How Bill Are Really Passed in the California State Legislature


July 19, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - The Contra Costa Times, a member of San Francisco's "Bay Area News Group" - BANG, has now completed a two part series entitled: "How Bills are really passed." or "How Our Laws in California Are Really Made." It is a very informative series and I would encourage you to read it on line.

It would appear to be an expose of the somewhat incestuous relationship between legislators and lobbyists. Or, as the article refers to lobbyists, "sponsors" of legislation.

The article details how anywhere from 30%-40% percent of bills are actually developed, written and promoted by special interests with the legislator's role being only one of accommodating the lobbyists by lending their name to a bill and speaking for it with lobbyist prepared statements, in session. The Times article focused only on private business and industry type groups.

An amusing sidelight is that the Newspaper Publishers Association is one of the "sponsors" of a bill on which we have been reporting. Senator Leland Yee's, SB 438, Charter Schools: Freedom of Speech and of the Press. The bill has little to do with freedom or speech and everything to do with promoting the homosexual agenda in the Charter Schools.

That set me to examining 138 of the bills we have been tracking in the area of education, health and workforce development. Forty of the bills are sponsored by non-profit, community organizer type agencies. I am working on an article which I hope to publish soon detailing the close association of community organizing agencies, the politicians and the churches with legislation as the ties that bind. I am thinking that the title should be, Community Organizing: Where politics and Religion embrace.

Under the guise of guaranteeing to students a constitutionally protected Right of speech this bill sets up criterion for when and where speech rights can be exercised on the Charter School Campus as an diversity (sex, gender, religious, racial equality) issue and sets the school personnel as the authority over the exercise of this Right.

One of the areas of special interest in the State House not mentioned in the article is the use, by a legislator, of his or her position to enhance and expand their own area of special interest and or former business or profession. Senator Leland Yee, (D-SF) a psychiatrist in his former life, is one of those constantly promoting more mental health counselors in the schools.

Senator Mark Leno, a San Francisco Democrat and LGBT activist, has a bill, SB 543, Minors: Consent to Mental Health Treatment. This bill's special interest groups are a little more cleverly listed. The National Association of Social Workers (a lobby), the Gay-Straight Alliance and Equality are listed as sources. That means that they provided all the so-called facts and figures.

This bill would delete the requirement for parental consent for minors, 12 and up, to receive drop-in mental health treatment. According to these groups "parental consent for mental health services can create a barrier, especially in prevention and early intervention programs where the youth may not be experiencing serious physical or mental harm." The supporters go on to argue that "This barrier is especially harmful to certain populations of youth including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. All of which means that your child or grandchild is be able to leave the classroom for drop-in counseling at the local Gay/Lesbian center in order to help them identify their sexuality. The latest phrase is "bi-sexual curious."

I also just noticed that one of the supporters is listed as State Board of Equalization District one Chairwoman Betty T. Yee, (D). She is listed online as having a degree in Social Work. Is it possible that she is related to Leland Yee, Psychiatrist? One of the authorized counselors is a board certified psychiatrist as well as clinical social workers.

This is the type of bill that Leland Yee would ordinarily carry, but perhaps it could prove embarrassing to his career if it was learned that a family member would benefit from his sponsorship of this bill. The answer, get your seat mate to author it.

Yee helps Leno get favored status in Charter Schools with his gay/straight alliance promotion and Leno helps Yee get more psychiatrists into association with schools.Who says legislators don't work hard?

Leno's bill, SB 543 succeeded in passing 4 committees and is on the Assembly floor. It has been held in the inactive file due to concerns over the costs. When the next budget is settled this bill may go quickly to the Governor. It is up to you to see that it dies on that floor. Contact your Assembly Member.

SB 438 by Leland Yee has gone through 5 committee hearings and is awaiting a vote on the Assembly floor. It has received support from both Democrats and Republicans because they are afraid to turn down anything even remotely resembling a freedom of speech and press right. Contact your Assembly member

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