Gun Grabber Andy Cuomo Supports Islamist Imam Rauf's Ground Zero Mosque

July 6, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Andrew Cuomo, the lefty thug behind Bill Clinton's plan to destroy the domestic firearms industry1, wants to be NY governor [actually as long as he remians on the public dole, his official title is of little concern] apparently trolling for Muslim votes.

At question here is the extremely controversial proposal by Imam Abdel Rauf - who refuses to condemn either Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood - to build a skyscraper mosque next to the site of the 9/11 attack in Manhattan. [see - Why Mayor Bloomberg is Mistaken in his Support of 911 Mosque - Cordoba Initiative]

His opponent, NY State legislator Rick Lazio is on the record against the project.

In a NY Post article Cuomo uses the diversity dodge and multiculturalism to justify his approval of what many see as an affront to the victims of Muslim terrorism, "Attorney General Cuomo said he favored building the mosque, which polls show is opposed by most city residents, including many who say it would be an insult to 9/11 victims..."America is all about diversity and tolerance..." [source, Frederick U. Dicker, Andy, Rival in Mosque Split, NY Post,]

Lazio on the other hand, "opposes the plan to build the Cordoba mosque across from Ground Zero, and shares the concerns of many over the [proposed mosque's] imam's view that Hamas is not a terrorist organization...Rick views the questions surrounding the overseas sources of funding for this project as a potential security risk." [source, NY Post]

We find it unremarkable that the adamantly anti-Second Amendment Cuomo would support Rauf's scheme to incrementalize the establishment of Shari'a.


1. Cuomo speech while Clinton HUD Secretary, February 16, 2000. "Why? Why the same story over and over and over again? Why? Why do 30,000 people fall victim to gun violence in this country every year? Why? Why does the United States of America have more gun violence then all the other industrial nations combined?...We are talking about sensible gun control...Sensible gun control, not outlawing guns at all. And put safety devices on guns that we already have...Why don't you have the same type of safety device on a gun that you have on a jar of aspirin? Why? Is the industry that strong that it should overcome basic common sense and rationale and basic health and safety? Why? President Clinton has a full agenda on this. This year, a $280 million agenda, more ATF agents, more prosecutors...Sensible gun control..."

Sure Andy...whatever...

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