Irish Firm Indicted For Exporting Fighter Parts to Iran

July 9, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - The DOJ has announced that a DC grand jury, "has charged Mac Aviation Group, an Irish trading company, and its officers Thomas and Sean McGuinn of Sligo, Ireland, in a superseding indictment with purchasing F-5 fighter aircraft parts, helicopter engines and other aircraft components from U.S. firms and illegally exporting them to Iran." [source, DOJ,]

The indictment, spanning 27 counts, including conspiracy and violating the IEEPA [International Emergency Economic Powers Act], Iranian Transactions Regulations and the Arms Export Control Act.

Defendants in the case could receive as much as 20 years each on the most serious of the charges.

According to a statement on the matter released by DOJ, "The defendants were previously charged with purchasing 17 helicopter engines from Rolls Royce Corporation in Indiana for $4.27 million dollars on behalf of an Iranian trading company, some of which were ultimately sent to HESA, and also causing U.S.-origin airplane vanes and bolts to be exported from the United States to Iran." [source, DOJ]

The government's action stems from a Sept. 17, 2008 finding by Treasury designating several Iranian companies as fronts created for the purpose of proliferating weapons of mass destruction

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