David Harmer [CA 11] Campaign Kickoff At Standing Room Only Event

February 24, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Invoking a Reagan Era spirit of optimism, David Harmer, candidate for California Congressional District 11, today kicked off his campaign at a packed breakfast event held in San Ramon, California.

Calling the upcoming November election, "the most consequential election in thirty years," Mr. Harmer related his experience as a young volunteer for Ronald Reagan, "thirty years ago in July of 1980 I was on the floor at the Republican National Convention in Detroit when Ronald Reagan accepted the nomination for the presidency of the United States."

That experience seems to have forged Harmer's political philosophy in the Reagan ideal of limited government at an early age.

In today's hard hitting speech, delivered without notes, Mr. Harmer chided the current regime as having turned away from America's founding principles. The solution he offered consists of a return to the, "tried and true principles which are as old as the nation itself," while posing the question, "in another thirty years, will our children still be free?"

Saying that question wasn't hyperbole, he characterized the upcoming elections as being "a test of national character," featuring, "two dramatically different world views."

He said the Democrat's pursuit of ever bigger, more intrusive government over the last two years, hastening under Obama, has forever, "abolished the myth of the moderate Democrat."

Mr. Harmer identified in rapid-fire manner some of the most problematic aspects of president Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's philosophy, criticizing the Democrat approach. He attacked the current healthcare legislation as an effort to "create a top down, command and control one size fits all bureaucratic monstrosity."

On cap and trade he stressed that the administration's intent is to, "increase costs...to create artificial scarcity just to fit some utopian's notion of how we should live," adding almost parenthetically that, "we don't have resource problems, we have regulatory problems."

Noting the congressional district's rise in joblessness when, "unemployment is pushing 20% if you count discouraged workers," Harmer asked why we were still, "spending money we don't have on programs we don't need."

The candidate's call to action was not wasted on the enthusiastic audience, nor was his return to the common theme to, "liberate the people," from an out of control government which has grown out of touch and unresponsive to the needs of the people.

With GOP and Democrat registration in the district tied at 39% each and with Independents quickly moving away from the president, it seems that David Harmer's candidacy is for real and his chances of electoral victory in November better than average.

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