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Congressmen Wolf and Myrick Demand Halt to GITMO Detainee Releases to Afghanistan

March 30, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Once again taking the lead against the Obama administration's harmful disregard of the effect its GITMO release policy is having, today Frank Wolf [R-VA] and Rep. Sue Myrick [R-NC] asked team Obama to stop its policy of releasing GITMO detainees to Afghanistan.

The action follows credible reports that a detainee released in December already has returned to the jihad. As a consequence to similar demands by GOP Congressmen, the administration in January halted sending detainees back to Yemen after it became clear that the failed Christmas Day bomber developed links to al-Qaeda there.

Myrick and Wolf also asked to be provided with an updated, unclassified version of the recidivism rate of Guantanamo Bay detainees - it's been reported that is it now over 20 percent.

As part of Congressman Wolf and Myrick's statement they said, "we must learn from our past mistakes and prevent additional detainees from rejoining the fight against our armed forces and aid workers in Afghanistan,"

Timing on Hutaree Raid Troubling

Is this the long anticipated beginning of Obama stifling "right wing" dissent?

March 29, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - In this administration nothing happens by accident, at least at the public relations level and DOJ's widely reported raid this last weekend on a group with extremely limited previous public visibility [the Hutaree, a tiny Michigan based group] might well be similarly tainted.

The defendants, David Brian Stone, David Brian Stone Jr., Joshua Matthew Stone, Tina Mae Stone, Joshua John Clough, Michael David Meeks, Thomas William Piatek, Kristopher T. Sickes and Jacob J. Ward, were variously named in a previously sealed indictment go here, Federal indictment Hutaree on 5 counts, including seditious conspiracy [USC 2384], attempt to use weapons of mass destruction [USC 2332], teaching and/or demonstrating the use of explosive devices [USC 842(p)(2)] and two counts of carrying or possessing a weapon during commission of a crime of violence [USC 924 (c)(1)].

Though the charges against this group might well turn out to be sustainable and the threat they posed great and imminent, the mere fact of the timing of this raid is troubling, coming in the immediate wake of a sustained attempt by Democrat politicians to characterize opponents of the Obama agenda as violent right-wing Christian racists, to the extent of having Democrat politicians charge - absent any proof - that they have been victimized - spat upon, subjected to the "n" word and other indignities - by the Tea Partiers [it goes without saying that Dem stunts such as Nancy Pelosi's grand march, gavel in hand, past protesters last week at the Capital were intended to provoke responses which could then be amplified by the MSM].

Helping set the scene, unofficial WH spokes-tard Frank Rich [a former drama critic] chimed in conspiratorially on March 27, and in hushed tones, slithered in a NY Times Op Ed, " find a prototype for the overheated reaction to the health care bill, you have to look a year before Medicare, to the Civil Rights Act of 1964...If Obama's first legislative priority had been immigration or financial reform or climate change, we would have seen the same trajectory. The conjunction of a black president and a female speaker of the House - topped off by a wise Latina on the Supreme Court and a powerful gay Congressional committee chairman - would sow fears of disenfranchisement among a dwindling and threatened minority in the country no matter what policies were in play. It's not happenstance that Frank, Lewis and Cleaver - none of them major Democratic players in the health care push - received a major share of last weekend's abuse. When you hear demonstrators chant the slogan 'Take our country back!,' these are the people they want to take the country back from." [source, The Rage Is Not About Health Care,

Turkey on the Brink

Country plagued with resurgent Islamism, Mafia-style organized crime, import-brides, arranged marriages, inbreeding, polygamy, prostitution and honor-killings


March 29, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - The current Turkish government led by prime minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan seeks to expand its influence through Turks living abroad. An important conference was recently held in Istanbul where 15,00 people from Turkish descent from several European countries listened to Erdogan and other speakers. All expenses were paid by the Turkish government. Erdogan repeated his controversial 2008 statement: 'Assimilation is a crime against humanity.' Another speaker went even further saying: 'We need to innoculate European culture with Turkish culture.'

The language in the invitations already suggested the attitude of the Turkish government towards Turkish-German politicians. Ankara perceives them as being its own. Invitations sent in the name of Turkish Labor Minister Farak Celik to German Bundestag members were addressed as 'my esteemed members of parliament' and Erdogan was referred to as 'our prime minister.'

Are we going to return to the times of the Islamic Ottoman Empire which sought to conquer the whole of Europe in the 16th and 17th century but was eventually stopped at the gates of Vienna? It was early November 2008 that Erdogan addressed a large crowd of enthousiastic followers in the German city of Cologne. His message to them could be summarized as follows: 'You may live in Germany, but you are Turks ? and I am your prime minister.'

Legislative Update - Healthcare Advertising - Information or Manipulation?


March 29, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - In the last few days I have critiqued two ads, one on TV and one on the internet,promoting elements of the universal health care plan.

AD 1: [I am paraphrasing] DEMOCRATS, VICTIMIZED FOR DEFENDING THE POOR AND NEEDY. This could well be the title of this ad.

This spot positions the Democrats in Congress as victims of those opposing the recently passed health care plan. The ad claims that Democrats have received threats, nasty phone calls, etc. It urges the reader to please, quickly send a $5.00 donation to the following address to help overcome this unpleasantness and help inform the people of the good work to be done by The Plan, yadda...yadda...

In truth the phone calls, if any, are probably from constituents who have a right to oppose a vote cast by their legislator and the so-called threats are, mostlikely, vows to defeat the legislator at the next election.

Forgotten Document Outlines Deep Hezbollah Involvement in South America

March 26, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Paraguay, of all South American countries is in the news, with Fox News carrying a story detailing the substantial ties between Iran's proxy army Hezbollah and Paraguay.

Wedged between the twin giants Brazil and Argentina the country would seem an unlikely candidate for international intrigue, but its very anonymity is apparently exactly what Hezbollah sought when it first established a beachhead there.

In a 2004 study by the ADL - Anti-Defamation League [see, Hezbollah's International Reach] the organization documents the deep ties Hezbollah has established throughout South America.

"Hezbollah is widely considered to have an established presence in the lawless, corrupt, drug-ridden triple border region of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Hezbollah uses the area as a key locale for raising and laundering money, drug trafficking, weapons and people smuggling and document and currency fraud. It has been alleged that Hezbollah, Hamas and AI Qaeda also maintain terrorist training camps in the triborder region but the evidence to date is inconclusive.

Terror Alert - South Korean Guided Missile Frigate Sunk By North Korea?

March 26, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - South Korean news agency Yonhap is reporting details of a major naval clash between North and South Korea. [see,]

The incident took place at approximately 9:30 am local time, the 1,500 ton South Korean vessel [possible a guided missile frigate] was sunk, possibly due to a torpedo strike, the assumed origin being a North Korean naval warship.

Tensions in the Yellow Sea area where the suspected attack took place have been heightened recently due to North Korean anger over joint U.S.-South Korean naval exercises.

Cardinal Roger Mahony's Baloney


March 25, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - A visit to LA Cardinal Roger Mahony's blog [see,] should be a startling revelation for a traditional Catholic, or American for that matter. Unfortunately what should be surprising isn't - not by a long shot. Given the rapid and downward turn of events since Obama's bait-and-switch electoral victory 16 months ago, nothing in the way of iconoclastic change should startle thoughtful observers. Yet despite this fact, the dawn of every day brings with it such unprecedented breaks with the past that one might feel in need of a road map to determine at what juncture the wrong turn was made.

That point being beyond the intent of this writing, allow us to consider Cardinal Mahony's political blogging which contains this post from March 21:

"Health care reform passed on Sunday night, and brought millions of people out of the shadows of living without health care coverage. We have reached out to them precisely to include them fully into American life and protections. Now we need to do the same thing with our millions of immigrants who are living in the shadows of our society but without protections and guarantees--because they do not yet possess legal status. We need to devote ourselves to bring about a comprehensive bill which will bring them into full participation in the life of our country."

In the space of less than 100 words the Cardinal tosses overboard in a mind-bendingly cavalier manner, the single most important tenet underlying Judaism, Christianity and Western Civilization, that being the idea of free choice.

Allow me to explain...briefly...

Saint Thomas Aquinas, perhaps the Church's most brilliant intellectual - and other theologians, have written extensively on the subject, often referring to Deuteronomy 30:19 or similar texts, "...I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before thee life and death, the blessing and the curse: therefore choose life, that thou mayest live, thou and thy seed..." [American Standard translation]

"It is written (Sirach 15:14) God made man from the beginning, and left him in the hand of his own counsel...That is of his free-will. I answer that, Man has free-will: otherwise counsels, exhortations, commands, prohibitions, rewards, and punishments would be in vain. In order to make this evident, we must observe that some things act without judgment; as a stone moves downwards; and in like manner all things which lack knowledge. And some act from judgment, but not a free judgment; as brute animals. For the sheep, seeing the wolf, judges it a thing to be shunned, from a natural and not a free judgment, because it judges, not from reason, but from natural instinct. And the same thing is to be said of any judgment of brute animals. But man acts from judgment, because by his apprehensive power he judges that something should be avoided or sought. But because this judgment, in the case of some particular act, is not from a natural instinct, but from some act of comparison in the reason, therefore he acts from free judgment and retains the power of being inclined to various things. For reason in contingent matters may follow opposite courses, as we see in dialectic syllogisms and rhetorical arguments. Now particular operations are contingent, and therefore in such matters the judgment of reason may follow opposite courses, and is not determinate to one. And forasmuch as man is rational is it necessary that man have a free-will... " 1. [source, The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas Second and Revised Edition, 1920]

The power of this line of thought is revelatory and undeniable; unless man is created free to choose both rightly and wrongly, he can't be held morally responsible for his actions.

This is the kernel upon which the Western experience has been built, reflective of a continuous striving to maximize conditions so that the exercise of this freedom is unfettered, set against the similarly Biblically derived admonition that one must choose rightly.

Holder/Obama Release Two More Uighur Terror Suspects

March 24, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - With Switzerland apparently having lost the coin toss, DOJ today announced that it is sending two GITMO Uighur detainees to the idylic, traditionally neutral country.

The Uighurs - Chinese nationals, apprehended on the Afghan battlefield - will apparently be residing in the Swiss Canton of Jura thanks to team Obama.

The history of terror recidivism among released GITMO detainees does not bode well for this latest effort at repatriation. As Bill Rogio notes in Long War Journal, "a former Guantanamo detainee transferred from the detention facility to Afghanistan on Dec. 19, 2009, has already returned to the Taliban's ranks, according to multiple intelligence officials contacted by the Long War Journal. The former detainee was identified in documents produced at Guantanamo as Abdul Hafiz (as well as an alternative name, Abdul Qawi) and given an internment serial number of 1030. During the more than six years he was held at Guantanamo, Hafiz was repeatedly identified as "a suspect in the murder of an International Red Cross worker in Afghanistan." Memos produced at Guantanamo also alleged that Hafiz participated in the jihad against the Soviets, ran madrassas and recruited young men to fight for the Taliban, was "responsible for maintaining contacts with Mullah Mohammed Omar," and fought in a 40-man militia comprised of fighters from the Taliban and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's insurgency group..." [source, Former Gitmo detainee targeting Afghan charities]

In a recent statement John Brennan, Obama's chief counterterrorism advisor, said that about 20% of released GITMO detainees return to active jihad, noting parenthetically that figure "wasn't that bad," compared to the recidivism rate among domestic U.S. prisoners - none of whom - we must highlight - were engaged in Islamic jihad against America.

Saudis Launch Major Counter Terrorism Effort - Over 100 Al-Qaeda Suspects Arrested

March 24, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Reports that the Saudi Kingdom has just initiated a major anti-terror effort in the country have been streaming out of the Middle East for hours now.

The target appears to be AQP [al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a subsidiary of bin-Laden's organization led by one of his former commanders, but not necessarily controlled by him or his command structure] which was thought to be plotting a series of attacks against the Saudi oil infrastructure - "Saudi Arabia said Wednesday its security forces had arrested 113 militants with ties to Al Qaeda who had been planning attacks against oil operations and security facilities in the eastern part of the kingdom." [source, New York Times,]

The terror threat within the kingdom has been increasing recently, marked by events such as the attempted assassination by a suicide bomber of national security official Prince Mohammed bin-Naif in his home last summer.

According to the Saudi Defense Agency, nearly half of those being detained are Yemenis, a reminder of the danger posed by Saudi's porous southern border.

Clinton Judge - James Robertson - Set to Free Top Al-Qaeda Terrorist

March 23, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a GITMO detainee, is believed to have been integral to the 9/11 terror attacks, working closely with Mohammed Atta in Germany.

On Monday a Clinton judge, James Robertson - DC District - granted Slahi a petition for habeas corpus, clearing the way for freeing him.

Slahi has been described as being the detainee of most value at GITMO, deeply knowledgeable in the details of al-Qaeda terror methods.

The ruling was classified and is not available to the public.

Slahi was known to European intelligence for years before the events of September 11 to be a significant player in the Islamic terror network:

"When they later called Masri and expressed interest in going to Chechnya, he told them to contact Abu Musab in Duisburg, Germany. Abu Musab turned out to be Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a significant al Qaeda operative who, even then, was well known to U.S. and German intelligence, though neither government apparently knew he was operating in Germany in late 1999.When telephoned by Binalshibh and Shehhi, Slahi reportedly invited these promising recruits to come see him in Duisburg...Slahi instructed them to obtain Pakistani visas and then return to him for further directions on how to reach Afghanistan.Although Atta did not attend the meeting, he joined in the plan with the other three. After obtaining the necessary visas, they received Slahi's final instructions on how to travel to Karachi and then Quetta, where they were to contact someone named Umar al Masri at the Taliban office..." [source, 911 Report, pg 183-184,]

Obamacare Tea Party Pushback - Dem Congressman McNerney, Pleasanton, CA


March 23, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Last week's rally of patriots outside of the 11th district office of Jerry McNerney [D-CA] was impressive...the counter rally was quite small by comparison. At first, it seemed to be the other way around, with supporters of the embattled Congressman showing up early, but as time went on more and more Tea Party people showed up, finally demonstrating an at least 3-1 advantage.

Right on schedule at 5pm the protesters marched to the nearby highway 580 overpass leaving the Obama/McNerney supporters behind and a bit bewildered as to what was happening, finding themselves alone in front of the Congressman's office.

The protest crowd stretched out for hundreds of yards, dwarfing the opposition. Local law enforcement and the California Highway Patrol blocked off some freeway exits, allowing the march to proceed in a safer manner - kudos to our Thin Blue Line

The crowd then split into two groups on opposite sides of the freeway, with the Obama supporters trailing behind, seemingly confused as to what to do, lending a comical aside to the event. In short order the fair weather supporters marched off to home with theTea Partiers waving them farewell.

Local media including KTVU and the CBS affiliate moved among the crowd shooting video and conducting interviews.

The Tea Party protesters carried numerous American flags along with large banners that could be read from the freeway below. Judging by the responsive honking by passing autos, there seemed to be a lot of affinity with the protest among the commute traffic.

With the onset of the Obamacare sleight-of-hand healthcare "debate" Jerry McNerney has refused to confront critical constituents face to face. His office's response today was more of the same.

Images from the march below, more available by taking the above headline link to the complete story.

The State of Things - CA & Fed Health and Education Legislation

CAMILLE GIGLIO, Legislative Analyst

March 23, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - There is a 30 day waiting period between the end date for filing new bills and having those bills show up in committees. That waiting period is about to expire. Also, very likely little activity has been occurring on legislation, especially health and education bills, until the Obama Care bill is signed. So, beginning this week or next bills may be starting to move.

In the meantime here are two bills to carefully watch.


AB 1542, Medical Records: Homes - This bill is authored by the Assembly Health Committee. It establishes the Patient-Centered Medical Home Act pilot project. This creates the authority to assign every health care client's medical records to a specific location. It further assigns the patient to that location, or medical home, creating a patient/doctor partnership. A team of medical personnel form a contract with each patient to oversee and guide that patient's health care, mostly preventive care.

This home is sort of the gatekeeper approach to health care somewhat like the procedure for Kaiser patients, it would seem.

UK Muslim News "Awards for Excellence" Lauded by PM and Other Politicians


March 22, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - According to the Muslim News, about 800 people recently gathered together for "The Muslim News Awards for Excellence" supposedly to recognize Muslim contributions to British society. Unbelievably a special award was presented to Dr. Gill Hicks who founded,"Making a Difference for Peace" an organization she created after losing both of her legs as a result of the 2005 London terror bombings. [source,]

Apparently the perverse act of bestowing a Muslim News Award for Excellence on the double amputee victim of a Muslim terror attack was lost on the politicians present.

Other politicians such as liberal democratic leader Nick Clegg and Opposition leader David Cameron sent laudatory messages. Among those attending were Communities Secretary John Denham and Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling.

Team Obama Continues Myth of Pakistan's Commitment to War on Terror

March 22, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Despite much evidence pointing to the fallacy underlying the administration's conclusion, Secty of State Clinton has congratulated the Pakistanis on the eve of their "National Day," March 23 for their alleged diligence in the war on terror, "Today, your country is suffering from terrorism and your security forces and civilians are making great sacrifices to fight extremists. The people of the United States will stand by and support Pakistani efforts to build a peaceful and prosperous future. We wish you a happy Pakistan Day." [source,]

This administration has not been alone in perpetuating the myth that Pakistan and the West share similar goals in battling the Islamic jihad , with the Bush team continually praising Pakistan for its anti-terror actions even while under Musharraf the country was busily signing peace treaties with the Taliban and by extension their al-Qaeda allies:

"President Pervez Musharraf has failed to prevent Pakistan from handing over territory to the Taliban, this time to a group called the Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Laws. On March 17, a Pakistani "peace" committee struck a verbal agreement with the Mohmand tribe, under which the government promised to cease military activity in Bajaur in exchange for the tribe's promise not to shelter "foreigners" or allow cross-border attacks into Afghanistan." [source,]

David Coleman Headley Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy in Mumbai and Denmark Terror Plots

March 18, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - - Headley, a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, pleaded guilty today to a dozen federal terrorism charges today including participation in the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, and an attack on a Danish newspaper that had published allegedly anti-Islamic cartoons.

Headley had been trained by the terrorist group Lashkar e Tayyib in Pakistan, where he learned the skills necessary to gather intelligence on the Mumbai target, which he admitted to doing on five extended reconnaissance trips.

Headley's guilty plea was part of a plea bargain which in addition to other cooperation given to federal investigators, allowed him to escape the death penalty for his actions.

The terrorist's sentencing has been delayed until authorities have been assured that he has fully revealed the full extent of his knowledge of the terror network.

The Mumbai attacks started on Nov. 26, 2008, continuing through Nov. 28 and involved 10 terrorists armed with firearms, grenades and IEDs which were directed against premiere tourist spots including the Taj Mahal and Oberoi hotels, the Leopold Café, the Chabad House and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station.

Moroccan Thugs Terrorize Dutch City


March 18, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Almost a million of Holland's 16 million population are Muslims - the majority coming from Africa [primarily Morocco and Somalia] and Turkey. Over 50% of the residents of Amsterdam are non-native Dutch and some areas of the city are 70% foreign born.

In the 1960s when the "special relationship" with Morocco was forged [primarily a glorified guest-worker concept] Holland's free thinkers supported a system of reparations in-kind, offered as partial atonement for the supposed sins of Dutch colonialism. The prevailing belief being that Dutch expansion/exploration had impacted North Africa negatively and it was far past time to address that perceived injustice.

Since then, often aided by bellicose foreign-born radical imams, young Moroccan men have been involved in criminal activity at a rate exponentially above their numbers in the general population.

In the latest incident, a case of vicious street crime, a youth from Veenendaal [located in central Holland near Utrecht] was beaten, robbed, partially stripped and laid across a set of railroad tracks by members of a Moroccan gang. The event was part of a crime wave in the city that has seen the mayor advising city residents to stay off the streets at night because the police couldn't protect them.

Other Dutch towns have suffered a similar fate with the mayor of Zaltbommel having received death threats after speaking out against the violence. Similar incidents have happened in the neighboring towns of Gouda and Utrecht, again perpetrated by young Moroccan hoods.

Netanyahu's Brother-in-Law: Obama's an Anti-Semite

March 17, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Speaking where few dare go, yesterday in a series of interviews Dr. Hagai Ben-Artz, Binyamin Netanyahu's brother-in-law, charged president Obama with being an anti-Semite.

Ben-Artz, quoted in Arutz Sheva, stated, "the time has come to tell the truth - we are talking about an anti-Semite...We Jews are a people from nearly 4,000 years ago. In another year, you [Obama] will disappear. Who will remember you?" [source,]

Netanyahu's brother-in-law was also highly critical of the president's long-time pastor, Reverend Wright claiming in an interview with IDF Radio that the controversial church leader was, "anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic." [source, ibid]

Tensions between the United States and Israel have seldom been this strained. The most recent provocation took place last week with vice-president Biden's meddling in the politics of Jerusalem ["I condemn the decision" to build additional housing in East Jerusalem] followed by Secty of State Clinton's "blistering" [John Bolton's words, see -] telephone conversation on the same matter with the Israeli PM.

AP Discovers Civilizational Conflict Between the West and Islam


March 16, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - When even the pedantically leftist AP takes note of the "growing unease," with which Europeans view their burgeoning Muslim populations, there must be considerable fire behind the smoke. [see, Culture clash: European art provokes Muslims,]

At issue here is the central question in the culture clash between the West and Islam - at what point does our tradition of laissez faire liberalism - especially when it comes to accommodating alien and often antagonistic cultures - become a suicide pact?

Such questions are faced on a daily basis in both Europe and North America where similar migrations of primarily Third World individuals have often chosen not to become acculturated to their new surroundings.

On the Continent, France seems to have the most pressing problem with nearly 10% of its population being Muslim. Crammed - by choice and design - into segregated neighborhoods, these communities have been the scene of numerous violent Intifada type riots involving hundreds of participants.

"Six North Paris municipalities are burning, victim of an increasingly violent Intifada style uprising in Muslim immigrant communities that had its start two years ago and has been simmering ever since, this time flaring up over a traffic accident in which two immigrant youths on a speeding motorcycle were killed in a collision with a police car." [see, Muslims Riot In France - Shades Of The Intifada - What The MSM Doesn't Want You To Know,]

American Jewish Committee Teams up with Hispanic Racialist Group, La Raza


March 11, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - According to an Israeli news report, a number of Hispanic activists are visiting Israel on a trip sponsored by the American Jewish Committee's Project Interchange.

Some of these guests of the AJC are members of the controversial group La Raza.

The National Council of La Raza [National Council of The Race] is primarily a left-wing organization which advocates Hispanic racial supremacy, undermining counter terrorism efforts in the United States through its advocacy of illegal immigration. The NCLR also has reportedly funded MEChA in the past, a virulently anti-Semitic group which is working towards making the American Southwest into a Hispanic nation - under foreign control.

In Bipartisan Move House Adopts GOP Call to Investigate Eric Massa

March 11, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Responding to an increasing sense of urgency spawned by the rapidly escalating public disapproval with the Obama administration and Democrat Congressional leadership, the House has just overwhelmingly and in a bipartisan manner adopted Minority Leader Boehner's resolution to institute a full ethics probe of disgraced congressman Eric Massa.

Speaking for the GOP, Mr. Boehner stated, "The resolution that passed the House with a strong bipartisan majority today is a clear signal that an investigation to examine and answer the very serious questions arising from Democratic Leaders' response to their former colleague's conduct is necessary. These questions must be answered to begin repairing the broken bonds of trust between the Congress and the American people. We all have a responsibility to rise above politics and do what's right for the institution of the House...

Pelosi in Crosshairs - GOP Demands Ethics Investigation for Disgraced Democrat Eric Massa, When did Pelosi Know?

March 11, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Today, GOP Minority Leader Boehner introduced a resolution calling for a complete ethics investigation of Eric Massa [D, NY].

Key in this investigation is when did House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi become aware of Massa's alleged sexual harassment of House staff, including possibly young male pages.

The resolution reads:

"Raising a question of the privileges of the House.

Whereas, on March 8, 2010, Representative Eric Massa resigned from the House;

Whereas, numerous newspapers and other media organizations reported in the days before and after Mr. Massa's resignation that the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct was investigating allegations that Mr. Massa sexually harassed Members of his congressional staff;

Whereas, on March 3, 2010, Majority Leader Hoyer's office issued a statement saying, "The week of February 8th, a member of Rep. Massa's staff brought to the attention of Mr. Hoyer's staff allegations of misconduct that had been made against Mr. Massa. Mr. Hoyer's staff immediately informed him of what they had been told...

Obama Admin Sides With Terrorist Abbas in Jerusalem Building Row

March 11, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Visiting Israel apparently with the sole intention of further damaging relations between the Jewish state and team Obama, Joe Biden yesterday sided with Pale Authority terrorist in chief Mahmoud Abbas in a concocted dispute with Israel over the building of housing units in Ramat Shlomo an Orthodox religious community in northeast Jerusalem.

Clearly demonstrating the administrations tilt towards the radical Palestinian position, Biden charged Israel with inflaming tensions, "As we move forward, the United States will hold both sides accountable for any statements or actions that inflame tensions or prejudice the outcome of talks, as this decision did," directly after meeting with Abbas.

Taking their cue from the vice president's actions, the Palestinians immediately broke off the current round of peace talks with Israel.

Pennsylvania Female Jihadist Arrested: Sought to Mount Attacks Which Would Terrorize the "Whole Kuffar World"

March 10, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - In a federal indictment unsealed today, Pennsylvania resident Colleen Renee LaRose [aka Fatima LaRose] has been arrested upon suspicion that she was attempting to provide material aid to Islamic terrorists and that she allegedly traveled to Sweden to carry out an attack against a perceived anti-Muslim cartoonist.

It is believed that LaRose's target was Lars Vilks, a controversial Swedish cartoonist who had already been threatened with death by al-Qaeda.

From the LaRose Indictment:

"The indictment charges that American citizen LaRose and five unindicted co-conspirators (located in South Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the United States) recruited men on the Internet to wage violent jihad in South Asia and Europe, and recruited women on the Internet who had passports and the ability to travel to and around Europe in support of violent jihad...further charges that LaRose and her unindicted co-conspirators used the order to wage violent jihad....In addition, according to the indictment, LaRose received a direct order to kill a citizen and resident of Sweden, and to do so in a way that would frighten 'the whole Kufar [nonbeliever] world.'..LaRose agreed to carry out her murder assignment, and that she and her co-conspirators discussed that her appearance and American citizenship would help her blend in while carrying out her plans. According to the indictment, LaRose traveled to Europe and tracked the intended target online in an effort to complete her task..."

Tom Campbell Outed Again As Phony Conservative

March 9, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Tom Campbell, the Democrat's idea of a wet dream phony conservative candidate for CA Senator, has been outed by Steven Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism [IPT] as having continued to actively support fundraiser Sami Al-Arian even after the now confessed terrorist - having admitted providing "services" for Palestinian Islamic Jihad - was under investigation.

Sending a very strong signal at the time that Al-Arian might have been a tainted personality, his close associate [and brother-in-law] Mazen al-Najjar had been revealed in court proceedings as being a ""threat to national security."

"...He [al-Najjar] was a founding member - along with Sami Al-Arian, Khalil Shikaki, and Ramadan Abdullah Shallah - of the World Islam Study Enterprise (WISE), which was shut down in 1995 for its suspected ties to terrorism... On June 6, 1997, Immigration Judge R. Kevin McHugh denied al Najjar's bail request after reviewing classified evidence furnished by the government. In a one-sentence summary, McHugh stated that al Najjar was "associated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and a threat to national security." [source, Discover the Networks]

During this period of time numerous media sources had done exposes on Al-Arian's radicalism, including NBC's Dateline which featured a clip of Al-Arian calling Jews "monkeys" and "pigs" and advocating the "death of Israel."

Gates Cautious In Afghan Meetings

March 8, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - On a day which featured a suicide bombing attempt and gun battle in the Eastern Afghan town of Khost, U.S. Secty of Defense Gates made his first post-surge visit to the troubled country.

Appearing at a joint media event with president Karzai, Gates warned of tough times and "dark days" as the struggle to defeat al-Qaeda and the Taliban escalates saying, "There is still much fighting ahead, and there will assuredly be some dark days. But looking forward there are grounds for optimism..." [source, Al Jazeera,]

Gates also met with the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, who refused to apply a timetable to the pushback operation, saying that forces should be ready to go sometime in early summer and that there will be no identifiable D-Day as the operation ramps up.

Pakistan Spy Agency Bombed

March 8, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - A Pakistani state security spy agency was targeted by a suicide bomber today. Casualties are believed to be heavy, with dead so far numbering over a dozen.

The Special Investigation Agency [SIA] building located in Lahore was demolished in the blast.

It has been conjectured [see,] that the SIA was chosen because of its counter terror activities in Punjab as well as due to fallout over the arrest of Abu Yahya Mujahdeen al-Adam believed to be an American al-Qaeda operative who was originally misidentified as Adam Gadahn, the American al-Qaeda spokesman.

Heathrow Airport Terror Probe Expands

March 8, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - A second series of arrests were made last night in an expanding terror probe centering on the British Airways facility at London's Heathrow airport.

The three suspects have not yet been identified but news reports [see for example,] state that they allegedly were engaged in a fundraising plot to possibly bring down a airliner.

The UK has been on severely heightened terror alert since the Christmas day attempted U.S. bombing by London resident Umar Abdulmutallab.

Arrest Mix-up: Pakistani Suspect Not American Al-Qaeda Spokesman Adam Gadahn

March 8, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Adam Gadahn [aka Adam Pearlman, Azzam the American, Adam Yahiye Gadahn] the U.S. born, high-level al-Qaeda spokesman was apparently not the suspect arrested in Karachi Pakistan a few days ago.

Though initial reports so identified him, Pakistani officials now claim that the man they apprehended is Yahya Mujahideen Adam who is also thought to be an American al-Qaeda sympathizer, but from Pennsylvania rather than Gadahn's home state of California.

Gadahn, a Muslim convert, was indicted in 2006 for treason - aiding al-Qaeda - and is on the FBI's most wanted list.

California Legislative Update - Health and Education


March 4, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Since the beginning of the second half of the 2009-2010 term we have been following over 100 bills dealing in various aspects of education and health for their effects on the right to life and family privacy rights as well as other public policy issues.

As of today many of those bills have failed or been held in committee. Two have been signed by the Governor. Today I present you with 17 bills affecting education and family. Please pass this information on to others; your pastors, educator friends, clubs. Above all please notify your elected representatives of your position on these bills.

Everyone has a right to submit their position on a bill, even non-profit, tax deductible organizations. This is public policy not campaigning.

We take a moment to recap our concerns over education bills and family primacy and privacy.

The following is a very brief and simple explanation of developments in education.

The US Department of Education was formed in 1965 out of the bowels of the then Health and Human Services Administration. The current Obama appointed Director is Arne Duncan who stated, upon his appointment that: :Education is the Civil Rights issue of our generation," and, further that: "education is an economic imperative."

Terror Soft Eric Holder Busted - Identity of Al-Qaeda 7 Revealed by Fox News

March 3, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Team Obama was hit hard this afternoon by a major revelation by Fox News [see,] which has determined the identity of 7 of the attorneys currently working for DOJ who either represented accused terrorists, filed amicus briefs on their behalf or worked for firms who represented these clients, usually pro-bono.

Two DOJ attorneys had already been identified.

The seven are:

Jonathan Cedarbaum - Office of Legal Counsel

Karl Thompson - Office of Legal Counsel

Joseph Guerra - Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General at the Justice Department

Tali Farhadian - Office of the Attorney General

Beth Brinkmann - Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department's Civil Division

Tony West - Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department's Civil Division

Eric Columbus - Sr. Counsel, Office of the Deputy Attorney General.

Previously outed include:

Neal Katyal - Principal Deputy Solicitor General

Jennifer Daskal - National Security Division Attorney

Can Tahir ul-Qadri Help Reform Islam?


March 3, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - In what might possibly be seen as a hopeful sign of incipient Islamic moderation, Tahir ul-Qadri a Pakistani born Sufi scholar today announced in London, a 600 page fatwa [religious finding] that terrorism in any form is inconsistent with the Muslim religion.

Specifically ul-Qadri condemned the practice of suicide bombing, saying its practitioners "are going to hell."

"I feel that the youth living in the Western world...since they don't go through the original Islamic sources they are being victimized and are being misguided on the concepts of go on the Internet and you will find the extremist people and the terrorist people are running uncountable websites giving the wrong concepts of jihad wrong concepts of suicide bombing giving the fatwas in favor of suicide bombing, creating some exemptions for them and this is how they are being brainwashed..." [source, BBC interview,]

Such condemnations have taken place in the past, most conspicuously in the wake of the 9.11.01 attack in the U.S. and the 7.11.05 attack in London, unfortunately to little effect.

Some observers of these efforts have labeled them as having been crafted more for public consumption than anything else. Tahir ul-Qadri's declaration does appear to be a bit different however, if for no other reason than the sheer length of his exegesis.

First Muslim College Might Well Become Hotbed of Radical Islam


March 1, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - - Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California was founded by Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir and Hatem Bazian. The freshman class will consist of 25 students.

According to a report in Islam On Line [see,]

"Zaytuna College is in the rigorous process of seeking accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, a process that will take a number of years and one that Imam Shakir hopes will be completed by the time the freshman class graduates...they have been able to achieve the goal of raising nearly $4 million needed for its temporary location at Berkeley. Now they face the challenge of raising upwards of $65 million for an endowment fund that will ensure a consistent monetary support and alleviate the need for constant fundraising."

All three founders have made extremist statements supportive of radical Islam.

At a 2004 rally in California Bazian, "ungrammatically declared to a crowd of protestors, "we're sitting here and watching the world pass by, people being bombed, and it's about time that we have an intifada in this country that change fundamentally the political dynamics in here. They're gonna say, 'some Palestinian being too radical' well, you haven't seen radicalism yet!" [source,]

In a 2004 blog entry entitled Hamza Yusuf Fails My Test, Dr. Daniel Pipes wrote:

"I have offered a number of questions to ask of Muslims to determine whether they are radical or moderate. Hamza Yusuf Hanson, called by the Guardian "arguably the west's most influential Islamic scholar," announced at the just-ended convention of the Islamic Society of North America, "I took that test and I failed. And I want to say to all of you, I hope you fail that test too." There is no "test" involved but if Yusuf informs me that he failed it anyway, that's useful information because it identifies him as an extremist." [source,] Front Page Archive Located Here