Is U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Former Alliance with Abortion Advocacy Group Shaping Its Stance on Obamacare?


February 1, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - We have noted in the past with alarm, the leftist cant of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB] and its advocacy of positions which undermine the country's national security and the interests for which the Conference supposedly speaks, for example its support of the Soviet led "Nuclear Freeze," ongoing phony interfaith dialogue with individuals and organizations representing a radical Muslim ideology and its support of immigration policies that are so extreme they obliterate the concept of national borders - a dominant principle in Western civilization and international law - recognized for nearly 400 years, at least since the Treaty of Westphalia [1648].

In this same spirit of recklessness has been the USCCB's support of governmental control of the American health care industry - Obamacare.

Publicly their only objection is the inclusion in the legislation - only partially ameliorated via the "Stupak" amendment - of language which promotes funding of abortion, something currently not allowed under federal statutes.

Regardless of whether or not abortion is explicitly or implicitly included in Obamacare should it become law, the effort itself remains a brazen attempt by the feds to seize control of citizens' right to privately make their own health care decisions.

The Church's complicity in such an unprecedented attempted abrogation of free will - a cornerstone of Christian theology - is shameful.

Underecutting this nuanced opposition the group has entertained in the past - the remnants of which are still lurking philosophically - a partnership with at least one of the key mechanisms which today supports this Soviet style healthcare meddling - a major promoter of "abortion rights."

Drawing our attention to this matter is Katie Walker of the American Life League who writes today:

A national group that promotes abortion and homosexual rights has deep ties with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development, according to a report released Monday.

Top USCCB executive John Carr held simultaneous leadership roles, creating a conflict of interest, with the USCCB and the radical Center for Community Change.

"The closer we look at the Bishops Conference [staff and programs], the more we find a systemic pattern of cooperation with evil," said Michael Hichborn, American Life League's lead researcher into the USCCB scandal. "The CCC has lodged itself into the highest places of power in the USCCB while working to promote abortion and homosexuality."

John Carr is the USCCB executive director of the Department of Justice Peace and Human Development which oversees the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). He has been employed by the USCCB since 1987.

John Carr's relationship with the Center for Community Change goes back at least to 1983, serving in leadership roles from 1999 to 2006 – including as chairman of the board. The Reform CCHD Now report details the organization's promotion of abortion, "reproductive rights" and homosexuality as among the CCC's core advocacy focuses.

In 2001, while Carr served as both a USCCB exec and CCC leader, the Catholic Bishops Conference funneled $150,000 to the pro-abortion group. The USCCB web site currently promotes the group and officials have spoken at CCC events.

"Strangely, Carr's leadership on the CCC's board shows up on several bios he's submitted for speaking engagements, but the word for word bio on the USCCB web site mysteriously omits that one detail," Hichborn said. "Why?"

Revelations of John Carr's involvement in the Center for Community Change come only months after members of the Reform CCHD Now coalition, including American Life League, uncovered 31 CCHD grantees partnered with the CCC.

"The CCHD claims it will immediately investigate accusations against organizations it funds yet it is silent on the CCC," said Hichborn. "How can Carr and the USCCB possibly justify this intimate relationship with such an obvious enemy of the Church?"

It seems then that the anti-life ideology represented by Center for Community Change [CCC] has found a home within USCCB - via John Carr's leadership of the Department of Justice Peace and Human Development - which controls the CCHD.

CCC's pro-abort activities extend to a role as one of the organizers of the Coalition to Pass Health Care Reform, about which the Boston Globe observes:

"Supporters of the Stupak provision say it would guarantee that current law barring the use of taxpayers money for abortion would stay in place during a health overhaul, but abortion rights groups say it would go much further, stopping women from using their own money for elective abortions.

'The Stupak amendment is a radical proposal that upends current law on abortion coverage in the United States," the Coalition to Pass Health Care Reform and Stop Stupak said in a statement. "It goes far beyond the Hyde amendment, which has unfairly prohibited the use of federal funds for abortion in most cases for more than 30 years. The Stupak amendment goes beyond Hyde because it would restrict abortion coverage by private health insurance plans in an unprecedented and dangerous manner.'" [source, Boston Globe, November 29, 2009,]

What types of organizations came together to form this coalition?

The Globe notes the "Center for Community Change," included with such long-time abortion proponents as the, "... Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP)...Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE), Center for Reproductive Right, Choice USA, EMILY's List, Latina Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition (LSRJC), Political Action, NARAL Pro-Choice America, NARAL Pro-Choice New York, National Abortion Federation (NAF)..."

Highlighting its stance, CCC's website carries the following from Marvin Randolph, the "Director of Organizing and Politics at the Center for Community Change."

"CCC has been a core partner of Health Care for America Now since its founding. In the fight for quality, affordable, health care for all we have many powerful enemies. The insurance industry is out to kill reform. Our opponents have thrown every obstacle they can find to slow us down. Anti-choice activists have seized on the general controversy around the reform and found an opportunity to further restrict women's access to reproductive health care by tying their cause to the general campaign of hate and misinformation that bombards the country's airwaves." [source,]

A quick page-through of CCC's website, revealing its partners, associates and leadership, suggests that rather than it being a simple advocate for disadvantaged Americans it is rather, a cynical and classic example of an extreme left font group whose operating principles and philosophy devolve from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."

That the left defends abortion above nearly everything else is a truism, unfortunately abortion's undeniable roots in eugenics [and its clear relationship with totalitarianism, most publicly State Socialism] is less commonly understood.

If the alarm bells at USCCB aren't already ringing, the organization's political judgment is in as poor a state as its outreach programs.

For at least the last three decades, the Conference has actively sought partnerships and alliances as well as having supported political movements that are inimical to Catholic traditionalism, suggesting a need for a long overdue and thorough public examination of the group's guiding philosophy, goals and the methods whereby it seeks to bring them about.

In many important areas the Church's leadership has abandoned its historic mandate to advance doctrinally sound theology, harkening rather to adopt the false face of "religious accommodation," a touchy-feeling stalking horse for the moral-relativism and perverse multiculturalism which is inimical to Christianity.

As additional evidence of this ethical recalcitrance, consider the current campaign to allow Rome [and Vatican City, both contained within the province of Lazio] to fall under the sway of an anti-Catholic, extreme left bigot, Emma Bonino and the Vatican's unwillingness to intervene, despite it taking place literally in the Church's backyard.

ROME, January 29, 2010 ( – Political and Vatican watchers in Italy are expecting an interesting fight for the governor's seat of the province of Lazio, the province of Rome and the Papacy, as a virulently anti-Catholic, hard-left candidate takes centre stage. Senator Emma Bonino is the darling of the far-left feminist movement and a leading member of the anti-clerical Radical Party in Italy. But despite her positions supporting abortion, contraception and divorce, Bonino counts among her supporters many in the Italian Catholic leadership and laity...Despite Bonino's being a major player in the abortion movement, Sandro Magister, Italy's leading Vatican-watch journalist wrote today that "many of the Catholic clergy and laity" support Bonino, "and the hierarchy is giving her free rein." Two prominent members of the leftist Partito Democratico, Franco Marini and Maria Pia Garavaglia, welcomed Bonino's candidacy, saying she will be "capable on issues and initiatives that are at the heart of Catholic voters." [see, Virulent Pro-Abortion Candidate Widely Supported by Catholics in Rome's Provincial Election,]

About this matter, Sandro Magister, an extraordinarily insightful writer on Catholic matters, recently published the following in the influential - and widely read by Catholic intellectuals - Chiesa magazine:

"Running for governor of Lazio is Emma Bonino, who has always been an unflagging adversary of the Church. Many of the Catholic clergy and laity support her, and the hierarchy is giving her free rein. One secular intellectual is rebelling, and making accusations

More than half a century after that long ago 1952, and in both cases with administrative elections around the corner, the diocese of the pope is today presented with the same threat: that its civil government may fall into enemy hands. But the Church's reactions today appear much different than they did then.

In 1952, the pope and the Vatican authorities, in a state of high alarm, swung into action in person. Fearing the electoral victory, right under the Vatican walls, of communists and socialists who at the time were closely connected to the empire of Moscow, Pius XII ordered the Catholic party – Democrazia Cristiana, led by Alcide De Gasperi, whose beatification cause is underway – to enter an alliance with the parties of the far right in a civic list headed by the elderly priest Luigi Sturzo – also on his way to the glory of the altar – and actively supported by Catholic Action and its civic committees." [see, Pope and Antipope. The Strange Case of the Administrative Elections in Rome and the Region,]

Top Church elders, starting with the Holy See, have and continue to stand-by placidly while a significant element within the ordained Catholic hierarchy and its lay bureaucracy have simply gone rogue, marching relentlessly towards a professed kinder-gentler collectivist vision of utopianism.

If we are to judge by outward actions, the Catholic Church - the oldest Christian institution on earth - is flirting with oblivion. It faces the great danger of losing whatever moral authority it might still retain in the wake of the priestly child abuse scandal, the reverberations of which continue. The cause of that dreadful chapter in Church history - resulting from a similar unwillingness to address problems long after they were obvious, at the seminary level, where all manner of social misfits and deviational philosophies had been entertained [the problem only being whispered about among Catholicism's political class, if at all] is being replayed today, all the more unforgivable against the extant backdrop of - [hopefully past] sexual impropriety.

Unless a process is quickly put in motion whereby some degree of orthodoxy is reestablished, the darkness at the end of a very short historical tunnel threatens to consume the Church from the top down.

Evidence for this abounds; still faithful Catholics need only look around them on nearly any Sunday during Mass, the empty pews are there for a reason...they speak far louder than any assemblage of words.

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