Dem Voters Charge Obama Campaign with Widespread Fraud

July 12, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - In a breath of much needed fresh air, Democrat voters have, through a series of YouTube videos, charged that the 2008 Obama campaign gamed the caucus system in order to fraudulently install the then Senator as the Democrat nominee.

Those appearing in the video represent all age groups and many different ethnicities including African Americans and Hispanics. All relate a common theme, that thuggish Dem operatives shouted down, threatened and generally intimidated non-Obama voters.

A number of those participating in the Texas caucus told of an overheard conversation between three women and a man who were apparently plotting to stuff the caucus ballot process for Obama.

The back story here is that though the information and video interviews have been made available to all broadcast and print media, only Fox News has chosen to go public with the information and that appears to have been in limited form.

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