CA Senate Bill 810, More Health Related Socialism


April 30, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Senator Mark Leno ,(D-San Francisco), has draped himself in the health care mantleworn previously by LGBT caucus member Sheila Kuehl. For years Kuehl authored a single payer version of health care coverage. She took it over from former state legislator now Congressman Pete Stark,(D-Fremont).

The current Leno bill is SB 810 Single Payer Health Care. This 61 page bill, according to the state legislative analyst's office carries a $200 millionprice tag and is filled with approximately 12 layers of state and regional advisoryoversight committees along with an appointed Health Czar and all the stakeholder special interest groups it can think of.

The bill has passed the California Senate and is awaiting assignment to an Assembly Committee for hearing. Democrats support it, Republicans do not. One Democrat aide, in an attempt to deflect concern stated that, “Oh, it?ll pass both houses, but the governor will veto it.”

Don?t bet the farm on it. This year has shown just how anxiousthe Governor is to cater to the Democrat Administration in order to get more money for our financially crippled state.

All the aforementioned layers of governance created by SB 810 are filled by nonelected business, bureaucrat and special interest appointees creating a protective firewall between the elected officials to whom they report and the citizens whose lives they are charged to regulate.

This bill, further, creates a clear understanding of the meaning of partnership as expressed in political terms. The government plus groups like Kaiser Health Foundation would have you believe that there is a union, a partnership, a contract between the deliverers of health care and you, the consumer of health care. You and your health care provider are strolling down a pathway to good health and productivity through preventive medicine.

Just how loving and caring can it get?

Have you noticed that you are no longer referred to as a patient? You are now buying health care as you would buy a house. You sign a contract with a mortgage company to do such and such. You will soon be signing a contract of some sort agreeing to abide by the health care requirements set up for you by the health care industry.

In reality the partnership is between various branches of government joining together to coordinate their pre-planned delivery of services to you the consumer. In this case the partnership is between the departments of Health, Education and Workforce Development.

They are training their sights on your child.

President Obama, to paraphrase several talk show hosts, has been having fun countering all the health care opponents who claim that his health care plan is socialized medicine.

Well, in one way he may be right. The socialized part of the medicine is contained in the state legislation. The Public Option, pulled from the original Obama Care bill and labeled as “possibly deserving a socialist” label is in SB 810.

Here?s what the bill mandates:

1. Establishes a new California Healthcare System - Single Payer type." “This bill prohibits the existence of a health care service plan contract or health insurance policy, except for the CHS, that will be sold in the state that provided for the same services as the system. This will reduce the California health plan and insurance industry to either third-party administrators for the system or entities that would provide coverage for benefits not covered bythe system.

2. Creates a statewide Agency under the direction of an appointed Health Care Commissioner as well as local and regional agencies groups by two or more counties.

“It will be administered by the California Healthcare Agency under the control of a Healthcare Commissioner appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.”

3.Makes eligible all California residents regardless of legal residency status.“To provide affordable and comprehensive health care coverage with a single standard ofcare for all California residents.”

4. Creates the Office of Patient Advocacy - Sec. 140102.[the Health Care Commissioner]Oversee[s] the establishment of locally based integrated service networks, including those that provide services through medical technologies such as telemedicine.....This shall be accomplished in collaboration with the chief medical officer, the Director of the Office of Health Planning, the regional medical officers, the regional planning boards, and the patient advocate.

5. Creates school/health partnerships for the purpose of establishing educational programs designating “qualified community agencies to serve as health provider centers.” This section is very vague. This will authorize placement of school centered health clinics on every campus and provide groups like La Raza and Planned Parenthood direct access to your child as deliverers of health care, health care education and/or instruction of teachers to teach their brand of “medically accurate” facts (forget about morally principled) on sexual habits.

Here’s the exact wording of the bill:

"Health care provider" means any professional person, medical group, independent practice association, organization, health facility, or other person or institution licensed or authorized by the state to deliver or furnish health care services.”

It further describes this facility as:“[Is] fully integrated operationally and clinically to provide a broad range of health care services, including preventative care, prenatal and well-baby care, immunizations, screening diagnostics, emergency services, hospital and medical services, surgical services, and ancillaryservices.”

Further on it also refers to mental health services. Most school centered mental health services bills are carried by San Francisco Democrat Senator Leland Yee whose occupation, prior to being elected, was as a child Psychologist.

What kind of education and for what purpose? Here’s one possibility. The website for the National partnership for Women and Families (formerly the Women’s legal Defense Fund) , under its section on Reproductive Health: adolescent health, describes an educational program that they have completed for the state of North Carolina, created by the School of Government University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, entitled: LegalGuide for Minors and Families. This educational program has five component parts: Legal guide for Adolescents, for pregnant and parenting adolescents, for schools and pregnant and parenting adolescents and a health care guide for pregnant adolescents, aIl of it is intended for the classroom. The NPWF further states that it is also nearing completion of a similar educationalprogram for California and Florida.

This Guide goes into great detail about the legal rights of minors to obtaincomprehensive - all inclusive - health care coverage as their right without parental involvement or influence. It instructs the student in his/her obligation as a minor to comply with parental authority and sets down the rules for parental obligation to their minor children. It further coaches the students in how to obtain legal court bypasses for abortions along with treatments forsexual diseases. There is also a section in SB 810 authorizing schools to deliver vaccinations as deemed appropriate by the FDA and other third party so-called medical experts. There is no parental notification or opt-out opportunities. This will mean that your daughter and son will be subject to vaccinations against sexual diseases. We citizens thought we had defeated the bills authorizing Gardasil for 11 year olds and up, but they merely moved it into a little noticedsegment of SB 810.

This treats the parent/child relationship as a mere contract enforced by government officials. It would also have the effect of encouraging children to turn in their parents to authorities if they, the child, feels that the parent is not fulfilling their government mandated duty.

This is the whole intent of other bills submitted periodically creating parent/teacher compacts or partnerships. Parents, especially those who are low-income, welfare, immigrant, shaky legalstatus, are especially sought by schools in an effort to gain these parents confidence and enable the teachers to conduct behavior modification programs on the parents, with the objective being to overcome their lack of trust in authority and allowing the schools to influence the home activities, nutrition, work efforts. etc.

6. Creates regionalized health delivery centers and attaches them to the already created Work Force Development regionalized centers - Sec. 140205.The budget for the system shall include...:

Workforce training and development budget pursuant to Section 140222.140222. (a) The commissioner shall establish a budget to support the training,development, and continuing education of health care providers and the healthcare workforce needed to meet the health care needs of the population and thegoals and standards of the system. On Tuesday, April 20, I visited the office of Assemblyman Tom Torlakson, (D-Antioch) and spoke with his Chief of Staff, Richard Zeiger. The subject was Torlakson’s Resolution ACR 82 on supporting what is called S.T.E.M. legislation - Science, technology, engineering and math.

This is what is becoming known as the new pathway to a better education resulting in participation in global leadership, and is being funded and promoted by the federal Race To The Top legislation - RTTT. RTTT has taken over the formerly named No Child Left Behind legislation promoted by Bill Clinton and advanced by George Bush. It is federal education stimulus funding designed to merge the education, health and workforce preparation branches of government into one super bureaucracy. As a part of that discussion we began talking about the benefits to be derived to students of a school system that enables a child to enter the work force better prepared to function in the business and industry world.Mr. Zeiger, speaking on behalf of his boss, Tom Torlakson, spoke glowingly of the advantages of a school system that would have the authority to supervise and guide a child’s career goals even beginning at the early stages of education. He spoke of the need for schools to be better funded so that they would be better able to bring the world’s choices to the student enabling that student to decide upon a career, especially in the areas of science (health), technology (computers), engineering (construction) and math.

He even included the advantages of a health care system that would be the enabling source for a minor to decide for herself her reproductive future.Tom Torlakson wants to be your next State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Who are the co-sponsors of this legislation?

The California Nurses Assn, Ca. Health professional Students Assn, Ca. Teachers Assn, Health Care for All - California, Ca. School Employees Assn, League of Women Voters. It further includes an entire page, tightly worded, of groups such as the ACLU, SEIU, Ca. Maternal and Child Health Dept., multiple local Democrat clubs, The AFL-CIO, the Union for Reform Judaism, several mainline Protestant denominations, local and specialized civil rightsorganizations and a host of community non-profit groups who will attempt to cash in on this lucrative source of funding.

The subject I have tried to describe for you is huge and all encompassing. There is much more involved than I felt could be absorbed in one report. What I have tried to convey is a sense of what will be the true intent behind the nice slogans of educational reform, jobs formations, the so-called right of everyone to be provided with health care and a peek at what that health care really entails.

If it could be summed up in a few words it means that the government is taking over what was formerly the role of private enterprise in the areas of health, education and employment. It is a merger creating one entity directing the lives of every citizen, staffed by non-elected bureaucrats who will have the power to determine what your health outcome will be, what your nutrition willbe, your exercise and your lifestyle choices; education will be directed more toward preparing children to enter into pre-planned workforce training designed by partnerships between businessand education and, of course, the employment itself. There is much contained in education and workforce legislation that talks about students who attend the proper classes and are cooperative being able to obtain Certificates of Mastery enabling them to be assured of placement following graduation.

The sad thing is that while the Democrats favor the health care issues and the Republicans vote against it; the Republicans and the Democrats favor the workforce legislation. This results in

both sides appearing to placate the desires of their Party constituents while, in reality, bringing

about the change so urgently desired by the Obama Administration. SB 810 needs to be defeated. The Democrat legislators need to hear from the voting and legalcitizens who will be the ones funding all this socialized government. Attending Tea Parties is fine, but while they’ve kept you are out there on the street corner the legislators are in their chambers passing all this stuff and feeling pretty smug about it.

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