University Of Central Florida Funding Islamist Da'wa Event

By Beila Rabinowitz

March 8, 2006 - Philadelphia, PA - - On March 17th 2006 the Student Union of the University of Central Florida Student Union will be transformed into the Student Ummah, as it will be the venue for a Da'wa [Muslim proselytizing] event entitled "Returning to Our Rabb" [Lord] and supported by university funding

According to the posters on the Muslim Student Association website, the event aims to "teach Muslims the correct beliefs in relationship to our Lord, and also his (s.w.t.) relationship towards us. With this new information not only can we strengthen our faith- but also our Da'wah." [aggressive faith spreading]

This brazen exercise in jihad through conversion is being funding by the Student Government Organization.

No one at the administrative office, could say whether a Muslim effort to convert Christians and Jews was entitled to university funding, but one can easily imagine the protests which would have ensued had a Christian evangelical group announced an event at the university hosting Jerry Falwell. Yet the silence is this case is deafening.

The Muslim Student seminar will be presented by three "preachers of fundamentalism." - Ibrahim Dremali, Radwan Koualti and Yahya Abdulbary.

Dremali is the former Imam of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton whose present Imam, Muneer Arafat, admitted to being a member of a jihad organization while testifying during the al-Arian trial.

Dremali's ICBR has openly done fundraising for Hamas ? a U.S. designated terrorist organization - via the Health Resource Center of Palestine which listed his brother as the ?Gaza coordinator."

Under Dremali's leadership the ICBR has hosted fundraisers and speakers such as the now jailed Rafil Dhafir, whose Help the Needy 'charity' was closed down for illegally funneling money to Iraq, and Khalid Smaili, the director of Kind Hearts, a ?terror charity" which was closed down last month by the U.S. Treasury .

Dremali is a documented radical Islamist, who completed his Islamic studies at the fundamentalist Al Azhar University.

Al Azhar U is probably best known for being the alma mater of Abdullah Azzam ? bin-Laden's mentor.

It also serves as a headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dremali's mere presence at a Muslim student event aimed at instilling in Muslims students a duty to advance the cause of radical Islam, leaves no doubt as to the focus of the seminar.

Further background on Imam Dremali

In two interviews with newspaper and television in Iowa [where he serves as Imam of the Islamic Society of Des Moines] Dremali made these alarmingly bellicose comments about how Muslims feel about the Muhammed cartoon controversy:

"Muhammad and Allah are more valuable to us than our lives, the lives of our children, mothers and fathers. "So when someone comes along and publishes these pictures they must know what they are doing. They are testing Muslims, trying to see what we will do ,how we will react. It?s an insult to the prophet, God, Muslims, and all humanity? When they attack him they attack the whole (sic) of Muslim- 1.9 billion Muslims."

The second speaker at the UCF event Radwan Koualti is equally troubling.

Koualti heads an organization called, "Love Allah."

Koualti is a fanatical adherent to a strict Muslim fundamentalism ? he states, ?As believers our mission is to completely and fully enslave ourselves to Allah."

Koualti is not interested in religious dialogue but using every opportunity to convert ?infidels" to Islam. He says that his organization, ?exists to convey Islamic Truths to the masses they know the True Religion as it is, not as the evil forces try to project it."

No student government funded campus Da'wa event would be complete without an in-depth discussion by Sheik Abdulbary Yahya, the third listed speaker at the FCU event.

Yahya lectures on such topics such as the, "complete submission to Allah and all that entails" and "No questions asked-responding to the call of Allah and his messenger."

He is an instructor at the Al Maghrib Institute whose radical Islamist agenda is expounded by the director Muhammed Alshareef, who teaches a course entitled, "History of the Chalifate: Conquest," and the author of a tract entitled, "Why the Jews were cursed."

This course-work consists of thinly veiled anti-Semitism, "Freedom of the press (speech) belongs to those that own the press!" Who owns the press? Well, you can believe me when I say that it is not the god fearing beloved of Allah" and "This khutbah is our media and in sha' Allah we shall learn in these few moments only samples of what carried the Jews to evoke Allah's anger." Source Link

The hardcore fundamentalist background of the Imams who have been invited by the Muslim Student Association and the declaration that this event is aimed at Da'wah [jihad by Da'Wah more correctly] demonstrates that the goal of the scheduled "Returning to our Rabb" (Lord), conference is aimed at radicalizing participants.

We strongly object to this event taking place on the University of Central Florida campus.

The University has no business promoting an event that is totally geared to religious conversion. UCF is partially funded by federal dollars and that places any such enterprise in conflict with the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

Regardless of the impropriety of promoting religious conversion on public property, the three speakers at the event foster Islamist supremacy - cultural jihad - and are as such inappropriate in this setting.

We demand that this event be cancelled.

1999-2006 Beila Rabinowitz,, all rights reserved.