Coverup Of Muslim Torture Killing Of French Jew Continues

February 27, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews - The Halimi cover-up continues - in the face of 100,000 Parisian protesters on Sunday - finding the media guilty of attempting to manipulate the story.

Most U.S. newspapers buried the death of Mr. Halimi if they carried it at all. Now they are attempting to defuse it, acting as multicultural ombudsmen for the Islamists who perpetrated this outrage.

Note to the liars at the Associated Press, money was not the object of this kidnapping, the motivating force is exactly the same as what drove Hitler - AP can't handle the truth, neither can the LA Times whose Sunday piece concluded:

"Rather than a premeditated anti-Semitic murder, it seems a more complex result of dysfunction in the narrow world of thug culture: a poisonous mentality that designates Jews as enemies along with other "outsiders," according to investigators and other observers."

The only reason Mr. Halimi was selected was because he was a Jew.

The leader of the gang - "The Barbarians" - Youssouf Fofana was born in France and attended college there. He is not the stereotype that the liberal press wants you to believe, a down-and-out North African immigrant with no future stuck in a seething French Muslim ghetto and ignorant of Western ways.

Youssouf was also a well-known Islamist. Acquaintances referred to him as a "devout Muslim" who often lectured others in a manner they characterized as "preaching." Fofana subscribed to the blood-libel myths associated with anti-Semitism including the belief that all Jews are rich.

Would AP and the LA Times be expending such efforts to parse, shuffle and dissemble if the victim had been a Muslim killed by Christians or an African American lynched by a Southern gang?

When the truth is inconsistent with the predisposition of the MSM they lie - they did this with the French Muslim riots in November, they did so only a few weeks ago refusing to lay out how relatively benign cartoons about Mohammed were manipulated into tinder for Muslim fury and that is what now is happening when they tell you that the grisly torture death of Ilan Halimi was not the result of Islamist hate.

One must truly wonder over the Bizaro-world that American journalism has become when the correct analysis on Halimi comes from the likes of the French Communist newspaper, "Liberation" as translated here by Beila Rabinowitz:

"The whole nature of this affair - the combination of gangland criminality with exceptional sadism and a brute anti-Semitic instinct that equates Jews and money - gives it an extraordinary character that inspires both revulsion and dread."

The mind reels...