Phony Conservative Tom Campbell Savaged in Carly Fiorina "Demon Sheep" Ad

February 5, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Designed to rip the hastily applied conservative veneer from newly minted CA Senatorial candidate Tom Campbell, the Fiorina for Senate campaign has placed a devastating ad on YouTube, critiquing the career politician's long record of economic and social liberalism.

The ad begins with the words "purity" and "piety," followed by a voice sarcastically intoning "our fiscally conservative leaders..." It then segues into the image of a rather plump sheep atop a Greek column, a position from which it then tumbles unceremoniously, head over hoofs, to the ground.

After fully developing the sheep imagery, the piece rapidly shifts into a more standard type political hit piece detailing the numerous occasions in which Campbell has and continues to advocate liberal tax measures, most recently his backing of a plan to - unbelievably - triple California's already highest in the nation gasoline tax by 2012.

The ad ends with the sheep showing its true intent, morphing into a wolf in disguise.

Of note, when Campbell, a perennial candidate for just about any office, decided to abandon his short-lived campaing for governor in favor of running for the seat of Barbara Boxer instead, some political insiders thought it would snuff the life out of political neophyte Fiorina's bid for the same seat. However, the release of this ad proves those concerns were misplaced and that this candidate has more than enough aggressiveness to lock heads with the likes of RINO Campbell.

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