"Workforce Development" Legislation Continues to Flow

By CAMILLE GIGLIO, Legislative Analyst

February 11, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Reid have both sworn that, regardless of opposition, they will see the passage of Health Care Reform no matter how high they have to jump or low they have to crawl - or, into how many pieces of legislation they have to break the monster into before you swallow it all.

In the mind of the bureaucrat a person needing health care is not a patient. That person is a consumer of a health care industry services, mainly preventive services. To these types, all a person has to do is resign themselves to womb to tomb care in exchange for the promise of a guaranteed outcome producing healthy happy workers and community volunteers who need not rely on themselves because the government does it all for you.

The main reason that strong objections have arisen around the health care package has been the recognition that it is a mandated nationwide master plan controlled and developed by bureaucrats for bureaucrats not for the health care industry and certainly not for the benefit of individuals.

While we are all being distracted by this obviously important debate, legislators across the country have found another pathway for obtaining their objective of centralized control of citizens lives. That route is through the development of what is referred to as workforce development and/or Career Technical Education - CTE.

If the people are ill and in need of government infusions of assistance so is the economy, ailing and in need of large doses of bureaucratic ObamaWorkforce legislation.

Republicans have resisted the health care route to nannified government but they are being drawn into that mindset through womb to tomb jobs programs as seen in the recent Race To The Top federal education funding legislation. This funding contained within the budget of the ARRA will be given in the form of grants to cash strapped states willing to change the traditional central role of education from one of academic superiority under local and parental control to nationalized core standards of entry level workforce and technology training mediocrity.

On December 14, 2009, the California Department of Education distributed a news release # 09-164 entitled: Memo of Understanding for RTTT. State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O'Connell and state Secretary of Education, Glen Thomas together released a statement announcing that California is included in the (federal)Race To The Top strategic plan accepting the national requirements for local education agencies participation.

The release stated, in part: ""Race to the Top is prompting an historic undertaking with the potential to change the face of education in California," O'Connell said. "By investing in state and local systems that will accelerate and drive growth in student achievement, Race to the Top represents our state's best chance to engage in the fundamental reforms that are needed to develop our workforce and fuel future innovations. We are now asking local education agencies to collaborate with the state and with each other in unprecedented ways. It won't be easy, but by joining as a group of committed educators focused on providing the opportunity for all children to reach their full potential, we know we can win this race."

[Note] The position of Secretary of Education is rather obscure. The Secretary seems to change from year to year. There have been 5 Secretaries since its inception about six years ago. Secretary Thomas has hung around just long enough to approve this Race To The Top ponzi scheme, resigning on 2/10/2010.

There are, in the U.S. Congress, one-hundred-thirty-two (132) Workforce and/or Career Technical Education bills. Often with one legislator authoring more than one bill. Only five are authored by Republicans. However, a large number of Republican legislators have a business background. They are anxious to see citizens gainfully employed. Republicans are voting for this legislation. Across the country in the various states there are a total of 1130 workforce/CTE bills in play.

In California since 2009, of the workforce bills that have been submitted, eleven have been signed into law, forty-four have failed and 18 are still active. Everyone of these bills seeks to amend or add to several California civic business, education, child welfare and labor codes.

Several bills reflect the requirement that the state greatly expand its data collection and analysis capabilities referred to as digital technology. Individual, personal data collection is required for preschool and K-12 students as well as Secondary education programs, small businesses, etc.

Child Care services are now being placed under education programs as the government takes over setting up goals and outcomes for child care placing these services within the context of school facilities. It is child baby-sitting, it is now considered early pre-K education.

Educational standards are being re-formed to reflect national core standards which means, basically, United Nations standards for global education. The core standards, referred to as STEM - science, technology, engineering and math are replacing the emphasis formerly given to reading, writing, etc. which are only considered as important on a need to know basis in order to do the STEM work with emphasis being placed on using these standards to prepare students for future workforce required positions. Classes in history, english, writing, etc will only reflect back on the core programs. Certificates of Mastery are back in the vocabulary again, meaning everyone, obtaining a certificate of accomplishment will be guaranteed a job. The emphasis on STEM education reflects the global race for the leadership in industry placing American students into direct competition with children of foreign countries for global jobs.

The funding provided for this education will be used to channel children's interests into those workforce planned jobs desired for their sustainability of the local community, especially "green" entry level jobs sometimes referred to as "clean technology." We just don't yet know the meaning of local or its corollary, neighborhood. For your child or grandchild his neighborhood may be the entire state or six state region.Schools will also be used as One-stop shopping Career centers. Students will not have to go anywhere except to the school for all their needs, including nutrition and health care.

Everybody works. Adult seniors will not be left behind. Retired people accepting the idea of life-long learning will be encouraged to return to the school room (if they are not already there) in order to obtain the proper outlook on becoming a volunteer in a community service organization. HR 1928, Kagen, Home Health Care Workers and S. 811, Daniel Inouye, Workforce Psychological Education Act, to serve older adults. Also, HR 2205, Donnie Davis (D-Il) Early Childhood Home Visitations.

Health care workers, HR 330, Barbara Lee, (D-Oakland) not doctors or nurses) are being sought in ever increasing numbers as more senior citizens presumably request companionship. One Social Worker was overheard to state that she hoped that one day every (senior) citizen would have a mentor. This should be the clearest indication that the bureaucrats have not given up on universal health care.

A likely scenario for the future will be one in which every individual is assigned a health home, as its called. Federal legislation seeks to upgrade the position and authority of Pharmacists to become what I would call gatekeeper health care workers. People will be encouraged to seek their preventive-type health care services at the drug store before being referred on to an actual doctor.

Obama's emotional pitch for creation of more small business development will be achieved through stimulus money given to the states and directed for the most part to disabled veterans and others for creation of low income (green) businesses which will be given equal status in state and local contracts with larger contracting companies. Released and former jail inmates will be given special needs attention to equip them for jobs.

How about your local knife wielding gang banger as the health care worker who gives you your FDA approved flu shot or hands your surgeon his surgical tools in the OR?

Schools desperate to get added funding will be forced into partnerships with businesses, community agencies and be required to prepare their students for specific workforce jobs, including stem cell research and development.

Nationally it is now recognized [though seldom reported] that embryonic stem cells as cures for various diseases is light years away while adult stem cells are healing heretofore incurable health problems but California's embryonic stem cell industry hasn't heard of that yet.

Charter schools are also competing for Race money and acknowledging their willingness to dispense with some local independent control in order to be become eligible. Even some Catholic Schools are considering becoming charter schools to get the funds and students they so desperately need. But, they won't be able to teach Christian values only the values reflected in the humanistic Character Counts tax supported programs. See: Social and Emotional Education, An International Analysis - CASEL.

If it could be summed up in a few words, scraping away the emotional fairy tale aspects of improving students future access to jobs, health care, clean environments, etc, the billions of dollars being directed from federal taxes to local communities is a huge federal buyout of the states authority to Govern. Federalizing education, jobs and healthcare makes Governors little more than mouthpieces for the federal government and servants out of all the states citizens.

©2010 Camille Giglio. All rights reserved.