Dutch Politician Urges Orthodox Jews to Leave Holland


December 6, 2010 -San Francisco, CA -PipeLineNews.org - Frits Bolkestein, a retired member of the Dutch VVD party and formerly a European Commissioner, has said there is no future for orthodox Jews in Holland because of, "the anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent, whose numbers keep growing" [see, http://www.rnw.nl/english/bulletin/no-future-dutch-orthodox-jews%E2%80%99"].

He said that orthodox Jews, who are recognizable as such, should encourage their children to immigrate to the United States and Israel.

Dutch politicians and prominent Dutch Jews reacted angrily to his statements with Geert Wilders twittering that it is not Jews who should immigrate but "the Moroccans who are anti-Semitic."

Prominent Dutch rabbi Raphael Evers, called Bolkestein's comments "unacceptable" [see, http://www.elsevier.nl/web/Nieuws/Politiek/283230/Kritiek-en-onbegrip-na-Bolkesteins-Jodenuitspraak.htm#12916500295783&%7B%22adId%22%3A%22E-Klasse%20Limousine%22%2C%22actionId%22%3A%22view%22%2C%22action%22%3A%22insertStat%22%2C%22surveyId%22%3A14%7D].

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