No Los Zetas Occupation of Local Ranches - Laredo Police Department


July 22, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Over the weekend the 'Net blogs were filled with rumors that the violent quasi-military Los Zetas drug gang had occupied two ranches in area of Laredo, Texas.

In an interview conducted today with Laredo Police PIO Joseph Baeza he officially denied the incident[s] had happened, "the long and short of it is it did not happen."

Detective Baeza went on to characterize Laredo, a town of approximately 250,000 as a peaceful city with 6 murders over the last year, which seems to be well below other Texas cities and far below crime capitals such as Oakland, CA and Chicago, Ill. [source, Wiki stats,]

Baeza further stated that regarding Los Zetas, the police, "have arrested operatives in the past," but that activity now does not appear to be ramping up, having been, "significantly minimized over the years," after a period of increased activity from 2003-06.

He was concerned however with developments in Nuevo Laredo, a sister city of sorts on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande river. Baeza stated that Los Zetas was freely operating there, "the activity in Nuevo Laredo Mexico is increasing which has all of us on high alert."

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