Jytte Klausen Author Of "Cartoons That Shook The World" Speaks In Philadelphia


October 1, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Danish author Jytte Klausen spoke at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia on September 30, 2009 about her new book, "The Cartoons that Shook the World."

Klausen, a Brandeis University Professor of Political Science investigated the phenomenon of the uproar behind these political cartoons which caused over 250 deaths, a consequence of riots and demonstrations which took place primarily in the Muslim world in 2006.

At the time a group of imams from Denmark put together a portfolio of the cartoons and toured several Muslim countries parading the illustrations with the intention of sparking outrage at how Muslims were being portrayed.

They deliberately fomented unrest by including additional cartoons that were not part of the original twelve which had been published in the Jyllands Posten, a local Danish paper with a circulation of about 350,000.

According to Islamic law, depictions of Mohammed are prohibited.

But as Klausen pointed out, the cartoons also appeared in several Arabic newspapers in Muslim countries as well, to little effect. She also noted that the riots took place six months after the cartoons were originally published, apparently the direct result of the lobbying effort carried out by the Danish imams.

This episode is a consummate example of stealth jihad, attempting to force the West to become Shari'a compliant.

Intimidated by fear of possible violence, Yale University Press fell right into line with the Islamists, refusing to include the cartoons in Ms. Klausen's book.

When asked why she consented to the book's publication without them the author answered that otherwise there would have been no book at all and hence no possibility of discussing the matter.

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