Imam Anjem Choudary Warns of Terror Attacks Worse than July 7, 2005

Judge of UK Shari'a Court Declares War on Terror a "War Against Islam and Muslims"

July 6, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the UK's worst case of domestic terrorism - the Muslim bombings which took place on the morning of July 7, 2005, claiming 52 lives - Anjem Choudary, the hate preacher who formerly ran the terror linked Al-Muhajiroun, has warned that if Britain doesn't withdraw its "troops from Muslim countries," and "stop supporting the pirate state of Israel" that even worse attacks will ensue. [source,]

The four responsible for the 7/7 attack were Hasib Hussain, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Germaine Lindsay and Shehzad Tanweer.

Choudary pointed to a recent study by the Center for Social Cohesion outlining the increasing radicalization of Muslim youth in the UK as evidence that the means to instigate a campaign of home grown terror is firmly in place. The study also closely linked Choudary's Muhajiroun with terrorism.

According to the Center's executive summary:

"Founded in the UK in 1996 by Omar Bakri Mohammed, al-Muhajiroun is also known as al-Ghurabaa, Saviour/Saved Sect, Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’aah and Islam4UK. The group, currently led by Anjem Choudary, calls for the removal of secular regimes and the establishment of an Islamist state in the UK. In January 2010, the Home Office confirmed that al-Muhajiroun is a proscribed organisation, as the group is an alternative name for al-Ghurabaa and Saviour/Saved Sect – groups banned in 2006. Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’aah, also mentioned in this report, was formed in the UK in November 2005 by former leading members of al-Muhajiroun, after that organisation was disbanded in 2004. Like its predecessors, this group calls for the establishment of an Islamist state in the UK. However, after some of its leading members were jailed in 2008, the name is no longer used." [source,

Also mentioned in the study were terrorists allegedly linked to Al-Muhajiroun including Amer Mirza, "...the first member of al-Muhajiroun (a group now proscribed in the UK) to be convicted of Islamism-related terrorism offences. He had attempted to petrol bomb a Territorial Army basein West London," and Iftikhar Ali, "the first person convicted of inciting racial hatred with an Islamic religious text. Ali was distributing al-Muhajiroun leaflets which called for a holy war against Jews."

Given Choudary's track record, his warnings should obviously be of great concern to Brit security officials.

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