FCC Genachowski Bombshell - DC Court Crushes Dem Attempt to Control Internet

April 6, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a unanimous ruling, FCC Chair Julius Genachoswki's plan to control the Internet - Democrats absurdly calling it "'Net neutrality" - was stopped cold by a three judge DC panel.

In the unanimous decision the court ruled that the FCC has no statuary authority to regulate network management decisions made by Internet provider's.

The immediate effect of the ruling is to remove an FCC admonishment, a "cease and desist" order, against Comcast which had taken steps to limit bandwidth use for certain types of downloads.

Comcast and other 'Net providers claim that peer to peer data transfer mechanisms such as BitTorrent are such bandwidth hogs that the providers have a right to either limit downloads or to charge heavy "power-users" at a higher rate.

Undeterred it seems, supporters of the FCC's move are now suggesting that the agency instead move to regulate 'Net providers under regulatory authority which heretofore had been reserved for common carriers such as land based telephone systems.

Whether this will fly in light of today's court ruling is problematic, however we have observed that this administration has not easily been deterred in its efforts to further control American commerce and we would be surprised if an end-run around this decision had not already been planned.

Of course the lefties were up in arms over the decision, having lost this high stakes gambit, but they will certainly not abandon this field of battle, it's elemental in the overall Obama regime game plan to control the dissemination of information.

As quoted in Business Week, "The D.C. Circuit's dropped a bomb on us," Ben Scott, policy director of the advocacy group Free Press that challenged Comcast and sided with the FCC, said in an interview. "Comcast is now permitted to block Web sites with impunity." [source, http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-04-06/comcast-wins-in-case-on-fcc-net-neutrality-powers-update6-.html]

For those not familiar with the cuddly sounding group Free Press, it was founded by Robert McChesney, a socialist and typical of the demographic which is pushing the Obama regime's agenda.

Below from an interview with Mr. McChesney conducted for the Socialist Project's Bullet by Tanner Mirrlees.

TM: Why do you think it is important for progressives to understand the media and participate in media democracy struggles?

RM: The media is one of the key areas in society where power is exercised, reinforced and contested. It is hard to imagine a successful left political project that does not have a media platform. The media was not a major political issue for earlier generations of the Left. In the 19th century, a very different media system was in place. 19th century socialists wouldn't be talking much about the need to criticize the New York Herald Tribune because they weren't organizing people who read the New York Herald Tribune. It was much easier and more common for the Left to have its own media. The workers had worker papers. They weren't consuming mass produced commercial media products. But this started changing in the first half of the 20th century. Capital accumulation colonized much more of popular culture and communications. Capitalism became the dominant mode of producing and distributing information in society. The media has since become central to politics; it is a central concern for anyone that wants to understand politics and intervene politically. The challenge for us is to understand, use and struggle to change the existing media." [source, http://www.socialistproject.ca/bullet/246.php]

We rest our case...

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