clubs. Above all please notify your elected representatives of your position on these bills.

Everyone has a right to submit their position on a bill, even non-profit, tax deductible organizations. This is public policy not campaigning.

We take a moment to recap our concerns over education bills and family primacy and privacy.

The following is a very brief and simple explanation of developments in education.

The US Department of Education was formed in 1965 out of the bowels of the then Health and Human Services Administration. The current Obama appointed Director is Arne Duncan who stated, upon his appointment that: :Education is the Civil Rights issue of our generation," and, further that: "education is an economic imperative."

Creation of this cabinet level office has always been viewed as a federal power grab of what was traditionally local educational programs and standards. Part of the State's Rights segment of the Constitution. View the website for the US Department of Education to see the 27 committees and offices within this monster Department.

In 1972, a very powerful piece of legislation was passed entitled Elementary and Secondary Education Act - ESEA. This Act has been centrally figured in bringing sex education into the schools. It also brought federal funding to state and local schools with the resulting establishment of expanding federal rules regarding priorities in education.

In the late 1980's under the George H.W. Bush Presidency a program of America 2000 was created along with an education agenda to bring us into the 21st Century. Under Clinton and with the assistance of Sen. Ted Kennedy, America 2000 morphed into Goals 2000 which in 2002 was renamed No Child Left Behind - NCLB. The ESEA/NCLB is due for re-authorization in the near future.

Little did anyone realize that this signaled a broad change in the purpose of education establishing partnerships between education and labor to produce pre-determined outcomes for students. It became known as Outcome based education.

Parents became wise to what was happening with OBE and so under George Bush,2, the name was changed to Workforce Development. Thus has begun for America, the greatest transformation in educational goals in partnership with labor. Rep. George Miller, (D-Martinez) is Chairman of the House Education and Labor committee.

One woman, Charlotte Iserbyt, a former department of education employee set about verifying all these changes referring to it as the "Dumbing Down of America."

The driving force behind this proposed transformation of education was, during the Clinton Administration, Marc Tucker, Director of the National Center for Education and the Economy - NCEE. He wrote a report to Hillary Clinton setting down the guidelines on the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce - Tough Choices or Tough Times.

The final product or mission of education is now to produce shovel ready students to match the shovel ready jobs that Obama is pledging. This is the purpose of the Race to The Top education funding legislation. If states and school districts apply for the RTTT federal stimulus package funding,(which several are now refusing to do) they are also agreeing to transform their educational system into one that focuses on preparing students for jobs,, jobs that these Workforce Development Boards, established in every county in California, are now planning. This further removes any local control from education. It further sees the parents role in all this as little more than a partner in encouraging the child's workforce training potential which has been pre-determined by all the longitudinal data analysis and collection software now being developed. And, finally, this is the meaning of a seamless education, or life-long education requiring pre-K thru junior college continual reinforcement of the goals set for each student.

The role of parents is being diminished, the value of our children is being determined by their ability to promote the United States' global achievements, special interest groups including Planned Parenthood are being given privileges to access our children in the schools for the self interests of these organizations. These are the fruits of the loss of respect for the right to life of every individual. When and if we support these objectives of education and labor and health elitists, we reinforce their belief that people are expendable. Recall what was supposedly presented by the apostles in the bible: if a person doesn't work he doesn't eat? Well, now, if a person is not useful, from birth, to society, he/she has no God given right to existence.

Here is a list of bills needing letters of opposition. Letters. postal cards or emails are requested to be sent either to the legislator or certain committees. Address is The Hon.___, C/o State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814. Email addresses can be found at Bills can also be read in full on that site.

AB 35, Warren Furutani, (D-Fresno) Education: Workforce Development - declares the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to develop a strategic plan in the education system for workforce preparation and career technical education. Requires the State Postsecondary Education Commission to develop a strategic plan for connecting education and workforce development in the state.Current Status. Has passed the Assembly, waiting in Senate Rules for assignment to a committee.

AB 465, Joe Coto, (D-San Jose) Schools: Parent Involvement - encourages school districts to review and contract with nonprofit community-based organizations that have a proven track record and can demonstrate their success in educating parents and building direct collaboration with school districts, administrators and educations, and would be required to demonstrate and provide a culturally and linguistically competent parent involvement program. Encourages a low-performing district to submit a report showing efforts to promote parent engagement and the outcomes.Current Status: Passed the Assembly, awaiting a committee assignment in the Senate.

SB 436, Leland Yee, (D-San Francisco) Charter Schools: Freedom of Speech and of the Press - to allow charter school students the right to express their opinions in the school newsletter or bulletin boards and also to protect the school personnel from any law suits or reprimands for allowing this unsupervised freedom of speech and press.Current Status: passed the Senate, awaiting hearing in Assembly Judiciary Committee.

SB 1E, Darrell Steinberg, (D-Sacto) Public Schools: Race To The Top - authorizes certain agencies to enter into agreements in order to facilitate the implementation of a longitudinal education data system. Establishes the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Career Technical Education Educator Credentialing Program. Provides for teacher evaluations, certain requirements for low-achieving schools, revised academic content standards, a plan to secure federal Race to the Top funds, and the sharing of certain wage data with the Department of Education and other entities.Current Status: the Governor signed this bill on 1-7-2010. This was a mandate of the federal RTTT in order for a state to show compliance with the federal RTTT application for funding.

SB 2e, Joe Simitian, (D-Palo Alto) Pupil Data. Signed by the Governor 1-7-2010 - authorizes the Department of Education to conduct pupil data management on behalf of local educational agencies. Authorizes the local agencies to access specified data via the Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System and to share specified data via the system. Requires the establishment of an education data team to respond to all requests for pupil data. Authorizes the release of data to a nonprofit scientific research entity. Establishes a child care and development program reporting process.

SB 4e, Gloria Romero, (D-LA) Public Schools: Race to the Top. Signed by Governor 1-7-2010 - establishes the Open Enrollment Act to enable pupils residing in the state to attend public schools in school districts other than their school district of residence under certain conditions. Relates to implementation of the federal Race to the Top program. Require a local educational agency to implement certain reforms for schools which are subject to corrective action and continue to fail to make adequate yearly progress.[note: This is especially worrisome because of the implication for sending students away from home and across school district borders.]

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