Barbara Boxer's Coming Dystopian Worker's Paradise


December 30, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - The 11/28/09 edition of the San Francisco Bay Area's Contra Costa Times newspaper, carries a commentary by Senator Barbara Boxer [D-CA] entitled “Helping Californians get back to work.” In this article she expresses her great concern for the jobless, homeless and unhealthy peasants [excuse me, citizens] while extolling the wonderful benefits to be derived, with her new legislation, for a future worker’s paradise.

The engine to drive creation of this new worker’s world is brought about through creation of public/private partnerships, soldering the work force into a union with the federal government.

She declares, proudly, “I am leading a bipartisan effort as chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee to reauthorize the Economic Development Administration [of 1965] which provides the seed money for public-private partnerships in economically challenged communities.

Her bill, S. 2778, entitled the Development and Economic Revitalization Act was introduced in the Senate on November 16, 2009, and is awaiting action in her own committee. Her 11/28/09 commentary is merely a promotional effort to get her bill out of committee.

Though nine pages long S. 2778 is written in very generalized and vague terms except for one sentence which states that: “The state of Montana shall be under the Seattle EDA office.” What this suggests is that this bill will regionalize workforce employment opportunities.

Along with this is a Kerry/Boxer Bill, S. 1733, Transition to Clean Energy Economy, or, Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. This is a companion to the Henry Waxman, [D-Ca] HR 2454 Clean Energy Act. This 336 page bill introduced in September, 2009, mandates a total workforce change to environmentally politically correct “green” jobs.

All of which means that if America wants to work be it small businesses or large, it will have to join with the federal government and create jobs according to the new global mandates.

These bills join a whole stable of worker paradise legislation:

1. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

2. HR 26 The Elementary and Secondary Ed. Act to raise awareness of eating disorders in school children.

3. HR 1388, Carolyn McCarthy, [D-NY] Reform of Nat’l Service Laws increasing working training and volunteer staffing for service oriented community work.

4. HR 1585, Ron Kind [D-WI] Elementary and Secondary Education Act improved standards for Physical Education. [Notice it’s not academic education]. Parallels Boxer’s S. 206 Expansion of Education, adding one year of schooling prior to Kindergarten in the work place setting. Moms will have to get out and work. also parallels Harry Reed’s S. 866, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 regarding environmental education in the classroom.

5. HR 2184, Carolyn Maloney, [D-NY] Grants to High Quality Pre Kindergarten Programs.

6. HR 2667, Jim McDerott, [D-WA] Home Visitation for Families with Young Children.

7. S. 310, B. Boxer, [D-Ca] Safety Net Family Planning Centers making her friends at Planned parenthood eligible for drug discounts.

8. S. 703, Bernard Sanders, [I-VT] Health Care for Every American.

9. HR 4072, Walter Minnick [D-ID] America Works Act. American Manufacturing Efficiency and Retraining Investment Collaboration Act. This will provide a recognizable credential for all Americans seeking jobs who have had the government approved worker training and it will be portable.

These are only some of the bills being put forward to bring about that “change” that Obama promised us during election time. These bills all centralize governmental oversight, relegating the states to the status of mere pass-throughs, conduits for funds and programs.

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