San Francisco Walk For Life Sends Powerful Message


January 24, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - The day was quite rainy, but not too cold. Though it may have discouraged a few people from coming, there were still an estimated 25,000 in attendance. Their presence attests to the staunch and determined Pro Life community willing to endure some discomforts to send a message to the elected officials of this state and country, that Pro Life people still have a conscience and intend to advance their cause.

I especially liked the comments of one 5th grade young man from Sacramento, there with his grandmother. He attends public school and often gets into trouble with his teachers and school officials he said, because he tries to tell his schoolmates that abortion kills babies.

The sight of hundreds of young parents with baby strollers, heavily protected from the elements, was encouraging. The many members of religious communities that were there from as far away as Los Angeles, was heartening along with groups of teenagers from Bakersfield and Modesto.

During a morning Mass held at St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, there were as many as 8 Bishops presiding.

This day's event will be worth holding in memory when we are confronted with the reality of conflicted priests and religious who insist on supporting President Obama's health care program and, in fact, lending their names and their church's name to letter's in support of Obamacare.

It can be a discouragement to hear priests declare that they only support the health care delivery part of the agenda but declare that they make sure that groups like PICO and ACORN understand that they don't support that group's abortion agenda. One pro abortion protester said it almost right in a sign he carried. The sign said: "abortion is health care." Turn the words around and you see the truth - healthy care is abortion. Obama's plan for healthcare is the numbing of the mind and conscience which is why all legislators who support it must be rejected.

Many pro life people are concerned, and rightly so, about the loss of a conscience clause protecting them from having to participate in abortions. What few understand, however, is that when we sit back and accept sex education in the schools, federal control of education, school programs like "Character Counts" and health care that is total manipulation of the conscience, we will soon be a country no longer in need of a conscience clause because by then all will be in lockstep with whatever politically correct mantra of values that might then be in favor.

Friday's March for Life in Washington, D.C. and Walter Hoye's demonstration for life in Oakland, along with Saturday's Walk For Life in San Francisco shows that there are significant numbers of people who still possess properly formed consciences regarding life - please God we can keep it.

ray for all those who are succumbing to the morals neutral conscience of anything goes as long as it advances my cause and may God protect all who defend human life.

"Bo" from Folsom

This man, his wife, on the left, and a friend came from Modesto with about 300 others

Brian Johnston, President, California Pro Life Council, state affiliate of Nat'l Right to Life Sacramento. He would like to remind the people that messages must be sent to Speaker Pelosi [nominally a Catholic] urging her tochange her position on life issues, stating, "Life matters. People of faith need to work to change public policy."

When asked for his thoughts on the the health care bill, Johnston replied, "This health care bill is diabolical. It expands the culture of death."

David Bereit of Forty Days For Life, from Washington, D.C., one of the speakers.

Ashley, a college student from the Peninsula said, "It is very important to be here to show respect for life."

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