Proposed California Legislation Could Interfere with Family Life


July 28, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Legislation [AB 465] introduced by California Assemblyman Joe Coto, (D), would likely draw parents into a partnership arrangement with the school to set up guidelines for students educational, social and emotional development.

The bill is sponsored by two groups; Parents Institute For Quality Education- PIQE and Families in Schools. Further, apparently the group that would direct a special program for parental involvement is the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund - MALDEF, a radical pressure group.

Do not be misled by the nice sounding desire to aid in advancing student performance. This is a direct intervention in family life not just involving Mexican students, but for all students and families.

Another bill, SB1317 authored by Mark Leno, (D-SF), Truancy; Parental Criminal Liability, which was incorrectly reported in the media as being SB 317, will require that schools, K-8, keep close records on attendance of all students. Should a student be deemed an habitual or chronic truant he/she and the parents will be subjected to a three tiered program of solution of the truancy problem(s) with the School Attendance Review Board - SARB.. Should it arrive at stage 3, the parents could be subjected to heavy fines or imprisonment for failure to cooperate with the school in requiring the student’s attendance.

This bill is sponsored by the office of Kamila Harris, S.F. District Attorney with the cooperation of the San Francisco Unified School District.

SB 1148, Gloria Romero, (D) Pupil Attendance, is a companion to the Leno bill. It sets the definition for what constitutes an habitually truant student identified as being absent at a minimum of 10% of the time. In Senate Appropriations Committee.

STATUS: This has passed the Senate and the Assembly Ed. Committees and is awaiting a hearing in the Appropriations Committee.What happens to the students when the parents are sent to jail? Now the parents will have a criminal record.

SB 1357, Darrell Steinberg, (D-Sacto), Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System. Creates a databased program of tracking truant students, called CALPADS. To be supported with federal funding.

This is a corollary to Leno’s bill regarding tracking truant students and placing a permanent marker of some sort on a student’s record. Records to be coordinated by the state. SB 1301, Joe Simitian, (D), Pupil Records.

I suggest that bills of this nature are designed to work in conjunction with the Workforce Investment Boards for future employment placements, which will increasingly be state controlled.

All of these bills require new funding attached which means they must get approval for their cost by the Senate and/or Assembly Appropriations Committees. These bills will most likely sit in committee until the budget get resolved and will then quickly move out of committee unless they get enough letters of opposition to keep them held in committee.

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