Torture Death Of French Jew By Muslim Gang Produces Collective Yawn By MSM

February 24, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - If Ilan Halimi – the Jewish cell phone salesman who was tortured to death in France by Muslim thugs - was instead a Quran and soiled by a GTMO detention center guard, tens of thousands of Muslims worldwide would now be burning flags and chanting "Death to America."

Halimi's death was horrific.

Over a period of three weeks his captors stabbed him countless times, cut off his ears and fingers, used some type of corrosive liquid on him and repeatedly burned him.

The above manifest is assembled from leaks made by French officials, we may thankfully never know the full extent of the violence that Halimi endured.

On February 11 he was dumped like refuse on a street in Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois, France still alive but died subsequently on the way to the hospital.

Police in attendance said that 80% of his body “had been butchered."

The event has been hush-hushed by the French government and essentially covered up by the American press, with a few exceptions like the NY Sun, which is by no means part of the liberal reportorial establishment.

The New York Times placed its skimpy coverage deep within its Thursday internet edition. In order to find it, one had to go to International news, sub-heading European news and even then it was the fourth item down on the page.

The story the Times did cover was sanitized, glossing over the brutality of the crime, and its obvious anti-Semitic motivation. The piece instead suggested that the motivation for killing Halimi was ransom not religious hatred.

The New York Sun’s coverage which was extensive, claimed that a police source stated that, "This behavior was very different from what is usually expected from abductors motivated by greed."

Given the degree of tumult that the Muslim umma is these days, had the situation been reversed - with a Muslim in Halimi’s place - this would have been the story of the year and arguably the tinder for World War III.

That is not hyperbole.

In discussing this incident with a colleague who had just participated in a discussion of these events at the Nixon Center in DC, they pointed out the Muslims simply "live in a different world."

We heartily concur.

Muslims live in a world that is frozen in pre-Medieval hatred, superstition and lemming like mob violence. It is a world stripped of the thousand years of refinement that Western civilization has produced.

The Muslim religion is steeped in dark conspiracies and blood libels of the type that justify the extravagantly cruel treatment of a man simply because he is Jewish.

Our ossified mainstream press is displaying signs of a complete mental breakdown over these culture-clash issues, showing themselves afraid of even telling the story, let alone interpreting it.

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