State of the Union Commentary: Mastery of Manipulation - MOM

By CAMILLE GIGLIO, Legislative Analyst

January 30, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - President Obama's State of the Union address Wednesday night was a MOM moment. It reminded me of a dinner menu - an appealing pre-entree, a nice dessert and a lot of gravy to cover up the main course in the event it was hard to swallow.

Convincing the public to swallow the main course - centralized management and direction of everyone's life, is Obama's goal. Like a rich meal that clogs the arteries, this main course could clog your cognitive ability, rendering you incapable of recovery.

It was a masterpiece of psychological conditioning regarding the government's role in social and political activities. It fit the out a template offered by Paul E. Rondeau a noted researcher in the subconscious marketing and delivery of change. [see,]

Rondeau lists three stages of manipulation:

1. Desensitization

2. Jamming

3. Conversion of the mind

Desensitization: Obama started off, as usual, by suggesting that people are suffering the current setbacks because the government, especially the Republicans, in the last 10 years, stopped assisting the people. He, Obama, would restore the necessary government assistance.

Obama went so far as to openly criticize the U.S. Supreme Court in its latest decision regarding campaign contributions, while SCOTUS members were in the chamber. He received a small standing ovation from the Democrats for that. That's a form of public humiliation which is a part of desensitization.

Jamming: This was the main event for Obama. He blamed everything on the private sector, offered a picture of a better world brought about by "green" jobs, clean air, world class education i.e., global citizenship and re-building the infra structure order of our country. Big-Banking is now the enemy of the people so they will be taxed and the money realized will be given to small banks [now the good guys] to be given out to the little guy to grow small businesses which, by the way, will be directly under the watchful eye of a nanny government.

Obama's emotional appeal created by a softening and huskiness of the voice - the gravy's seasoning - was created by saying he didn't want our country to "become a second place country."

Whatever that means.

His idea of improving education is to install the feds Race To The Top education mandates across the country, denying local involvement to parents, creating consortia of states [regionalization - Executive order Order 13528, signed 1/14/2010] providing a world class education which will bring success to every child, allowing them to be productive.

Our idea of a world class education and Obama's idea are not the same. He spoke of a child's success as being tied to a child's potential, not a zip code. This is a good example of conscience clogging. We all want our kids to be successful, but the future approach to school placement according to abilities may mean separating the child from the family. For example, California's recently passed state Race To The Top legislation calls for open enrollment in any school across the state, where they might be housed being left unsaid. Heavy emphasis being placed on science and technology training and health care, reflecting the UN's core standards for education. Another bill calls for giving the school officials the final word on where a student will get his education.

Conversion of the mind: This will remain to be seen, but political correctness, silencing the opposition and forced compliance through legislating change is the whipped cream on top of the dessert. One of the results of conversion will be removal of all conscience clauses from the health care field, a paramount feature in a California bill introduced by San Francisco's Tom Ammiano, AB 535, Death Review Panels.

Like the high calorie dinner consumed too quickly, the voting public is displaying a massive case of indigestion after indulging in an unhealthy meal, one that ends up costing too much money as well. Since it is the rare restaurant patron that doesn't have a word with the management over a disappointing meal, it should be even more important for the citizen taxpayer to complain to the management over a badly prepared and managed administration.

Have a word with your congressman, or senator and remember the response when November 2010 rolls around.

©2010 Camille Giglio. All rights reserved.